Who are you?

Can you answer that? Sure, there’s the name, age, profession. Yes, of course, children, house, car and so on and so forth. Maybe hobbies and that you are in the fire department or a sports club. But is that you? Honestly?
Gerhard Zirkel

Or are these the roles you play in life? There’s nothing wrong with that per se; we all play roles in life. At the end of the day, our life IS perhaps even a role. From a shamanic point of view, we are spiritual beings who incarnate in this material world in order to gain experience and develop ourselves.

So all of life is something like a role. But beneath this lies our true nature, which we should know so that we know which roles help us on our path and which hinder us.

Do you know your true nature?

When does our incarnation begin? With our birth? Or even before? At our conception? Or with the decision of a spiritual being to incarnate? Whenever this happens, we are not consciously in this life at that time. Because we are still far too small for that.

And we do not incarnate in a vacuum, rather we end up in the lives of our parents, siblings, grandparents and in our entire environment. And our very first goal here is to survive.

Because if our physical body does not survive, all plans are invalid. So once we arrive, we do what needs to be done so that we can live. Babies and toddlers have sophisticated strategies for this and we parents react almost automatically and care for our children.

And we live our lives in the meantime, according to our patterns and in our energy. The child automatically adapts and adopts our way of living, thinking, feeling and acting as well as our basic skills. It takes on our roles and those that we consciously or unconsciously assign to the child.

A child automatically adapts to what it finds. It will automatically behave in such a way that it is accepted or at least cared for by the community.

A child will really do everything it can to fit into its environment. No matter how much it has to bend for it or how much it suffers.

An example

Imagine you incarnate with the intention of bringing your incredible healing power into the world. You may have been incarnated as a healer umpteen times, you are one of these “old souls” and then you end up in a household of engineers. All head people.

None of your spiritual abilities are seen there because they can’t do it. Conversely, you can’t do anything with technical facts. Nevertheless, as a small child you will adapt to the extent that you will be taken care of.

And maybe it will still work when you grow up because your parents are loving and take really good care of you. You will make friends with the facts but hide your healing powers.

You are loved, but you are not seen in your true nature!

The circumstances and the guilt

As a child, when you realize that you can’t live parts of yourself, of your personality, then you don’t understand that circumstances are forcing you to do so. As a child, you only realize that you are somehow “wrong”.

That you’re annoying, that you scare people, that you’re uncomfortable, that you can’t do something, that nobody understands you. And you blame yourself because children can’t help it. As a child, you always automatically blame yourself. And at some point you stop trusting yourself, stop loving yourself.

And then you bury the “disturbing” parts deep down because you don’t want to be to blame, because you can’t bear it as a child. You put them in a chest, put five locks on them and forget where you put them.

And what little is left of you then works as desired. It behaves the way it has to behave to avoid getting into trouble. That has good grades, that is friendly, polite and helpful. That gets an education, finds a job and is a recognized member of society.

That finds a husband or wife, builds a house and pays it off. That raises children and perhaps grandchildren too. They might buy a boat or go on vacation.

Up to the point where none of this helps and then you feel like you’ve hit a wall. A wall of meaninglessness and then this question comes up again:

Who are you?

So who are you really? What plans, goals and abilities did you come into this life with? Who is this spiritual being, this soul that has incarnated here, really?

What kind of parts did you put in this chest back then, very early in your childhood? Were they really bad? Or was that YOU in all your energy and fullness?

I mean, what you’ve achieved in life is a lot, nobody doubts that and there’s nothing wrong with that. But a large part is missing. YOU are missing.

You weren’t in the game the whole time. Time to change that, right?

No matter how hard it was for you back then, no matter how hard your whole life has been so far. No matter how difficult it is right now. You can choose to be yourself at any time. All those parts of yourself that you have hidden and forgotten, you can dig them out again.

Integrate them and bring them into your life and then what you have achieved so far will suddenly make sense. Then there is no more emptiness. Only abundance!

You can do it! And you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll help you. It’s not just my job, I’ve been through it myself. I didn’t learn this from books, I walked this path. The first step was the clear decision to set off.

And there is THE perfect time for this: NOW!

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