Natural! Natural beings, an overview

Nature beings and nature spirits. Who are they, where do you find them and what do you do with them? This article is intended to give you an insight into the world of natural beings, without being exhaustive. The range of topics is extremely broad; entire series of books could be written on the subject. But I can offer you an introduction. You make the real contact in practice anyway, not in the theory. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Gerhard Zirkel

What is a nature being / nature spirit?

From a shamanic point of view, we are spiritual beings who have created a material world in order to incarnate in it. In other words, having an energetically dense, material body. There are many theories and opinions as to why we do this. My favorite assumption is that we want to gather experiences here that are not possible on a spiritual level.

A nature being is a spiritual being that is not incarnated in our extremely dense body, but is one level higher, so to speak. Not quite as dense, not a solid body, but still very close to our world.

Close enough to be there, to be noticed and sometimes to take action. Close enough to be a mediator, a helper, an advisor. But also a learner, because spiritual beings can and want to learn from us humans. Acting purposefully in the matter, for example.

A nature being is a spiritual being that appears to you in a form that can be attributed to nature. In contrast to a house spirit, for example, which is more likely to be located in a household or a family.

A nature spirit can be a goblin as well as a plant or animal spirit, an elf or a giant. Basically, the manifestation of a spiritual being is just that: a manifestation. On a spiritual level, there is neither time nor space and therefore no forms of appearance.

But we humans live in a material world and here we need a form to be able to imagine an entity. Very few of us can handle a pure form of energy. Shamanism therefore works with the manifestations of the entities.

How do you find them and work with them?

The shaman has a very basic method of making contact with spiritual beings of all kinds. The shamanic journey. Also known as a drum or trance journey. In such a journey, he specifically seeks contact with certain entities or asks questions to see who comes to answer them.

He is often accompanied by his spirit animals. Incidentally, they are not natural beings, but personal helpers. Even if they appear in animal form.

But the shamanic journey is not the only way to make contact with nature spirits. This often happens “on the side” in everyday life, especially in areas where there are many of them. Ireland is right up there, but so are Iceland, Scotland and regions with lots of nature and fewer people in general.

They can also be contacted in meditation and there are countless rituals for this. Certain times such as the Rauhnächte or other stations in the annual cycle are also particularly suitable. In the end, each person finds his or her own access to the beings that are in his or her vicinity.

Working with them depends a little bit on who you are and who they are. Nature beings are not always well-disposed towards us humans and they are certainly not always equally helpful. But neither are your neighbors and you deal with the Spirits in a similar way to your neighbors.

You are polite, introduce yourself, give before you ask for something and if someone doesn’t like you, you leave them alone. Ask for permission before you set up a ritual place somewhere or begin to work shamanically.

Ask permission before removing plants or parts of plants, before building, tearing down or altering anything. Especially with power plants such as elderberry, it is better to ask three times too often than once too little.

Assume that all of nature is animated. Even stones are natural beings. Try talking to them once, you’ll be amazed.

What natural beings are there?

Now it’s getting extensive. There were and are an incredible number of manifestations of spiritual beings and, of course, of natural beings. Each culture knows slightly different entities than the neighboring culture. Much has not been handed down and much has been summarized.

At the end of the day, you have no choice but to make your own experiences. But I would like to explain a few terms here because they are often used and are useful for an initial categorization.

Deva / plant deva / plant spirit

A plant deva is the spiritual being behind a plant, the soul of the plant, so to speak. Just as we humans incarnate as spiritual beings here in the material world, spiritual beings also incarnate as plants.

The reason for this is that you can communicate with plants on a spiritual level just as you can with people and animals. Incidentally, the word Deva comes from Sanskrit and means something like the shining ones, the radiant ones.

And so the plant devas were and are repeatedly described as radiant beings of light, sometimes also somewhat teasingly as little flower elves or forest fairies. But this is always just an idea, because spiritual beings in themselves have no physical appearance. Or, in the case of plants, the appearance of the plant as it stands before us.

Many people who collect medicinal herbs or harvest plants make contact with the plant spirit beforehand. They ask for permission and advice on how much they can take without causing too much damage to the plant. You can also gain valuable information about them by talking to a plant deva.

Herbalists often get their knowledge directly from the plants and not so much from books. This ranges from the use of certain herbs for certain diseases to detailed information on harvesting, preparation and dosage.

Sometimes well-meaning devas even actively help us. Whenever the exact herbs that we actually need shortly afterwards appear in our garden, seemingly of their own accord, because they are needed to heal an ailment.

This is why it is also not advisable to fight “weeds” too vehemently in your own garden. It’s better to communicate with them first or at least look up their effect and find out what they want to tell us. Perhaps afterwards we will be quite glad that they came to us.


Dragons are mythical creatures and come in various forms. While dragons in the Christian world are fire-breathing, sulphur-smelling and demonic creatures that are fought against, in Asia they are delicate beings of luck.

In a shamanic context, they often resemble demonic and evil dragons, but their character is more helpful to all those who are willing to accept their help. They are sometimes divided into the elements, so there are fire, water, air and earth dragons.

Elemental spirits

We speak of an elemental spirit or elemental being when a spirit helper is assigned to one of the four elements fire, water, earth or air. The term elemental being is therefore more of an umbrella term or serves to categorize.

Earth spirits include trolls, mountain men, elves, fairies, dwarves and gnomes. The water spirits include mermen, water women, nymphs, mermaids and mermaids.

Air spirits can be wind and storm, fire spirits can be found in fire. Both have forms that can rarely be described.


Elves are familiar from Norse mythology and Disney films. Although the image of the elves in the latter is very misleading. They are by no means little fluttering creatures that get into trouble with a squeaky voice.

Rather, they are powerful spirits who are not always well-disposed towards humans and are also known in Germany, England and other western countries in addition to Nordic mythology.

There are different types of elves, besides the bright and friendly light elves who are often described as benevolent and kind-hearted, there are the dark elves who live underground and appear rather dwarf-like.

The royal elves are a special genus, whose appearance most closely resembles that of the elves in “The Lord of the Rings”.


Fauns are known from Greek mythology and are also called satyrs. They are forest gods and are often described as having pointed ears, goat tails and curved noses. Incidentally, Pan, with his goat’s feet and horns, is a faun.


Fairies are certainly among the best-known natural creatures. They appear in countless mythologies and in the most diverse contexts. Unlike in classic fairy tales, fairies are very powerful beings. Not, as with the elves, little Disney fluttering creatures in the shape of girls.

Fairies are very large beings who live for a very long time and have very great magical abilities. They may or may not be well-disposed towards people. The benevolent fairies help people in need, usually appear in the form of beautiful women and can fulfill wishes.

Evil fairies, on the other hand, can cause great harm and are masters at deceiving people and getting them into situations they can hardly get out of on their own.

Anyone who encounters a fairy on a shamanic journey or in everyday life should always be respectful and polite. A disgruntled fairy can be very unpleasant.


The term goblin is mainly known in English-speaking countries, especially in Sussex. They are also called puck or pook. Goblins are quite similar to European goblins.


Goblins can be found in the mythologies of countless cultures. They are often tied to a particular house or to the people who live there. They like to get up to mischief and behave like poltergeists. They can change their shape.

As annoying as they are at times, they protect the house and their humans. Their jokes never cause serious damage. Goblins are good-natured and funny roommates who are much more powerful than they appear at first glance.


Nymphs are mainly found in Greek and Roman mythology. They are nature spirits that appear in female form and are usually young and beautiful. As nature spirits, they are mainly found at springs, streams and rivers, but also in the mountains and on trees.

Almost everywhere where nature is intact and where it is quiet. They are generally well-disposed towards humans, but they should never be underestimated just because they appear in the form of a little girl. The prosperity of a place often depends on the prosperity of the resident nymph. If it dies or goes away, the place dies too.


Trolls are mountain giants, known from Scandinavian mythology. Trolls embody the raw forces of nature and are correspondingly unpredictable.

Later, the actual trolls mixed with other creatures such as dwarves, goblins, fairies and elves. Which has made the troll more of an umbrella term. They are often depicted as ugly or misshapen, sometimes with only four fingers per hand.

They appear in countless legends and myths, but also appear during shamanic journeys.


Dwarves are usually described as small, often misshapen, human-like creatures. In most cases, the body proportions are not right, arms are too long, legs too short or stomach or head too big.

They are skilled craftsmen and can make many a magical item. They like to live far away from sunlight, underground or in dense forests. In the sunlight they petrify, some rocks could also be petrified dwarfs.


The gnome is an elemental being that is assigned to the element earth. Gnomes are often described as small and human-like. They are often located in mountainous regions. They are a bit like goblins or dwarves.

They are often regarded as guardians of great treasures, to which they sometimes grant access to selected people. Which is not good for these people if they become too greedy. Male gnomes are often described as ugly, while the women can be very pretty and occasionally seduce people.

Forest spirits

Forest spirit is a collective term for all creatures that can be found in a forest. Admittedly, this term is somewhat vague, because a forest contains almost all beings that can be found outside a forest, from plant beings (devas) to fairies, elves and dwarves to animal beings. Nevertheless, such a forest has a very special energy, which is why shamanic workers are always drawn there (and because of the peace and quiet, of course).


The Norns (nornir in old Norse) are female beings in Norse mythology who descend from gods or dwarves and determine the fate of humans. According to tradition, the Norns live at the root of the world ash tree Yggdrasil, at the source of Urd, the source of the fate of all people.

Originally there was probably only one Norne called Urd, but later three of them are mentioned by name: Urd (fate), Verdandi (the becoming) and Skuld (guilt), they thus correspond to the trinity that runs through many cultures, mythologies and religions, or they correspond to past, present and future.

The Norns are often called upon in matters of fate, during trance journeys or special rituals.


The term leprechaun comes from Irish mythology and in Ireland they are as numerous as they are – for the sighted – real. Leprechauns are elemental creatures and are most comparable to goblins.

They are generally friendly and also seek closeness to people. They like to be noticed and are very helpful. They support personal development, give advice and want to learn from people.

Especially how to create things, because this ability fascinates them, but they lack it. Of course, this is also due to the lack of material form. If you get involved with Ireland and open your mind, you will soon come into contact with entire leprechaun families.

What do I mean by that?

Go for it! Read everything you can find about nature beings, but you can only make real contact with them on a spiritual level. The journey there is worthwhile, because there is an incredible amount to learn from them.

If you have any questions, would like to be accompanied or need help with a specific being, please write me an email or use the contact form.

Your business depends on your energy

This article is about the connection between yourself, your energy and who you really are. And the behavior of your employees, your customers and your suppliers.
Gerhard Zirkel

People react to what you ARE not to what you WANT.

Why do the human processes in your company thrive or fail?

How committed are your people to working for you (or against you)?

Which employees can you find and which can you keep?

How much micromanagement do you have to do and what does that do to your company?

How do you decide whether your customers follow your marketing strategy or not?

What is the reason for your suppliers’ behavior?

What does the success of your business depend on?

And how does all this relate to YOUR energy? With what you really are behind your material appearance? With your “higher self”, your “soul”? However you choose the terminology, the principle is important. To understand and implement it.


Energy? Not tangible, what is that supposed to be? After all, a business is based on facts, on markets and on every employee simply doing what they are supposed to do. It has always been like that and it will always be like that.

This is also true, but only half the truth. Let me try to explain what I mean:

To understand how this world works, you could take a step back for a test. Matter – and all matter – is created from energy plus an idea. If the energy is compressed accordingly, it becomes matter.

And this includes all connections that arise in the material world. We humans are created from this energy, everything we do, think and even our emotions arise from it.

And therefore also what we “are”. Our charisma, our actions, our entire being is created from energy. And so we interact with it all day long and when we interact with customers, employees, partners, etc., we interact with and about energy.

People react to energy. Exclusively!

People react to the energy of other people. People react to what you ARE not to what you WANT.


If you keep that in mind, it becomes clearer. Your business is also energy. And if you have created it, it is YOUR energy. That’s the way it is. Including your employees.

Of course, your employees are also energy, as are your customers. But they are in your company, in the overarching energy field that you have created and that you hold every second with your own life energy.

If your energy is clear, you are clear because you follow the movements from your center, your company is also clear. Then your employees are clear and so are your customers. Then everything is fine, then it runs. If the figures are right, of course.

But if your energy is not clear because you are unconsciously bending, not drawing on your full being, because your energy is distracted or partially blocked. Because unconscious patterns are at work in you, then your company is not clear either.

Admittedly, for you as a “seasoned” entrepreneur, the theory that your company depends on your energy is difficult to accept. You have learned to act on the basis of facts. And as I wrote above, that is correct. But that’s only half the battle.


Employees do not work for companies or goals. People work for people. And for sense. This also comes from people. Even if they don’t realize it, everyone gives their performance to support a person and thus their energy.

If your employees don’t work for visions, ideas, your business and certainly not for their salary, but for you and your energy … then the energy becomes very powerful.

Because it is your energy that influences your people positively or negatively. Who guides them and gives them meaning, a path. It is your energy that makes them do what they do. If you understand this, if you are absolutely aware of your SELF and if you use them … they will follow you everywhere. Employees, customers and suppliers alike.

From the field

The following examples are taken from my own work, but I have changed the names, companies and facts so that no one will recognize or be recognized.

Example 1

Small craft business with just a few employees. The problem was that employees had to be dismissed time and again because they were dishonest, cheated somewhere or even stole money.

Again and again, these were people who “crashed”, alcohol was often involved or other addictions. Time and again, the founder himself had to return to day-to-day business because he had to let someone go again.

And it didn’t happen just once, it happened again and again over the years. It was a real struggle. The owner of the business was a thoroughly honest and very hard-working man with a heart that seemed far too big.

He himself came from a difficult background, always fought his way through, always had to be hard on himself. He simply would not have survived otherwise.

He has built up the company and it is not doing badly. He has loyal regular customers and can almost choose who he works for. Everything would actually be great if it weren’t for the ongoing problem with dishonest employees.

He has tried a lot. Outsource the recruiting, do it yourself, let people try out, trust them, monitor them and so on. No matter what he did, it always led to the same result.

Until we looked at the issue together and then he, the owner, had this huge fight on his hands. The one he has always had to lead, not only to the outside world but especially against himself.

There was all this toughness, these demands on yourself, this “I’ll take on the whole world”. This always struggling alone, this “not being able to trust anyone”, from his childhood.

Something like that reflects the universe. If you have a fight inside you, you also have it on the outside and, if things go badly, in your company. The universe couldn’t help but constantly mirror this struggle to him.

Until we have worked on it and ended the struggle within it. Since then, the problem has gone away. Since then, he has not had to dismiss anyone. Because they work with him instead of fighting against him.

Example 2

Medium-sized company, more technical sector, 250 employees, owner-managed. Built up by the boss himself over many decades. He started the business back then because it had somehow presented itself and because he saw a need. And because he wanted to.

And the need was not only there then, it is still there now. The business itself is doing well, with a lot of regular customers and enough new customers to keep the company at the same size.

But the company is not quite running smoothly. Sales have been stagnating for years, nothing is moving. The boss has tried everything, advertising agencies, social media, YouTube, management consultants and so on. But it’s like thick porridge, nothing is progressing. The company is holding up, economically healthy but there is no progress.

The boss came to me about something completely different, a health issue. But that’s how we came across him, his life energy and his visions in life. And to his business. That just doesn’t want to grow anymore.

He couldn’t really answer the question of why he wanted to grow. Businesses are growing. But why his? Why does he lead it?

And that’s when it “clicked”. There was no more vision. There was no longer a strong “why” behind it. There was no energy left in it from his side. Not like before, when he really WANTED the company.

Now he doesn’t really want it anymore. And that has an effect, because without his energy, no matter how good his employees are, no matter how many advertisements the advertising company places, no matter how much a management consultant restructures, the company will no longer grow. Because it has grown through HIS life energy.

If this is gone, the company stagnates or even goes under. In extreme cases.

The solution in his case was the pure realization of the connection between the owner’s vital energy and the success of the company. The fact that he realized this alone showed him that it was time to retire. He finally sold the company because he couldn’t see a way to muster enough enthusiasm and energy after our work.

The company still exists today and is growing again under the new owners. And the boss also re-founded the company after we had developed a completely new vision together. A completely different industry and again very successful right from the start and with his full energy behind it!

What does such a job look like?

It’s basically about who you are. So who you really are, behind all the patterns and masks you have put on to function.

It’s about what you want to use your life energy for, where you really want to invest it. And that’s not always where you think you have to look. It’s about how you bring YOUR real energy back into the world. With the former power and your entire BEING behind it.

Often enough, we follow other people’s plans and ideas for decades and don’t even realize it. Because we are still successful. But there inevitably comes a point when we can no longer bend any further. Or what is missing.

And you can see that in your business. Because that depends on your life energy. Always.

In such cases in particular, there are topics that almost always play a role. Your ancestors, or rather the thought and behavior patterns you have inherited from them, are at the forefront. I have developed my own method of ancestor clearing for this purpose. A mixture of systemic work (NOT family constellations) and shamanic techniques.

Your childhood will almost certainly be an issue too, whether it was great or not. The first years of life in particular are formative and always completely unconscious. And, of course, a person develops over the course of their life. And then the original plan no longer fits and a new one is needed. Perhaps one that you haven’t even dared to see yet.

Go for it!

“Daring” is a good term at this point. You “dared” to set up or take over a company back then. Do you now dare to fathom the deepest foundation of yourself?

If so, let’s go. Even – and especially – when you can’t yet see the way.


What is abundance?

Abundance is one of those terms that is used excessively in the spiritual scene. “Go into abundance”, “the abundance mindset”, abundance here, abundance there and woe betide you if you are not in abundance. Then you are … yes, what actually? And what is abundance?
Gerhard Zirkel

Wikipedia states, among other things: “In a religious context, the word “life in abundance” refers to a fulfilled, ethically oriented, essentially contented life”

Everything is somehow very flexible, not clearly defined. What are these “ethnic principles” supposed to be and who defines them? But a religious context is never quite so clear. In addition, religions like to consider only partial aspects of abundance and ignore or even exclude others. You are supposed to follow nicely and not really be in abundance. Religion would no longer be needed.

Perhaps the term “essentially satisfied” is the best way to define it. But is someone who is satisfied also in abundance? Always? Hard to say.

Maybe you can define abundance as having everything you need at your disposal. Both materially and spiritually. Whatever you need right now, it is available or can be procured under your own steam.

Abundance is basic trust

This requires a basic trust in the way the universe works and in yourself. Basic trust is also a term that is often used in the wrong context. This refers to the absolute confidence that you can always get what you really need, no matter what. Because you are aware of your creative energy and can use it purposefully.

Because if you can do that, you are almost automatically in abundance. For example, if you need a material good, perhaps a car. And if you are able to provide yourself with the means to do so without having to bend or rely on others, then you are in abundance.

If, after a stroke of fate, you are able to pick yourself up again under your own steam, come to terms with your experiences and regain your zest for life. Then you are in abundance.

If you trust that even in a deep valley you will rise again under your own steam, then you are in abundance. If you don’t worry about the future because you bring all your energy into the world constructively in the here and now, then you are in abundance.

The examples already show that there is not just one type of abundance.

Different types of abundance

Financial / material

One form of abundance that is negated in most religious contexts is financial abundance. This is fundamentally important, if you are hungry or have no roof over your head, you will rarely claim to live in abundance.

However, the level of material abundance you need to be satisfied depends entirely on you. Some people need more, others less. This also changes over the course of a lifetime. Often upwards, because as prosperity increases, so do demands. But sometimes also downwards.

But does a lot of wealth also mean a lot of financial abundance? You might think so, but experience shows otherwise. The more money you have, for example, the more responsibility that comes with it.

This can be a great thing for one person because they like to take responsibility and also like to act materially in the world. But there are people for whom this is too much, who don’t want to be so responsible or for whom too much matter tends to get on their nerves.

One example is people who make large inheritances or win the lottery. Sometimes these people lose everything again or even develop massive health problems. Because the burden of prosperity weighs them down. Behind this are often deep ancestral issues that can and must be resolved.

You are in financial abundance when you have the right amount of financial resources or can obtain them at any time without being dependent on the favor of others.

Joy of life / satisfaction

How can it be defined, is it completely subjective? Hardly any two people are alike in their needs for a life of joy. And satisfaction is another matter.

Are you really satisfied from the bottom of your heart? Or are you satisfied because “you can be satisfied with what you have”? Can you adapt your standard of living to what you need? Or do you have to adapt what you need to what you have?

Even in difficult situations, are you aware that you can bring yourself back to the joy of life through your own efforts? If you still have confidence in yourself and the course of events even in the greatest darkness, then you are in abundance.


If you are ill, no matter how much material abundance you have, you are still not in abundance.

But what does sick mean?

Often it is natural, inherited / adopted or artificially created fears that seem to make you ill. There’s this saying that you’re not healthy, you just haven’t been examined thoroughly enough.

In addition, from a spiritual point of view, illnesses are indications of energetic imbalances. So if you want to stay or become healthy, this path leads via the level of energy. Only then is material healing possible at all.

So here too, abundance is achieved by recognizing and resolving mental and energetic imbalances and only in a second step through material healing. If you are aware of this and can take active action, you are in abundance.

What stops you from being in abundance

I have already mentioned a few aspects above. Very often, deep and ancient beliefs, thought and behavior patterns stand in our way. We don’t even notice them because they are so naturally anchored in our system that they go unnoticed.

Like in a cult. You don’t realize what she’s doing to you until it becomes too much and you drop out. After that, you can’t believe you’ve ever been inside.

Often these patterns have been passed down for generations, sometimes they are based on traumatic experiences or unprocessed experiences. Not infrequently, this leads us to believe that a life of deprivation is “normal”. Because that’s how it’s been for generations. And anyone who breaks out of this pattern is often seen as abnormal, rebellious, megalomaniac or simply crazy. The famous black sheep of the family.

There are beliefs behind it like

“Everyone else has to be well before I can be happy”

“Can I feel better if others suffer?”

“Money stinks, is evil, causes damage, destroys character, etc … “

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”

“I earn my bread by the sweat of my brow / with honest work”

“A camel is more likely to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven … “

“Others are even worse off than me”

I could go on for pages and pages with this list, and these are just the most obvious patterns, behind which there are further layers of beliefs like onion skins.

Your first step

If you can say from the bottom of your heart: “Yes, I am absolutely in the fullness”, then you don’t need to read any further. Then you wouldn’t have read this far … Because something in you resonates with the topic.

And you can feel this resonance. Maybe you can’t grasp them or put them into words. Maybe you find it hard to let them in because your life is obviously great. Others are worse off than you. Sure, you’ll always find someone who’s worse off. But what do you want to use as a guide? Above or below?

If there is still a “sting” somewhere inside you that tells you that something is wrong. Or if you think you’re happy, but still have a whole list of wishes unfulfilled. Or if you’re doing well now, but you don’t know what you’ll do “in old age”.

In short, if there is even the slightest doubt, listen to it! And if there is something big and screaming that tells you that you are not at all in the fullness, then listen to it more than ever. This is not megalomania, this is your LIFE.

Let it be there, this doubt, listen to it, look at it. Listen to the screaming, don’t push it away. Realize that you can and are allowed to change your situation. Always. THIS is your first step into abundance.

For all further steps, please contact me, that’s my job, I can do that.

The vision of creating a new world

A colleague recently said: “If you don’t seem to fit into this world, into this system, perhaps you are here to create a new world.” He is not entirely wrong about that, but the important half is missing and that is the downfall of many a “spiritualist”.
Gerhard Zirkel

And yet the idea of a new world is not without its appeal – who hasn’t already imagined it? Other people, other contexts, a perfect world in which everyone likes everyone else, perhaps a world without money or with lots of money, one with pink unicorns perhaps …

Maybe the famous “heart business” that you founded because it feels so cozy. But which makes no profit because the world out there takes no notice of it. A new one is clearly needed. Or the ascent into the fifth dimension. That would be something, wouldn’t it?

The new world is being wildly awaited. First, of course, people still have to wake up. But when that happens … finally …

But … if you want to create a new world, are you capable of acting at all? Basically, you need a basis from which you can create something. This is not possible if you are floating freely in space and have no floor under your feet.

An example

The following example is by no means unusual in my daily practice. The name and details have changed, but the principle is the same.

Marianne came to me with a huge heartfelt wish. She has always been very spiritual, she has always been “highly sensitive”. It can perceive energies that most people have no idea about. She’s really good at it.

But that didn’t help her much in life, rather the opposite. For a long time, she was the plaything of her fellow human beings. A narcissistic mother, a father who couldn’t compensate and siblings who saw her as an outlet for their own aggression. They still do that.

It was no different later on in my job and especially in my relationship. Narcissistic partners and bosses, always at the lower end of the income scale, always just about managing. Good-hearted Marianne, but rather on the losing side in life. Nevertheless, she always took care of everyone. For people and animals.

She always had to fight, but she only had one great heartfelt wish: a world full of peace and energy. A new world. One in which people have contact with themselves and with the spiritual level. A world without human and animal suffering. Especially without animal suffering. And without money, because she has no good experience with it.

She feels the painful longing for this world physically, sometimes it almost wants to tear her apart. If only people would finally wake up! For a long time, she talked herself out of her life “I’m fine”, but she’s actually just desperate.

A pious wish

The brave new world, a pious and understandable wish. But like every wish, it leads to dependency. Because the moment you depend on someone else to do something, you depend on them to do it. No matter how dear, meaningful or important the wish may be, you may still be entitled to its fulfillment. You will always have to wait for the other person to realize this, become active and fulfill it for you.

How likely is it that someone will do this? That the rest of humanity is doing this? How likely is it that everyone else will suddenly change their lives in your favor?

I think we know the answer. So what to do? Give up?

A metaphor

Imagine that the people out there are playing a game that you don’t like. You want them to play a different game, but they don’t listen to you. Because they really like their game and can’t imagine playing any other. And if another one, then certainly not yours. And – NO – they don’t realize that their game is stupid.

They won’t listen to someone who isn’t even in the game anyway. You are not in their group, you are outside it. Nobody listens to you. Why should they? You wouldn’t do it if you were one of the players. After all, you want to play your game and not his.

Now you can get upset about it, but nobody cares. Except for yourself, it’s destroying you.

But what if you played along first? Their game. What everyone plays. Yes, exactly the one where you’ve been pushed and shoved around since you were a child. Like a game piece. Passively at the mercy of the players.

But wait! That’s exactly the point. Passive as a figure? No, playing is different. That’s active, you’re not the character, you’re a player. What would that be like? What if you could learn the rules and actively play along?

This would have several advantages. On the one hand, you would get to know the lives of these people and find out what they actually find so great about the game. Perhaps your contempt for her game would turn into understanding. Maybe they’re not evil at all … ?

And secondly, you would be part of the group. And the better you play, the more respected you become and the more they will listen to you.

You do this until you have mastered the game and then, when you know the game, you can start to change the rules or develop a new game. And then people will follow you. Because you have shown them that you know what you are doing and that you are a part of them. Because you have built up your own power to act that you can use. Without having to make a wish.

In real life

In real life, it is often the very people outside the players who think a new world makes sense. Who have access to another dimension. Often these are the spiritual ones, the healers, the shamans etc …

Take me as an example. I have access to other dimensions, that is the basis of my work. I can see people, recognize connections, see spiritual beings, work with them. But that’s no use to me if I’m not heard. If nobody takes me seriously. If I’m one of those “weirdos” who live on the margins of society and don’t play along.

One of those people who want to live without money, who make themselves small, who don’t “achieve” anything. Then nobody sees me and I can understand that. Would I see one of these? Put yourself mentally on the other side.

That’s why I invested a lot of energy in learning the game. To learn how to become visible, how to earn, invest, hold and increase money. I learned how power works, how companies work, how investments work, even how to make a career. I invested energy and landed on my nose a few times. Lost laps, learned in the process. Until I started winning.

Now I’m being seen, I’m being interviewed, invited onto television. Now I have a website, social media channels and so on.

I am an entrepreneur, an investor, I am one of them. People listen to me and they come to me with their issues. And from this position, I can now start to change the rules of the game. Together with the people. Which, by the way, are not as reprehensible as they look from “below”. Quite the opposite.

From this position, I can actually create a whole new world. Where necessary. Because playing along has had another effect. Namely, the realization that much of what I used to see as “bad” or “reprehensible” is by no means so. I just lacked insight into the context.

It wasn’t the game that was stupid, I just didn’t know the rules. As if I had played chess, but without rooks and knights. And then I found the game stupid instead of learning it properly.

This can also give rise to a certain spiritual arrogance. You start to despise the game that you don’t understand BECAUSE you don’t understand it.

This creates people who despise money because they don’t understand money. Who despise power because they do not understand power. Who despise success because they don’t understand success. Who despise the material, three-dimensional world because they do not understand the world. And who sell their contempt as moral superiority. They then wonder why nobody likes them…

Only those who play can win

It may be that we have actually incarnated here to create a new world or to improve the existing one. But we can only do this once we have understood the existing world and can cope with it.

I always ask jokingly: “What do you want in the fifth dimension if you can’t cope in the third?”

What can you do?

It all starts with the decision to finally learn the others’ game and actively play along. If this gives you massive doubts and fears, if the thought of being successful, rich, famous makes you want to vomit, if the word “career” makes you want to run away … then you should look there.

The coolest way always lies behind the greatest fear!

Of course, there are plenty of thought and behavioral patterns, ancestral issues, blockages, beliefs and whatever else stands in your way. But there are people like me who can help you to overcome this thoroughly.

They can help you get into the game, learn the rules, get started and play. They can help you to take a strong and secure position in life from which you can develop and implement your vision.

What are you waiting for?

Wasser Geld Fluss

The money flow metaphor

“Money is a material form of life energy”. One of my favorite statements about money and abundance. Not everyone can understand this, which is why I offer you an alternative metaphor in this article. Money / abundance as a waterstream. Give the idea a chance, there is more to it than meets the eye.
Gerhard Zirkel

My comparison between money and life energy always leads to heated discussions because the term life energy can be interpreted in so many different ways. The core message is then often lost in the minutiae of terminology.

Therefore, a new approach, below with examples and an exercise that you can also do as a layman.

The river

So let’s try a different metaphor. With a river. Imagine that your life energy and therefore your overall financial situation is a stream of water.

What does it look like for you? Is it a brook, a river, a stream? Does it flow fast, over rocky rapids or rather leisurely? Does it drive something, a mill or a power station? Do ships even sail on them?

Is there enough water or not enough? Does the stream even dry up occasionally or does it flood everything? Does it branch out, is it fed and if so, from where? And last but not least: Do you have it under control or is it overrunning you?

An exercise

Perhaps this idea is so new to you that you have no idea whatsoever. Let’s try a little exercise.

Make yourself comfortable, sit down or lie down. Just as you like it, it doesn’t need a certain posture. Make sure you have some peace and quiet, that at least the children don’t barge in or your partner.

And then close your eyes. Breathe in and out calmly, at your own pace. Just pay attention to your breath for a few seconds.

If there are noises around you, welcome them. Each of these will only bring you deeper into a pleasant state of relaxation. Like in a meditation.

And now imagine you are sitting on the banks of your river of money and life energy.

Focus your attention on this flow. If you can see inner images, look at him. If not, listen to the sounds your river makes. Pay attention to whether you can smell him or feel something physically. Is it getting warmer or colder? Is something vibrating?

Or do you just know it’s there? Everything is allowed, you will get your very own access to it.

And when you perceive your river, find out whether it is large or small, carries a lot of water or little. Whether it runs straight or in curves, whether it flows quickly or slowly. Whether it drives mills or power stations, carries ships or is dammed up. Or whether it is possibly polluted, whether it is clear or cloudy, whether there is a lot of life in it or less.

Do this for as long as you can or until you have gathered enough impressions and then slowly turn your attention back to your surroundings. This way, you will safely return to the reality of your life.

Are you smarter now?

Did you get an idea of your flow of life energy? If not, don’t panic. Especially if you are not yet familiar with such exercises, it may take a few attempts before you get the hang of it. Even with practice, it makes sense to repeat them regularly, because your flow changes over time.

If you’ve noticed your flow, think for a few bars about whether that might fit with your perception of your financial situation …

What can go wrong … and how it should be

Such a river can naturally be powerful and large and flow calmly. Congratulations. In that case, you’re probably not even reading this article, because then you don’t have an issue with your finances. But you’re reading this article, so what could possibly go wrong with a river like this?

Inflow and outflow

The ideal is balance in the entire universe – no matter what it is about. Because that’s what it strives for, always. If your inflow and outflow are in balance, you have already reached this point.

Then exactly as much flows in as flows out. It doesn’t matter how big the stream is in terms of pure survival. A trickle does the same as a strong current.

Trickle or flow?

But the trickle is much more vulnerable. Leave it to dry for a while and it will dry out. In winter it freezes over in no time and then what? It also becomes difficult if you want to operate a grinder with it. The rivulet can’t do that, you need a real river.

Imagine you want to build a power station. There has to be a lot of water flowing, summer and winter. And as evenly as possible.

Branches and tributaries

Could it be that your river is losing something somewhere? Is something branching off, not flowing where it should or even seeping away somewhere?

Or something is flowing into your river somewhere, perhaps something you don’t want there. Waste water perhaps?

Traffic jam

Or is it building up somewhere without you having caused it? Has a beaver built a dam somewhere that puts you out of step? Maybe something flooded and destroyed somewhere?

Do you even see everything?

THAT is one of the really big things in life. Do you even see all your electricity? Or do you only notice the trickle of water next to it? Do you think the electricity isn’t even yours?

An example from life

It was a long time ago, back then I was still an employee in the laboratories of Stadtwerke München. It must have been 25 years ago now, but I still remember this one colleague well. She did almost all the instrumental analysis on her own.

She was the one with the really expensive equipment, with complex analysis procedures and she really knew her job. She was also “only” a lab technician, but she had more specialist knowledge than the engineers. And they didn’t deny her that at all. Whenever analytical questions arose, people turned to her.

Of course, that didn’t help her much; she earned just as badly as everyone else in the public sector. Promotion is only possible according to seniority. Even back then, you couldn’t really live on that little salary.

And she really wanted to get away from there, wanted a job where she would be better paid. Much better. At least she wanted it somehow … but somehow she didn’t want it either. And that’s where her river came into play.

Even back then, I perceived it as a powerful current, to stick with our metaphor. She was a role model, had a wealth of knowledge and knew her stuff. But she herself could only see the small stream.

And that’s exactly how she behaved in her job search. She didn’t even apply for the jobs that matched her qualifications. The doubts were too great; she herself could not even imagine applying for an engineering position. She only saw the small stream, not the mighty river that was actually there.

And so, in the whole time until I left there myself, she made repeated attempts to improve herself. But it never worked out because she either didn’t dare to apply or because she backed out. According to the motto “I can’t do that” … yes, of course she could have.

What she would have needed then would have been a companion who would have shown her the great, powerful flow of her life energy. This would not only have brought her appreciation, but would have immediately quintupled her salary!

Your idea

And now imagine that you also have such a stream inside you, but only see the trickle. Imagine you have a river that you could navigate with a boat, but you struggle on foot through the reeds because you can’t see the size of the river.

Imagine if you could do a completely different job long ago. Much better paid and with more appreciation. One that you don’t even know about now, or that you ignore because you don’t know your power. And no, no one will carry it after you, you have to take it yourself. Like the ship on the river. You don’t get it for free, you have to take it and drive off.

Imagine you don’t apply the principle in the naturally rather modest context of an employment relationship, but as an investor, self-employed person or entrepreneur.

Imagine that this current within you helps you to generate millions.

Can’t you? Why not you of all people? Others just do it and they are just incarnated souls like you and me. With very similar prerequisites. None of them were born with the ship. Not even those who have inherited. Not that one. They just don’t notice it straight away.

Quite often it fails because of your own imagination. We humans tend to only implement what we can imagine. If you grow up in an environment where a normal white-collar job at the lower end of the income scale is normal, you will end up there yourself.

Maybe one step higher if you had parents who wanted you to have it better than them.

The likelihood that you will pursue a career on your own initiative or become self-employed and set up a company is low at first. Because you lack the imagination.

You know the stream and can expand it to a small river in your imagination. But that you could one day become the Danube … no, others can do that, but you?

The truth is: you already ARE the Danube. They just don’t see it yet.

What to do now?

The most important step for you after the above exercise is to reflect on how you perceive your flow, how it relates to your financial situation and whether that’s really all there is to it.

Take as much time as you need, or get in touch with me. I am the one who sees what you don’t see. Even hidden rivers. And I am the one who will help you to take the ship once you have recognized the current. And to build the power plant.

Do not save. Never save.

This article is about energy. There is a reflex in us, the mastery of which makes the difference between rich and poor, between little and much life energy, between unhappy and happy. The topic of saving and how to deal with it.
Gerhard Zirkel

This is not about whether it makes sense to save money in a savings account, no, it is about the reflex to reduce costs when income falls or expenses rise. The reflex to lower your own life energy when there doesn’t seem to be enough flowing in. Money is the most direct example of this, but the principle is universal.

Who doesn’t know that? Everything is becoming more expensive, rent, electricity, gasoline, food, wage costs, etc. But income is not rising at the same rate. So what do you do, almost as a reflex? Attempts are being made to reduce expenditure and savings are being made.

To a certain extent this makes sense, we often spend money on things that we can get cheaper elsewhere, often for things that are not so important. Then corrections are good and important.

But the moment you’ve reduced your spending to a sensible level, further saving becomes toxic. Because then you start to save on things that are actually important. Because then you start to lower your standard of living below your individual minimum.

Life energy alone does not make you happy, but too little of it makes you unhappy …

Below are two examples, one from the private sphere and one from the world of business:

Example private:

In this case, I myself serve as an example, or rather my self 20 years ago. I was also once an employee and, at least at the beginning, in an area where you don’t really get rich. Public service. Yes, super great, sure, blah blah blah … but you couldn’t really make a living from it.

Things got better later on, but there were always phases when my income wasn’t high enough to achieve anything. And back then I always had this one reflex: save money!

Several times I moved into smaller apartments to reduce my costs, several times I ended up with a small junk car instead of a decent car, several times there was no travel and no new furniture anyway.

But did it work? No, it did not. In the end, I didn’t have more money, just less quality of life.

At this point, feel deeply into this story and try to perceive the energy behind it. What happens to your life energy if you move into a cheap apartment to save money? Only cheap. Not nice, not suitable, far too small, lousy area, but cheap. What does that do to your energy?

What does it do to your energy if you somehow mend old, broken furniture so that it still lasts? If you just put a blanket on the tattered sofa? What does it do to your energy when you have a junk car parked outside that you never know if it will start?

What does it do to your energy if you have the ready-made food from Netto on your plate instead of a nice steak?

Does that feel like it could be a solution?

In the short term, perhaps, to get a grip on the acute lack of money. Especially if you have debts or need your money to build something up. But as soon as the acute problem is off the table, the only thing that will help is to increase your energy again.

Don’t focus on coping with little and putting up with it. Focus it on how you can get more. Replace this unspeakable “I can’t afford that” with “How can I afford that?”.

In this way, you direct your energy upwards, towards improvement, towards growth. To develop yourself, both professionally and financially.

It took me a long time to understand this myself. I fell into this savings trap several times and each time I didn’t have any more money afterwards, but I had a miserable life instead.

Now I do it the other way around. When my income drops, I put all my energy into increasing it again. I never waste a thought on saving money. Even when things go downhill, the focus is always on how things can go up.

Example 2 from the economy

Any company notices that costs are rising more and more, but not sales and certainly not profits. The situation becomes threatening, bankruptcy looms on the horizon of possibilities and action must be taken.

What does the company do? It reduces costs first, because that is the quickest way. Employees are usually the first to be made redundant, perhaps the vehicle fleet is downsized, processes are restructured and usually the hardest thing to save on is office supplies … a little joke on the side …

All in all, this makes sense at first and is not possible in any other way. But what happens once the costs have been reduced and bankruptcy is off the table for the time being? Where is the focus then directed?

Very often, the need to save money then remains in place. There are hiring freezes, investments are postponed or canceled altogether. There is no more training, no company party and less Christmas bonus.

Now feel what the energy is like in such a company? Is this the kind of energy that is needed to develop? Or is there something morbid about it?

That is exactly the point. This morbid energy must not be allowed to persist, as it ensures that revenues continue to fall. Then savings have to be made again, the energy gets even worse, revenues continue to fall … the rest is then up to the bankruptcy trustee. Often enough this is exactly what happens.

But what is the solution? Looking at the energy! Because it shows the way. At the latest after the first round of savings, energy must be released again in the form of investments, because the only way out of the dilemma is to boost revenues again.

Developing new projects, acquiring new machines, installing better processes and, above all, treating people well. If they don’t get a Christmas bonus, they should at least get energy. Energy that points upwards, that shows a future, that encourages us to think.

This form of energy comes from the very top, from the management. That’s where the source must be, that’s where the will must be to step on the gas and pull the cart out of the mud. And not just in the form of lip service. As the boss, you start with YOU, not with middle management.


Of course there are situations in life where saving is the only way to go. But only ever in the short term, as an acute measure. Afterwards – and immediately afterwards – the energy must be directed upwards again.

We are here to grow. Not just financially, as that is only one part of life. What I have written above can be applied to all forms of life energy.

Never limit yourself in the long term to an energy level that does not correspond to you and your nature!

And don’t give me the “but I can manage on less” line … you can do that, but then you shouldn’t moan afterwards and above all you shouldn’t expect someone else to pay for you.

YOU are responsible for YOUR life. Only YOU!

Is that enough Dad?

There is this story about Seymour Hersh, this world-famous journalist who repeatedly uncovers highly uncomfortable truths and often shocks the world with them. Above all, of course, those who have the “dirt on them”.
Gerhard Zirkel

I have now read this story several times from a third or fourth source, just now again on Facebook, I can’t say whether it is true at all. But that’s not so important in this case.
The story

Seymour Hersh was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1970 for his reporting on the My Lai massacre. He took to the stage to accept his award and everyone eagerly awaited his speech.

But instead he stepped up to the microphone and just said, “Is that enough Dad?”

He didn’t say any more, he then left the stage. And he has continued his success story to this day. Incessantly, almost doggedly. He is still celebrated and hated in equal measure and makes no attempt to retire. And he may never do so until his last breath.
Why am I telling you this?

And that’s exactly why I’m writing about it. Because what he does is not uncommon, especially in circles of very successful people. Nobody thinks this is a problem. Successful people often carry on until their last breath. This is admired, all the prestige, the power, not least the money

One of my favorite examples is the world-famous Augsburg merchant Jakob Fugger, who is said to have given final business instructions to his employees on his deathbed in 1525. At the time, he was the richest person in the western world, the first millionaire north of the Alps. On its own initiative.
Two sides of the same coin

But that is only one side of the coin. The other one is not so shiny. Being driven, the stress, the illness, the depression, the medication, the alcohol, the drugs, the loss of family … the list goes on and on.

Of course, this is not noticeable, it can be concealed, hidden. There are an alarmingly large number of discreet clinics; health can be bought, at least the appearance of health. And nobody can tell if you’re happy anyway. Maybe you are, but … yes, there’s always a “but”… Something is missing.

What is going on there? Why are there these two sides? How can something be missing? And what is it anyway?

Seymour Hersh explained it in three words, whether his audience wanted to believe it or not.

These three questioning words “Is that enough Dad?” show what his ambition, or at least part of it, is based on. Namely, to finally be seen. From his own father. One of the two most important people in a child’s life. To finally satisfy the father. Be right at last.

To be seen at last! Which is actually the basic right of every child. To be seen as it is, in all its parts. To be accepted in all its BEING. Just the way it is. Without condition. The ideal case, I know.

If this is missing, it can lead to the striving to be seen and recognized becoming a basic pattern under every action in life. And this often results in something great. A great success, a large company, great power or even a great fortune.

It becomes difficult when the time comes when you actually have to cut back. Having to take care of his life. The fruits would have to be harvested. Having to look after your own children. Buying a sailing boat and sailing it around the world yourself.

And then you don’t catch the exit because it keeps driving you. Without interruption. Because the recognition from the father still hasn’t come. Because she can no longer come, because you are no longer a child and your father may no longer be alive. The train has left the station, it’s not coming back.

And at some point you realize that you have missed the last stop and there is only the wall in front of you that you will inevitably crash into …

What do you do then?

The first and probably most difficult step is to become aware of it.

Of course, your success is primarily based on your knowledge, skills and determination. Not everyone who was not seen as a child becomes successful later on. Probably very few. There is a lot to it. But maybe there is this part of you that is driven. Driven by the desire to finally be seen.

Except that it can never happen, because it should have happened when you were a child. Not now, when you’ve long since grown up.

Most people who were not seen as children, who were not recognized in their being, do not become successful later on. They go with the flow or even sink. Some of them pretty pathetic.

You have managed, consciously or unconsciously, to take advantage of this lack and make a success of it. That is an enormous achievement in itself.

But now you’re on this train that left a long time ago, you missed the last stop and you’re racing towards this wall.

So what to do?

You can’t turn back time, but there are ways to make up for what you missed back then. You don’t get it from anyone. Neither from your parents, if they are still alive, nor from any other person.

The chance you have is to go back to the time when your train started to depart. To the time when you should have been seen, when you should have been accepted. The issue must be resolved there.

You can’t get there on a material level, but it is possible on a spiritual level. If you are accompanied by someone who knows the way. This is a process that takes time, but one that ensures that the train that seems to be speeding towards the wall slows down again and you realize that you can control it.

You go from being a helpless passenger to the train driver of your life. Without being driven by old patterns. Without this unconscious longing for something that you can’t seem to get.

The big advantage of this is that you get rid of the unconscious pattern that has always driven you in a certain direction, even against your will. Once that’s gone, you decide where to go, how and how fast. You can find more information here … >>

Chakra and chakra work in shamanism

Anyone who deals with spiritual matters, life energy and any form of spiritual healing will not be able to avoid the term chakras.
Gerhard Zirkel

Put simply, the chakras are energy centers in our aura, i.e. the energy field that surrounds us in our material incarnation. The chakras establish the connection between the physical body of a person, their aura and the energy channels of the universe.

We are connected to the source of life energy via our chakras.

The chakras are located along the energy channels that run through the human body. They can be imagined as subtle or energetic energy wheels or energy vortices that rotate alternately to the right or left, whereby the perception of the chakras is very different.

Some people can see them, others can feel them. In Indian mythology, the chakras are known as rotating calyxes or lotus flowers.

Shamans also work with the concept of chakras, even if they are seen and named differently in every shamanic culture. The flow of energy within the human body and its exchange with its aura and the spiritual world is of the utmost importance. Because a person who is not properly connected to the energy of the universe will not have enough life energy available to make his way in the material world.

So our chakras and our engagement with them are important building blocks of our spiritual development. They influence many aspects of our lives and our emotions.
Concept and origin

We are primarily familiar with the concept of chakras from the Far Eastern wisdom traditions of Hinduism, Tantra, yoga and Buddhism. But also from the Jewish Kabbalah and the Christian mystery schools. The term comes from Sanskrit and means “circle” or “wheel”.

Many indigenous peoples have also worked and continue to work with them. They are known from the Maya, the Aztecs, the Tibetan Bon religion, the Tsalgi (Cherokee) Indians in North America and the African Zulu. Even if their teaching differs greatly from the Far Eastern version, the principle is always the same.

But even in our culture, the chakras were not completely unknown in the past, even if the representation is less clear. Thus the halo or the crowns of kings and emperors represent nothing other than the radiance of the crown chakra. While sitting on a throne that is as high and massive as possible can be seen as an interpretation of the root chakra.

Function of the chakras

The chakras supply the material and subtle bodies with the life energy of the universe and are responsible for the exchange of energy and information between material and subtle bodies.

The chakras act as transmitters and receivers of energy, so to speak, they are interfaces between human existence and the spiritual level. They transform energetic information so that it can be used and understood by the other side. They are energy centers in which energy is transformed and distributed in the body via energy channels (nadis).

Our human body is constantly supplied with the life energy it needs via the chakras, whereby each of the chakras supplies its very own areas. We also release energy to the universe via our chakras or make contact with other material and spiritual beings.

Free and open chakras play a major role for our physical, mental and spiritual health and for our path of development and awareness.

The location of the chakras largely coincides with that of our main nerve centers and its most important glands.
The individual chakras

Each of our chakras has a specific meaning, a specific task for us. Certain symptoms can be related to the function or malfunction of a chakra. If we know the meaning of the chakras, we automatically have a starting point for improvement.

The Hindu or yoga system with its 7 main chakras is well known

Depending on the teaching, the main chakras are joined by the soul star and soul gate as 8. and 9th main chakra to it.

And there are a whole series of secondary chakras and energy centers, including chakras that are located above the crown chakra and those that are located below the root chakra.

The seven main chakras:
  • Root chakra (Muladhara)
  • Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana)
  • Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)
  • Heart chakra (Anahata)
  • Throat chakra (Vishuddha)
  • Forehead chakra / third eye (Ajna)
  • Crown chakra / crown chakra (Sahasrara)
Perception of the chakras

How chakras are perceived depends on the person perceiving them. Although the frequencies of our chakras are invisible to the human eye, some people, especially clairvoyant people, see the chakras as colors or rotating colored energy vortices. Some people can also perceive the frequencies of our chakras as sounds.

The colors are seen to be relatively consistent, they are arranged like a rainbow and start at the root chakra with a dark red and end at the crown chakra with pure white.
Energy body

Anyone who delves a little deeper into the functioning of our human existence and looks specifically at the chakras quickly realizes that our energy system does not consist of one body but of many.

We consist of many “layers” of different densities of energy, information and consciousness. The densest variant is our physical body. However, there are also many other bodies, such as an emotional body or a mental body.

The chakras provide the connection between these many bodies and layers. Our energy bodies can only work together optimally if the chakras, as their connection, work without interference.

In Kundalini, it is believed that healthy and open chakras allow the Kundalini force to rise from the pelvis and connect us with cosmic consciousness.

Working with the chakras

There are different goals when working with the chakras. From cleansing to opening and chakra balancing.

There have always been a variety of ways to do this, from yoga and Reiki to tangible shamanic work, i.e. working directly on the spiritual levels with the help of the shamanic journey.

The first step is always to open the chakras and cleanse them. This is because our energy channels are often almost completely closed, either through disregard or through blockages from previous lives and/or the ancestral line or even through intention, such as the closing of the third eye during Christian baptism.

The shaman’s task is to reopen the channels. This happens on the one hand on the mental level and on the other hand through exercises that the client can do himself. To become aware of your chakras and to actively connect to the energy system of the universe.

Often it is only certain chakras and therefore certain areas of life that we have cut off from ourselves. Sometimes since early childhood. Shamanic chakra work aims to reconnect these areas and reopen them to life.

Ideally, all chakras are equally open and free after this work. If one or more chakras have been trying to balance one or more blocked chakras for a long time, there may still be an imbalance even after the blocked chakras have been opened.

In this case, a chakra balancing must be brought about, which the shaman carries out again on a spiritual level, but also involves the client in an appropriate way.

It makes sense to address the topic of the chakras not just once, but to do so regularly. Even the best balanced chakras can become imbalanced again if they are neglected.

In addition, chakras also function on different spiritual levels and as people continue to develop, they reach new levels of consciousness and therefore new levels of the chakras are addressed and need to be looked at.

The “science”

Our western science has difficulty with the chakra approach, because neither life energy nor energy bodies or even the existence of the spiritual level as the origin of all material things can be measured with scientific-technical devices.

So far, only indirect evidence can be provided in this way. But this is also logical, because our scientific approach takes place purely on a material level. How can he understand his own origin in the spiritual world from there?

Take a look for yourself: Your own experience

This article is about something that is not easy to put into words, but is immensely important. Because it is absolutely primal shamanic. It’s about your own perception and your trust in it. Even when social conventions, the opinion of the majority or even “science” are against it. Even if “they” tell you otherwise.
Gerhard Zirkel

Even when people are angry with you, when you trust your own perception more than the people who “mean well with you”.

Even when everyone tells you that you’re hurting yourself, being bad, stupid, ignorant or whatever else they want to throw at you.

The Vikings, a short excursion

I’m currently doing a bit of research on the Vikings. An ethnic group that is actually more an umbrella term for Scandinavian/Nordic peoples in the period between 750 and 1050 than a truly homogeneous ethnic group. But they had some things in common in their world view.

Among other things, they seem to have made no distinction between the material and the spiritual world. For them, both the ground they walked on and the gods and spirits were equally real.

They didn’t “believe” in gods, they knew about them. Just as we don’t believe in the sea, for example, but know that it is there.

They lived according to their own perception and apparently had no doubts about it. Because they were equally connected to all their worlds and could feel them all. And what could be perceived was real. Of course, one person was able to do this more and the other less, but in principle it was obviously only their own perception.

Quite in contrast to the monotheistic religions that prevailed later, which are often based on a book of indeterminate origin that states what is to be believed and what is not. As a rule, the book itself conveniently proves why it contains the truth.


Today we seem to be at a point where this monotheistic image of religion is leaving the world of religion and becoming all-encompassing. It is no longer just the church that has a detailed catalog of what to believe. Also science, the economy, politics, neighbors, indeed society as a whole.

Our own perception is increasingly being pushed into the background, sometimes even demonized or at least devalued. What happens to a child who talks to fairies, elves and ghosts in kindergarten or who doesn’t fit the mold?

Of course, as a modern parent you no longer tell your child directly that they’re crazy. But let’s be honest … people often think that and the child gets it. The first catalog of facts to be believed is already opened in kindergarten and is never closed again.

As a child, you already learn that your own perception is crap and that you are better off sticking to the catalog of things to believe. It’s now even taking on strange forms.

Let’s talk about the weather: several seemingly banal examples

We were recently in Croatia in the countryside, on a farm. And one evening there was a thunderstorm. It was a bit stormy, it rained and a few leaves flew by. Already a moderately strong thunderstorm but not seriously dramatic.

The next day, our landlord tells us that it must have been really bad in the surrounding area. With hail and even some deaths! He then kindly offered to put our car in his garage … Ok, his reports didn’t match my feelings or my experience. But of course we accepted the offer of the garage.

Everything was as usual on our excursions over the next few days. No traces of any storms, no fallen trees, not even branches on the road. Nothing. Wherever this terrible storm was supposed to have been, we didn’t see any of it. Neither did our landlord, by the way, but it must have been in the news.

A few days later we were in a restaurant in Graz: the waiter asked us curiously whether the weather in Croatia had really been that bad? Everyone is reporting really bad storms. It would probably be very bad not only in Croatia, but also in Slovenia and Austria. By the way, we were just sitting there under a blue sky and 30 degrees …

He didn’t want to believe that we hadn’t really had a storm. Except for the thunderstorm at night, which was nothing special. The news had reported so much about storms. Sure, he wouldn’t have seen any of it himself, but the media would be full of it.

Even on our entire journey from Croatia, through Slovenia to Austria and then on to Hungary, there was no sign of any thunderstorms. Sure, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there weren’t any. But by no means as widespread and dramatic as one might expect from the news.

And what do you see when you listen to the German media? Heatwaves, storms, disasters … but strangely enough, no traces of them and no first-hand reports. At least no more than usual in summer.

What’s wrong with that?

Dozens of examples could be cited from the last few years alone. Examples that show that there are obviously two realities.

One is the one we perceive ourselves and the other is the one with the catalog of facts to be believed. Sometimes both agree, but very often they do not.

And that’s where it gets exciting

After all, “shamanism” is based on one’s own perception. Of course, there are also shamanic cultures that have developed such a catalog of things to believe.

But at its core, it is about the perception of the worlds as they are. How they are for YOU. It’s not about looking up what the world was like for the Vikings, the Indians or the peoples of the Amazon, it’s about YOUR perception, YOUR reality.

And this also includes material reality, for example looking out of the window and realizing that the deadly heatwave on the TV is actually 15 degrees and raining. Or that the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the world is not about to end.

This includes being aware of your spirit helpers as well as sensing what you need to offer your child right now so that they can find their way into their own reality.

This includes knowing exactly whether you are ill or healthy, what you need and when you need help and from whom.

Of course, you can still find out more. Many useful things have been researched and written down. But it is always important to compare everything you read, everything you hear, everything you are told with what you see, hear or feel yourself right now.

And when in doubt, it has proven to be a good idea to trust your own perception. Even if it seems to go against everything that your environment seems to have in store for you.

And now?

If you have read this article up to this point, thank you for your attention.

And I encourage you to feel whether what is written is also a catalog of facts to be believed or whether it corresponds to YOUR perception?

This is generally always a good idea. Start by questioning and sensing everything that you have taken for granted so far. Especially what some shaman tells you … Feel behind everything and you will discover your own reality.

I have been doing this very consciously for many years and it is sometimes fascinating how many things we do, believe or think without ever having questioned them. Without ever having investigated whether they correspond to OUR reality. We often don’t even think to question things because we’ve always done it that way.

Sometimes we don’t dare to follow our perception because the social pressure is too high. Sometimes we don’t make the effort because it doesn’t seem worth it.

Do it anyway if it feels right in your reality.

The white and the black wolf

There is a story that circulates in many variations but always in a similar form. It is often placed in a Native American context, but it can certainly be understood universally. And it is nowhere near as flat as it might seem after countless repetitions. Quite the opposite!
Gerhard Zirkel
The story

One balmy summer evening, an old Indian was sitting around the campfire with his son. It was already dark, the fire crackled cozily, the flames flickered upwards, but the shadows of the surrounding forest were pitch-black and a little eerie.

The old Indian said to his son: “The bright flames of the warming fire and the deep, dark shadows of the forest are like two wolves living inside us”

The son looked at him questioningly. After a while, the old Indian continued talking:

“The one wolf, the black one, appears evil, devious and dark to us. He works with fear, violence, oppression, lies, intrigue, envy and jealousy. He likes greed, arrogance and hatred. He constantly seeks revenge and is aggressive and cruel.

“The white wolf seems good to us. He is full of love, affection and kindness. He loves openness, trust and goodwill. He is understanding and gentle, he shows compassion, peace, he is considerate, he always remains calm. He brings hope, warmth, gratitude and joy”.

“Both wolves exist in each of us, indeed they exist in the whole world. And they always seem to be fighting with each other for supremacy.

The Indian’s son thought about it for a long time and finally asked: “Which of the two wolves will win?”

The old Indian looked his son in the eye and replied: “The one you feed more wins”

Does ignoring help?

Now you could come up with the idea of simply ignoring the black wolf. Which is not so far-fetched, especially in the spiritual scene this is often practiced. Don’t feed it and it will inevitably starve. That sounds easy, that’s how we do it!

Always think positively, always smile, always be in love. If you’re not, you need to take a look at yourself and solve it really quickly! Never watch any news, never worry about politics, especially not about “conspiracy theories” because they only want to make you fall out of love. Do not listen to anyone who expresses concerns or even warns you. We don’t care about money either, that’s dark and evil and and and …

If you talk about possible problems, you are often accused of only seeing the negative and focusing on the problem. Or even to manifest a dark future for you.

There is a bit of truth in that. Because whenever you deal with a problem, be it one in your own home or one in the big wide world, you first feed the black wolf. Whenever you have concerns, doubts, see a gloomy future or simply “see black”, you feed the black wolf.

But is it possible without him? Can he really be left to starve?

Yin and Yang

Incidentally, in China these two wolves are called Yin and Yang and, strangely enough, nobody there talks about starving one of them to death. On the contrary, both seem to be equally important and, even more dramatically, they are growing apart, over and over again.

The dark arises from the light and the light from the dark. Even the outermost white always contains the seed of black and vice versa. Without the black, the white cannot exist and vice versa.

So why should we try to starve the black wolf? And what can we do instead?

Name the problem and then solve it

The way I think is best is to first analyze and name the problem and then look for a solution.

So when I see that something is getting out of hand in the reality of my life, be it within myself, in my family or globally, I first take a close look at the problem. I think about what might come, and above all I feel deeply about what might come.

What I feel is of course never THE ONE future. It is a possible future, a probable scenario. And there is always a likely scenario. I take a close look, no matter how dark it may seem.

Of course, I feed the black wolf first, that’s for sure. And to a certain extent, I also manifest this probable future. I may become afraid, doubtful, even temporarily lose courage. Especially when the problem seems overwhelming, and that happens in the best families. A black wolf can appear quite large and fierce.

The next step is important. Because when I recognize what is happening and what will come of it, I can begin to feed the white wolf. I can think about what I can do to improve my situation.

This does not necessarily mean that I can fundamentally change or resolve this dark future. But I can always change my relationship to it. I can prepare myself, change my life, change my place, change my behavior, change my thinking. I can arm myself or get out of the danger zone.

I can sometimes make small changes to ensure that the black wolf no longer affects me at all. I can manifest my future.

An example

Let’s take a very tangible example. Let’s take inflation. Our money is constantly becoming less valuable, at least on the surface. At the moment, this is happening relatively quickly, and we are all noticing this in our wallets.

Now let’s take a look at the black wolf first. Analyze why it happens, how it happens, where it happens and get an overview of where it will go if nothing changes. Perhaps we already realize that the situation is by no means new, it has happened many times before. Nevertheless, it has a completely different quality when you are in the situation yourself instead of just reading about it in books.

So we start by feeding the black wolf and when our existence seems to be in danger, it gets really big. But – and this is the far more important step – we then concentrate on possible solutions. And this is the white wolf.

Because there are always solutions, depending on your own life situation, of course. What did people do in similar situations in the past? And those who were still doing well afterwards.

How can we relocate ourselves or our assets so that the black wolf doesn’t get us? What can we do to avoid or deal with the situation? These are all questions that are based on knowledge of the black wolf, but feed the white wolf.

It is also very important to take action. Regardless of whether it is about aspects on the outside or aspects within you. No matter whether it’s about “filthy lucre” or your health or your relationship or even your life. There’s always a white wolf you can feed.

And that’s what the whole thing is about. Feed the white wolf, but also know the black one well.

The final solution

Now you could once again think of wanting to defeat “evil” once and for all. Yes, that is appealing and countless books and films deal with it. In the end, evil is defeated and good triumphs.

But does that make sense? Can good exist without evil in a dual world? And how do we determine what is good? How do we recognize it? How do we recognize the light without the shadow?

And who defines good and evil anyway? What does the game look like from the perspective of “the others”? How does the black wolf see its world? And why should he die? Perhaps he only means well? Is the black wolf really the black wolf for everyone? Or is it black for one person, white for another and even gray for a third?

Eradicating evil cannot be the solution, because that simply does not work in a dual world. Otherwise it would no longer be dual.

But what always works is constantly working on yourself, dealing with both wolves, repositioning yourself within the given possibilities. Adapting, manifesting and constantly readjusting the reality of one’s own life.

Trust in the right course of the universe and in our own ability to act. Living together with both wolves. Accepting the black wolf, knowing the black wolf exactly and then concentrating on the white wolf.

Freeing yourself from unconscious ties to the black wolf. Working on your own ancestral lineage, your own beliefs, your own patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior. The constructive interplay between thinking and feeling, targeted action in the material world, within one’s own framework and the constant expansion of one’s own framework.

THAT works! It means constant work, constant development, but the ability to act creates freedom.

BE the white wolf!