Do shamans always have to open the big barrel?

Just recently, someone wrote to me that we shamans also scare away a lot of clients before they even come to us. And that’s not because the term “shaman” has any negative connotations. Quite the opposite. No, there is a completely different reason for this:
Gerhard Zirkel

We see too much! Yes, exactly. A core competence of a shaman is the insight into the spiritual level. And we don’t just see natural beings and energies, no, we also see YOU. And as you really are, without all the masks and patterns and blockages and learned behavior patterns.

That sounds positive at first, but for some people it is associated with fear. Or at least with a certain discomfort. Because:

What does he see there?

As great as the desire for change/improvement may be, there is a reason why you have split off, hidden or never got to know parts of yourself. And this reason is still there, even if it no longer has any basis.

Yes, difficult to digest, but somehow it’s true. When the shaman advertises, he writes something about releasing blockages at soul level, finding spiritual causes for illnesses and he writes something about healing and processes and what not.

Sure, that’s logical. Because, as a shaman, you have certain abilities and of course you want to get them out into the world. And you want to see results and want your clients to see them too. You want to help and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why people come to you and you help them.

But is that always the case?

Most people out there aren’t ill, nor do they see a psychological issue or a blockage or anything like that. Maybe they don’t have any big worries, maybe things are going really well. It’s just due to too much stress or maybe it doesn’t work out with your partner or with your family.

They are not sick and they don’t want a “cure”. At least not the way they understand it.

But perhaps they want to relax deeply in between and recharge their batteries. Or they want to finally find their dream partner or get on with their parents again or something like that. Some also want a little more money in their bank account.

But they don’t realize that the shaman can also help. This obviously has nothing to do with “healing”. You have to tell them that. They wouldn’t know otherwise.

So, that’s what I’ve done with this. You don’t have to be ill. I’ll take you like that too!

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