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As an adult, you’re fully immersed in life and may even have children of your own. But as soon as you stand in front of your father, bang, you’re a little boy again. And if things go badly, your boss or your customer is like your father … you can imagine the rest.
Gerhard Zirkel
Sometimes it’s like milking mice …

Or you realize that although you resolved to be completely different from your parents when you were young, you now react in exactly the same way as they did back then. This is particularly noticeable if you have children yourself.

You may have a partner who increasingly reminds you of your mother or father. With all the complications that entails. You realize that it’s not working somehow, but you can’t get out of the pattern.

Or you develop behavioral patterns that hinder you in life, but whose cause you cannot explain with the best will in the world. Very often, problems with money, business and career can be traced back to this.

Maybe you somehow feel like you’re slipping into your parents’ lives, even though that’s the last thing you want. And that you even pass this on to your children.

I can reassure you. You are neither crazy, nor broken, nor hopelessly lost.

Because all too often, these issues really don’t come from you, but from your ancestors. Whether you know them or not. Even educational psychology has now recognized the extent to which the behavioural patterns of our ancestors are transferred to us without us noticing.

And if that’s the case, you can work on yourself as much as you want. As long as the ancestral issues are still there, this has no lasting effect and the same problems keep coming back. If you are able to solve them in your ancestral line, I can help you.

The ancestors

But who are the ancestors? The way I see it, these are our direct ancestors. So our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on, almost back to infinity. That’s a lot of people, every generation doubles the further back you look.

“But I don’t know any of them”, you might object. Of course you don’t know them, most of them died long before you were born. But you don’t have to know them either, because we work on a spiritual level. Some of my clients don’t even know their own parents.

That’s the point

This is exactly what ancestor clearing is all about. We establish contact with your ancestors on a spiritual level and then we go back as far as necessary to resolve the inherited issues. At least eight generations, sometimes even more.

And then we roll up the field from behind, so to speak, and solve the inherited issues that are weighing you down. This does not mean that you have to solve the problems of your ancestors. No, these are their problems.

You stop the issues being passed on to you. Because you don’t have to deal with their problems too, you have enough to deal with in your own life. You even free your children from it, because otherwise you will pass everything on to them in the same way as your ancestors passed it on to you.

The method

You don’t need any special skills and you don’t have to do any genealogical research. The method I have developed for this works very reliably and guides you safely through the process. And without personal contact, because we also work on a spiritual level here.

As an aid, you will receive a sound file from me that will guide you through the entire process and, of course, detailed instructions. And of course you are not alone, I will accompany you on a spiritual level through the whole process.

Nothing can happen to you and you can’t do anything wrong either. You just have to make the decision and sometimes it takes a little effort to take this step. But it’s worth it, I promise you that.

Our goal

In the end, such an ancestor clearing ensures that your ancestors are where they belong and that you are where you belong, at the top, because this is YOUR life. And you are all a little freer energetically than before.

This is not only good for you, but also good for your ancestors. Your ancestors can focus on their progress on a spiritual level and you can finally act freely in the material world.

You will be amazed at how much strength you have at your disposal afterwards that you had to use before to balance out the inherited patterns again and again.

The next level

And not only can you free yourself from inherited patterns, you can also include your ancestors in your team.

There are often people there who can still help you now. Especially if you have healing powers yourself, you will be amazed at how many healers you will find among your ancestors. Or entrepreneurs, inventors, intellectuals and, of course, parents.


Ancestor clearing to release the blocking patterns is part of the “Deeper Mind Empowerment” coaching package. You can get started either directly with the package or with the starter package if you don’t want to buy a pig in a poke.

The subsequent levels, the targeted use of the powers and knowledge of your ancestors are then part of the more advanced packages such as the Abundance Package or the Healer Package.

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