Inner fulfillment.
The healer within you

“There was always this burning inside me, this elemental energy that almost wanted to tear me apart. And no one understood it, I almost died from it … ” But you can’t get your PS out into the world, and if you do, then only in secret. But not really there either. Do you really perceive more, feel more, see more, know more? Is that possible? CAN you do that? Are you ready for it?

At a glance
  • You are ready to bring your full healing energy into the world
  • You feel called and answer the call now
  • You will no longer compromise
  • You are prepared to go much further than most of your fellow human beings
Offer placeholder
  • Completely from a distance
  • Duration, approx. 12 months
  • Thereafter at least 1 year of supervision
  • Sessions / Coaching / Energy field
24,998 Euro

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How does this package work?

  • Your energy
    You feel them
  • Your life
    Full on the outside, empty on the inside?
  • Your definition
    Who you are
  • Your work
    Your energy
  • Your way
    Everything is already there
  • In the family
    The children
  • On the job
    Your vocation
  • In business
    How does that work?
  • Important
    Please read!
Despite the doubts, you are drawn

Despite all your doubts, the energy is getting stronger and stronger, you feel called, but you don’t know how you’re ever going to realize it without breaking down?

First of all: your perception is correct!

If it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t be reading this text. Someone who doesn’t have this energy within them won’t get that far. Let’s take this one big step and free this energy in you, bring it into the world. Let’s overcome these apparent obstacles together.

If you are a god or goddess, please call yourself one! You won’t go to hell for this …

Is your life full on the outside but empty on the inside?

Somehow a lazy compromise that nobody is really happy with? Not you and not those around you?

Can’t find a starting point in this world?

Do you only get a lack of understanding from the outside – “I don’t understand you”, “what’s your problem”, “you have everything, you should be happy”? You have the feeling of not being seen and even more so of not being understood, of not being able to make yourself understood.

But you want to finally allow yourself to understand the WHOLE world. And above all yourself. You can do that. A lot of energy wants to flow and you are ready for it. You can feel it. Now.

Time no longer allows for hiding. Time no longer allows for lazy compromises – you know that. You either make your light visible now or you disappear completely.

Whoever or whatever you are

We work together to define your work. Your very own energy.

Have you always felt that you know, feel, see and can do more? But you were never able to put it into words, perhaps you weren’t allowed to for a long time? Then let’s tackle this now, let’s find out who or what you are and how you communicate this.

You will recognize your very deep truth and define and communicate it so clearly that the world will understand it.

External circumstances will no longer throw you off course because you are so stable and secure in yourself that you will always find your way. You will no longer compromise.

You will show yourself in all your strength, in all your true being. Public. The whole world. And no one will judge you for it, you will be understood and you will work.

There is this energy inside you

There is this energy inside you, this incredible urge, this burning. Everything you need is there on the outside, but there’s a war going on inside you.

You have already worked intensively on yourself, perhaps you have already gone through my “Deeper Mind Empowerment” and you are now stable in the world.

But where to put all your energy now? You feel that you can do even more, that there is a spiritual energy in you that goes beyond what “normal” people can do.

You sense that you are a healer (or a healer’s wife), or a priest, a seer. But what happens if you show yourself to be a healer now? Or as a priest or seer or crystal being, even as a god or goddess?

Won’t you then be permanently rejected by society? Can you do that? Are you allowed to do that? Aren’t you going to hell? And what do your partner, your children, your school, your friends in the club, the community, your boss say? They’ll throw you out straight away, or worse still, they’ll hate you …

Will you be laughed at for this?

The answer is: None of this will happen! And if it does, it won’t knock you down, you’ll take note of it and then move on. With them or without them. You’re not here to chase after someone. You are here to lead the way.

Everything is already there

Everything you need is already there, you just have to find a way to bring it into the world. I will introduce you to a few basic techniques.

A few very basic methods of energy work, for example:

  • Sacred space
  • Energetic cleaning
  • Contact Spirits
  • The basics of magic

But it’s not primarily about these basic techniques. You can find them in books or seminars or you already know them anyway.

What is much more important: I accompany you in discovering, defining and applying your skills. And to show yourself completely and publicly in all your strength. Without stumbling and without letting yourself be held back any longer. And without you continuing to make yourself artificially unattractive.

If you are a god/goddess, call yourself one too. You won’t go to hell for this …

This is perhaps the biggest and most important step of your entire life. Stepping out onto the stage of life and speaking your truth. Above all. No secrets, no beating around the bush, no safety net and no double bottom.

YOU and your energy. Pure, clear and unadulterated

Which doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to approach human clients with it. There are many other possibilities. We will work out together what these are for you.

Together we activate your entire healing energy for the world and especially for you. You will give yourself permission to work in your whole BEING.

You may and you will! You will be amazed at how little headwind there is in the end. Nobody will dare to stop you anymore.

Sometimes it’s the children

Quite a few of my clients come because they realize that their children are having difficulties. That the children are somehow different, more sensitive, but also more vulnerable.

That the children can no longer be forced into rigid structures. And often the parents of such children are prevented healers themselves, who help their children most of all by first discovering their own abilities and thus finding their place.

In this way, they also support their children on their way. And in this day and age of constraints, this is vital for many a healer’s child.

Imagine you have such a deep and powerful charisma that people follow you, even when you want something from them. Not only for you, but also for others.

Does it have to be a job?

Don’t want to lose your job? Perhaps you don’t like working with clients as a healer? You don’t have to!

Many people realize their spiritual abilities in normal white-collar jobs. These are usually the people who have some kind of connecting or overarching function in larger companies.

They don’t really fit into a job description, but are nevertheless extremely important for the company. These are the people in whom the “lower” ranks confide just as much as the management.

These are the people who mediate, connect energies and create new things. Without them openly acting as healers. Some are coaches, some are project managers, some are department heads. Some are hairdressers, carpenters or bakers. You can tell that some of them work energetically, others are “just” there.

And if you have a construction company?

My clients include a number of managing directors of medium-sized and larger companies. And these are down-to-earth industries across the board.

And these managers are shamans or healers or seers and they actively use this ability in business. But they don’t call themselves that and you can’t tell by looking at them. Except that they seem to have a lot more energy than many other people. They use their skills to do very material, down-to-earth things with them.

You notice it when you are in direct contact with them. But they don’t make a big deal of it. Externally, they are still engineers or business economists. But also healers. And you can see that in the management and the results.

Calm and content

You will become much more relaxed when you realize who you can help and who you cannot. You will endure and accept the fact that some people have chosen darkness. That is their decision.

You will learn to focus on the light. Yours and that of those who follow you.

Please read this carefully

The most important thing about this program is what you can’t see, what you can’t touch.

You won’t get any glossy workbooks or a show from me, and certainly no motivational calls. But you will feel it. By the effects it shows. A guarantee? If you’re asking about that, you haven’t understood the principle. The guarantee is YOU. Either there is the decision FOR your path and then you go it, who should stop you? Or not. If not, simply do not book this package. Because then I can’t help you.

Because this program costs money. This is not for nothing. We both have a lot of energy flowing through us. And I want you to make good use of this investment. But the investment – and it IS an investment – is marginal compared to what you can achieve in life. If you want it. If you have the courage to go your own way without compromise. NOW!

Before any misunderstandings arise here … YOU are going this way. I accompany you, guide you, help you, hold you when things get wobbly, give you the tools you need and sometimes push you in the right direction.

But YOU are going this way and YOU will make a clear decision beforehand that YOU want this too!

This package is not for “beginners”. Ideally, it builds on the “Deeper Mind Empowerment” package, or you have already worked on the contents of this package elsewhere. Please get in touch with me and we can clarify whether the package is right for you or whether you need something else.

By the way…

… this package does not interfere with other spiritual trainings you are currently doing or planning. Experience has shown that this can run wonderfully in parallel.


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