Chaos magic intervention

Healing comes from within … is the basic idea behind all shamanic work. And that is correct as far as it goes, but there are sometimes situations in which the inside is blocked in such a way that the person affected cannot free themselves even with the best help.

At a glance
  • You need help in a situation that you can’t solve yourself
  • You feel attacked, at the mercy of others, powerless
  • You have to stand up to a seemingly overpowering opponent
  • You need more than you can currently achieve as a human being
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  • Completely remote, no personal contact
  • Duration, from one month
  • Also possible anonymously
  • Payable in Euro, USD or crypto
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What you get

  • Magic, especially chaos magic, is able to change your reality in a targeted way
  • In disputes, we can shift the balance of power in your favor
  • Processes can be magically controlled in a targeted manner
  • Magic, especially chaos magic, can solve problems extremely quickly and efficiently
  • You will have a real chance even against overpowering opponents
  • The energy of unfair or dishonest dealings is directed back to the originator

How does chaos magic intervention work?

  • Nothing new
    Magic has always existed
  • What is that?
  • Chaos magic
  • Black magic
  • Procedure
    The process
Magic has always existed

This idea is not new; almost all the powerful people in the world have always used magic. More or less open, more or less clearly visible.

But they do it, and with great success.

And there’s nothing wrong with that if the option is there, so why not use it? After all, everyone is in control of what they do with their power. But not to use it, even though it is there … is criminal and stupid.

What is chaos magic intervention?

I developed this format to be able to solve defined tasks quickly and efficiently. Neutralize black magic attacks from humans or spiritual beings.

Decide disputes with overpowering opponents such as sects, coercive state bodies, narcissistic power-seekers or business opponents in your own favor

Breaking through curses, imprecations etc..

The aim is always to maximize my clients’ freedom of action!

Sounds chaotic, but it’s not

Sounds like chaos, confusion, disorder … but it’s not.

Roughly speaking, chaos magic is a magical practice that does not strictly follow a tradition or school, but combines everything that is necessary to achieve a certain goal.

A chaos magician knows practices from many cultures, traditions and schools and not only that, he also develops new, completely unique approaches. And he combines all of this in such a way that the optimum result is achieved. Partly planned and partly spontaneous, partly with rituals, partly seemingly on the side “between door and door”. Partly in a trance-like state, partly with a clear mind. As necessary and appropriate.

For advocates of cultural separation or fundamentalists of certain faiths, chaos magic is a horror. It is a blessing for anyone who wants to achieve a goal efficiently and without fuss.

Because those who master them can influence the reality of their lives and those of other people very efficiently. Or let it influence those who can’t do it themselves.

Only for really bad people

Personally, I don’t believe in the division into black or white magic, as is often communicated in the spiritual light-and-love scene.

This is because, just like the concept of good and evil, it is based on individual human assessments and, above all, on the side from which a situation is viewed. From the point of view of the universe, there is no such evaluation.

Of course, the aim of my work is not to specifically harm anyone. But the goal is definitely to benefit my clients. This can and will always mean indirectly weakening a potential opponent.

If that’s too “black” for you, then please don’t book my service. Either you want to win or you don’t.

The process

Such a process can take a month, three months or half a year. Time often seems relentless, but matter is slower than energy.

We clarify the initial situation and your goals in advance. There will be some remote shamanic sessions as needed, but the main work will be done by me through chaos magical practices.

We are in constant contact by email during this process. Perhaps you will receive instructions from me, in any case you will report to me what is happening, what is moving.

You will almost certainly feel the effects of my work. We clarify exactly what to expect in advance, because that depends on what it’s all about.

I expect you to be willing to accept any change and you must be 100% sure in advance that you will achieve your goal.

We are not going to “try” anything, we are going to DO something.


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