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Healing comes from within … is the basic idea of all shamanic work. And this is correct as far as it goes, but sometimes there are situations in which the inner self is blocked in such a way that the person concerned cannot free himself even with the best help.

This can be dark magic attacks, but also the mastering of great tasks on a highly material level.

Conflicts with apparently or actually overpowering opponents, for example, or the achievement of goals that are hardly attainable by “normal” means.

Ultimately, any material interaction, indeed any form of matter, always arises out of spiritual contexts. Matter arises from energy and matter follows energy.

Anyone who understands this has a good idea of what is possible.

This idea is not new, since immemorial time almost all the powerful people of this world have also used magic. More or less openly, more or less visibly. But they do it and with great success.

And there is nothing wrong with that if the possibility exists, why not use it? After all, everyone has it in their own hands what they do with their power. But not to use it, even though it is there … is criminal and stupid.

What exactly is Chaos Magic Intervention?

I have developed this format in order to be able to solve defined tasks quickly and efficiently.

Neutralize dark magic attacks by humans or spiritual beings

Decide conflicts with overpowering opponents, such as sects, state organs of coercion, narcissistic people in power or business opponents in one’s own favor.

Breaking through curses, imprecations, etc….

The goal is always to achieve the maximum possible level of freedom of action for my clients!

Sounds like chaos, confusion, disorder … but it is not. Chaos magic is – roughly speaking – a magical practice that does not strictly follow a tradition or school, but combines everything that is necessary to achieve a certain goal.

A chaos magician is familiar with practices from many cultures, traditions and schools, and not only that, he also develops new, completely unique approaches. And he combines all this in such a way that the optimal result is achieved. Partly planned and partly spontaneous, partly with rituals, partly seemingly on the side without further hassle. Partly in trance-like states, partly with a clear mind. Whatever is necessary and appropriate at the time.

For advocates of cultural separation or fundamentalists of certain faiths, chaos magic is a horror. For all those who want to achieve a goal efficiently and without a big fuss, it is a blessing.

For those who master it, it can very efficiently influence the reality of their lives and those of other people. Or have it influenced, if you can’t do it yourself.

Personally, I don’t think much of the division into dark or white magic, as it is often communicated in the spiritual light-and-love scene. Because, just like the concept of good and evil, it is based on individual human evaluations and above all on the side from which one looks at a situation. From the perspective of the universe, this evaluation does not exist.

Of course, the aim of my work is not to specifically harm anyone. But the goal is definitely to benefit my clients. That can and will always mean indirectly weakening a possible adversary.

If that is too “black” for you, then please do not book my services. Either you want to win or you don’t.

How does it work?

Such a process can take a month, or three months, or half a year. Time often seems inexorable, but matter is slower than energy. We first clarify the starting point and your goals. There will be some remote shamanic sessions as needed, but the main work will be done by me through chaos magical practices.

We will be in constant contact by email throughout this process. You may get instructions from me, in any case you will report to me what is happening, what is moving.

You will certainly feel the effects of my work. What exactly to expect, we will clarify in advance, because that depends on what it is about.

I expect from you the willingness to allow any change and you have to be 100% clear in advance that you will also achieve your goal.

We will not “try” anything, we will DO something and DO it right!.

Chaos Magical Intervention is always an individual matter. Please send me an initial inquiry using this form or write me an email:

from any distance

bookable worldwide

  • Completely from a distance
  • Duration from one month
  • Extremely effective
  • Payable in EUR, USD or Crypto
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