Gerhard Zirkel – Shaman

I see YOU!

Your life is based on your energy, your charisma. If you want to change something on the outside, it starts within YOU.

  • 3000+ customers Accompanied
  • 10+ years Experience
  • Known from Press and television

You feel that a deeper connection is missing in your life

  • Despite external success you feel empty inside
    You have achieved all your goals and yet something is missing. You may not be able to explain it, but this discrepancy between your outer and inner state causes self-doubt and pain.
  • Balance between business and spirituality
    In the business world, toughness and determination are often required. You struggle to reconcile these demands with your growing need for spiritual connection and depth.
  • You never wanted to be like your parents
    It feels like you’re repeating the same topics over and over again. The same illnesses over and over again, the same (toxic) partners over and over again, the same behavior patterns over and over again.
  • Unhappy, burnt out, ill
    You feel like “something that the cat brought in” or are even seriously physically or mentally ill. Conventional medicine no longer has any solutions for you, you just need to get back to work quickly?

Discover the power of your
full life energy

Perhaps you are only living up to part of your potential. Maybe you just bring
a part of your life energy into the world. Maybe you know
only a part of you. Then let’s change that now.


Inner peace & clarity

Find the right balance between your rational and your spiritual side


Fulfillment through self-knowledge

Recognize yourself as you really are, in your full power. Without all the masks you grew up with.


Realize your material side

Is it not on the spiritual side but on the material side? Prosperity and abundance are also within your reach.


Shamanic 1:1 guidance to YOU

The solution is never at the level of the problem

“I see you” is not just a phrase, but your path to a solution. I can see you as you really are. Without all the masks, restrictions, beliefs, behavioral patterns, etc. that you grew up with. And I can show you ways to reconnect with your very own life force.

Find out how it works

Whatever brought you to me …

… whether it’s blockages, fears (of loss), problems with money and abundance, a lack of purpose, energetic attacks or the same destructive patterns that you fall into again and again.

It’s always about YOU taking the lead in YOUR life. It’s 100% you.

Every problem that supposedly shows up on the outside is an indication that there is something to work on inside you, that there are issues that need to be looked at, integrated and lived. That there is a power within you that you are not (yet) bringing fully into the world. Maybe because you don’t live your life at all or only partially.

Let’s change that! I accompany you on the path to yourself. So that YOU can show yourself in your full greatness with your full power. I can see you as you really are. Deep down, where no one has ever looked before.

Updates, News & Offers

Once a month I will be happy to inform you about current topics.


Entrepreneurially strong, internally balanced

  • Are ready to take your life into your own hands and take personal responsibility
  • Finally want to end the war against yourself and find real balance
  • If you want to put an end to physical and mental suffering – discover the core of the problem and solve it!

Then shamanic work is right for you.

I’m ready – let’s get started!

How do I work?

Communication via e-mail

Communication with me takes place via e-mail. I don’t have any telephone or video calls.

Locally free on a spiritual level

I work exclusively on a spiritual level. That means it doesn’t matter where you are or where I am. That’s why I don’t have a fixed practice.

With complete personal responsibility

This is really important: YOU go the distance. I accompany you, hold you and help you, but you have to be prepared to walk the path.

Any questions? Here are the answers!

Can you cure diseases?

No. Diseases cannot be cured. But people can be healed. Together with you, I will find the core cause on a spiritual and emotional level and accompany you on the path to working on and transforming it.

This creates the conditions for healing, but this only takes place within yourself. I am like a mountain guide. I accompany you, know the way, help you with difficulties. But you will always have to walk yourself.

Can I send you my partner / employee?

Because he really needs to work on himself … No! Change must come from within the individual. Through the own drive. If you have a problem, you will find the solution within yourself. No matter who the problem comes from.

And no, this is not about “guilt”. Even if the other person is clearly at fault, you are the one who needs the solution.

Do you also work with children?

Yes and no. Of course I can also work with children, but children usually act out their parents’ issues. Even if we start with the child, our work quickly ends up with the parents. And this applies to both parents.

However, I can see why your child acts the way he does. More and more frequently, healers are incarnating and bringing their energy into the world in a form that no longer seems to fit into society. I can’t change that, but I can give you some tips on how it can work.

Can I deduct the work with you from my taxes?

Yes, of course. You will receive a proper invoice for business coaching, which you can claim for tax purposes. I just don’t show any VAT because my company is located in the USA. There is no VAT there.

Can you dissolve occupations / curses?

Yes, I can. This is one of the basic skills of a shaman. As well as clearing local energies and cleaning people, animals and objects.

Can people visit you in person?

Yes, you can. However, I am almost constantly traveling around the world. But there are always opportunities for personal visits. It just needs to be planned accordingly. What I don’t do are non-binding meetings for “coffee”. If you want to experience me, then book a session with me. You work with me. Or not.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign – this is it!

Or to put it in car driver slang: “It won’t get any greener!” Now is the time to start – to take personal responsibility. It’s your life – you’re in the driving seat. This moment will be the one where you say:

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