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Before you say anything: No, personal development is not only possible if you are able to invest a lot of money or time. The first steps from the role of victim to personal responsibility are absolutely free and can be implemented quickly:
Gerhard Zirkel
11 points that you can implement immediately
  • Replace “I can’t afford that” with “How can I afford that?”
  • Are you interested in money
  • Find out about money
  • Realize that money is a form of life energy
  • Decide to like money
  • Take care of your money
  • Read a lot, not just about money
  • Don’t waste your time
  • Learn languages and further your education
  • Demand money for your performance
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Always this discussion

Especially during discussions on social media, I keep coming across people who are in financially precarious situations and at the same time in a mentally victimized position. Whereby the one is naturally connected to the other, in a reciprocal relationship.

This often follows a very specific pattern. I mention that with the right mindset in combination with personal responsibility, it is almost always possible to improve your personal situation.

While my discussion partner rejects this outright and sometimes quite aggressively, always with the argument “I can’t afford it”. Because she’s a single parent, has a precarious job, high debts, you name it. Often in combination with the accusation that I only want to sell my service.

And these people are even right. I want to sell my service and yes, if someone has no money, they can’t pay for it. A vicious circle? Only if you don’t want to get out of it.

But you know what? You don’t have to buy anything from me to improve your situation. There are measures that are free of charge and that anyone can implement. Simply invest the time you would otherwise spend in front of the TV or on Facebook in implementing these steps:

Absolutely free

1. replace “I can’t afford that” with “how can I afford that?”

Replace the repetitive “I can’t afford that” with “How can I afford that?” You will be amazed at what this alone can achieve. Because if you constantly tell your brain that you can’t afford something, then your brain takes that as a fact. It is also formulated as a fact. This is therefore saved and repeated.

But if you say to yourself “how can I afford this?” you are giving your mind a task. And once you’ve done this a few times, it starts to deliver results. These may not be big steps right away and you won’t immediately become wealthy as a result. But you will notice that this has an upward effect.

And that’s not a stretch, that was exactly my first step when I worked my way out of a precarious financial situation. I’ve walked the path myself, so don’t tell me anything.

2. be interested in money

Take an interest in money. Most people who reproach me with the argument that they can’t afford this and that tell me in the next sentence that they’re not interested in money anyway.

It would all be so complicated and boring anyway. Well, they didn’t teach you at school. For good reason. The interest in money must come from you. It’s the same with any field of knowledge. If you’re not interested, you don’t know anything about it. If you want to know something about it, you have to be interested in it. Nobody does that for you, YOU have to do it. And that costs nothing at all.

3. find out about money

And then find out about money. This is the next step. The internet is full of information about money. In the beginning, it doesn’t even matter whether the information is correct or not, you probably can’t even judge that yet (professionals don’t always either, by the way). The very fact that you are starting to learn about it programs you to get and keep it.

Read something about money for half an hour every day. On shares, precious metals, investments, cryptocurrencies, etc. It’s about focusing your attention on the topic. This is also free, you have internet, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

4. realize that money is a form of life energy

Yes, you read that right. Money is a material form of life energy. You can convert life energy into money and money back into life energy. Once you’ve understood that, you’re out of the woods. Forever. Always keep that in mind.

5. decide to like money

You can detest money and people with money anyway. But it sucks.

“You can get by with very little and money isn’t important at all”, that could come from you? You assume that wealthy people have stolen everything and are therefore evil and everything should be taken away from them?

And that’s why you don’t want to become like them? Well, that’s also a decision, but then never again complain that you can’t afford something or that some evil rich person is to blame for something or the evil state … If you decide to be poor of your own free will, then stand by that decision and be poor.

If you don’t want that, then start taking an interest in money. If you ignore it, it will ignore you.

“Yes mei, there was nothing we could do”, as the Bavarian says. If you don’t want money, you won’t get any, it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t fall from the sky, it’s on the street, you just have to want to pick it up. And if you want it, but you don’t feel like dealing with it, you won’t get it either. You can’t not want money on the one hand, but on the other hand wait for someone to give you some just like that.

6. take care of your money

Honestly, what does your wallet look like? What does the money look like in there? I’m sure you have a little bit in there, you have to buy from something. Even if it’s just a little, do you treat it with respect? Do you welcome the money you receive? Or are you ignoring it?

Take care of your money. The one in your wallet and the one in your account. Check your online banking every day and be grateful for what’s there. Even if it is little. Make lists of incoming and outgoing money. Write everything down, every money movement.

Smooth out banknotes when you get them and remove the dog-ears. Don’t crumple it up carelessly. This programs you. This directs your focus and ensures that your mind comes up with something.

7. read a lot, not just about money

Read a lot! Check Amazon for free ebooks. There are a lot of them and they all have in common that they make you smarter just by reading them and give you new approaches. Even if not all of them are immediately practicable, they will feed your mind with new options.

Or borrow books. Books about money, books about entrepreneurs, books about mindset, books about history or even novels. You can often learn an amazing amount from them too.

8. don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time. Sure, you can find a lot of information on social media, but also a lot of garbage that steals your time. Reduce the time you spend just “fiddling around”. Use the internet to get information and then go out again. The same applies to the television.

Two hours of TV every night is two hours every night that you don’t read, think about wealth, educate yourself or sleep. Which is also not entirely unimportant.

9. learn languages and further your education

Make a career! That sounds like a bad joke to someone in a precarious job (and there are a hell of a lot of them). It was the same for me, I started my career at Stadtwerke München. There is simply no career at Stadtwerke. Is not planned. Only a “raise” according to years of service, which at the time was just as much a joke as the pay in general. That wouldn’t even have been enough to pay the rent in Munich, I lived with my parents for a damn long time.

The career thing was also a joke for me at the time. But it is not. You can also get better at the last “dirty job”. And if you get better and are also interested in money, you will also earn more money, because at some point you will start to demand more because you perform better. And if you can’t do that in the job you have, then you look for another one. This does not lead directly to wealth, but to an improvement. Even if it’s only 50 euros more per month at first.

Are you continuing your education? Honestly? That costs money? No, not necessarily. You can learn languages completely free of charge (with Duolingo, for example) and learning one or more foreign languages will definitely broaden your horizons and therefore your opportunities. And don’t forget the books!

10. demand money for your performance

This is the point at which an astonishing number of people fail. This seems to be particularly often the case with women. I may be wrong, but that’s my experience. Men are more likely to demand something. Some people do a lot, can do a lot but wait for the boss to realize what they can do.

And if they don’t, they just do more. Until he finally sees it and pays them more money. But he never does, why should he? YOU have to demand it yourself and do so regularly. Make a list of everything you do and then go to the boss and ask for more. No, don’t moan that your salary isn’t enough, nobody cares and certainly not your boss. He wants to see facts, as if they were facts. Tell him what you do and demand compensation for it. Again and again.

And no, of course you’re not making yourself “popular”. If you work to be popular, don’t complain about money. But if you work to earn money, don’t make yourself “popular”. Demand compensation for your performance! You can be popular at home.

11. the bonus: My newsletter

He comes 1-2 times a month and of course, he primarily offers my services. But it also always contains information that you can implement without having to book anything. And it reminds you that this article is here. And that you can implement the points in it. Not just once, but continuously. Prosperity is not a one-off action, but an attitude.

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With little money

Not free, but with little money you can do even more. Buy books that will help you. I rarely recommend specific books, but what is an absolute classic is “Rich dad, poor dad”. It’s easy to understand and teaches you some of the most important basics for a financial mindset that will get you ahead. Read it and read it again and again. Even I like to look in there from time to time. It is simply written and easy to read for everyone.

Then continue with books on investments, finance and history. The more connections you understand, the broader your horizon becomes.

And then you will slowly get out of your “hopeless” situation.

The side effect

The side effect of this will, of course, be that you project less and less blame onto circumstances and others. Because you realize more and more how many possibilities you have despite everything.

And then at some point you will find yourself in a situation where you have to pay a little something to get ahead. Even if it’s not yet a coaching package, it might be the yanama_healing. Almost everyone can afford it and it will get you further. Always one step at a time and always upwards, that is important.

And it all starts by pausing for a moment and starting with point 1 above. It requires neither money nor time nor great effort. But it may be the first step into your new life.

It is a decision. It was one for me back then and it is one for you too!

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