I am under stress, therefore I am!

You almost want to accept the headline just like that. Sad but true. Our society seems to be so focused on performance that you almost feel ashamed when you’re not under stress. But what is behind this, why is this the case and why is “the system” doing everything it can to prevent change?
Gerhard Zirkel

Professionally, it’s really bad. If you’re successful, you have to be stressed. Do a lot, get a lot done, preferably overtime, but never nothing. And above all, never let it show … that is … actually. The people around you have to notice how powerful, dynamic and efficient you are. So always show just enough stress so that you are seen as powerful but not in poor health. Because that would reveal weakness. What stress!

Then it continues in your free time. After all, if you are successful and have a lot of stress, you have to reduce it again. And the best way to do this is skiing, horse riding, in the gym, on a short break, with or without wellness, in the theater, museum, cinema … pure stress, this stress relief.

But you can afford it and you don’t treat yourself to anything else.

Anyone who has ever come to the end of their tether, the much-cited and already socially acceptable burnout, knows where this leads. Yes, it is socially acceptable, who still has a good old heart attack these days? No, even when we choose the most elegant way to drive our health against the wall, we still stress ourselves out by choosing the longest possible option.

Once you have overcome this phase, self-discovery naturally follows. Which can be quite stressful if you look at the many offers …

Already in kindergarten

It starts in kindergarten. No, actually long before that. If you have children yourself, take a deep look inside yourself and realize what you automatically expect from your children.

Can you just let your children do nothing? So really nothing? What happens when you have a child who stares holes in the air for hours on end? Or does some kind of “nonsense”? What if you have a child who doesn’t want to play? And certainly not with other children? A child who doesn’t want to learn anything?

What if your child can’t do what other children their age can already do? What if it is not so lively or much livelier than the others? What if it doesn’t conform to the norm, doesn’t learn to read, count or write on time?

Can you feel the stress behind it?

What if your child gets sick? A cold or whatever. Do you drag it to the doctor so that it gets well again very quickly? And can do something again? Isn’t that normal?

And if it doesn’t do anything, then you offer something. Even if it’s the TV or the tablet. Then they do nothing before that? Wrong. Motionless staring at moving images is pure stress. The brain is working like crazy, but the body has to be kept calm.

The situation is similar in traditional frontal teaching. The brain has to work like crazy because it has to memorize all the input. But the body must be kept calm. When you get home, you continue to learn, take in more input and save it.

But can all this be processed? No, no time. The next input is already waiting. The child actually needs time. Not a few hours, but a few weeks. Or months. To sort through the stored knowledge, supplement it with your own experiences and thus reach a point where you understand the connections and, if necessary, question them.

No time! Not in kindergarten, not at school, not at university and certainly not at work. And don’t you dare take the time to question something. Believe me, you’ll become the “enemy” so quickly that you’ll leave it at that.


It becomes really difficult if you are aiming for a career in a larger company or group. In addition to the company system, there is also the group system. And a career means – you can say what you like – above all adapting and running along. Within the limits of what you are allowed.

And overtime. Often a lot of overtime. Plus constant availability and that special kind of responsibility that always leaves you with one foot in the abyss. In addition, you will earn more money, but you will need it to organize your life in such a way that you are eligible for the next career level. You won’t get out. At least not without destroying everything you have built up.

The system

Because a system, no matter which one, always automatically does everything it can to preserve itself. A system has to do this, otherwise it runs the risk of collapsing. And what is the fastest way to collapse a system?

People who question it and then change it. This must be prevented and the system in which we live in the western world does this very efficiently. And for a very, very long time. It keeps us so busy that we simply don’t have time to question it. Because there is so much new input that we can no longer keep up with saving it.

Of course, such a system is not bad per se. I even believe that we always need a system in order to live. Even primitive peoples live in a system. The whole world is a system. In itself, a system is not something that needs to be removed. However, it is important to understand the rules of the game.

Because a system like the one we have today is very easy to manipulate by those who know how it works. All you have to do is check the information and that is extremely easy to do – provided you have the necessary small change.

Those who control what information is in circulation and visible, who control what is memorized, who control what people are afraid of and who therefore also control people’s behaviour.

In the past it was “the church”, today it is “science” or “the media” or the corporation. That’s where the input comes from, so much so that you hardly ever have a chance to question anything. Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t have the time.

Unless you’re doing it on purpose. If you manage to keep a window of time free for it. If you risk being immediately penalized by the system.

How do I overcome this fear and the danger?

What can I do to change things without crashing or losing control?

Getting out is out of the question for most people. Not because they can’t imagine or finance it. But because you always take yourself with you, no matter how far away you travel. You always have yourself and your emotional patterns and entanglements with you. ALWAYS!

The first and most important step is to understand how the system works. To understand how you got into it. Understanding that the system will never give you the information you need to leave it.

If you were the system, you wouldn’t reveal the outcome, would you?

So the way is not to work even harder, read even more, learn even more. The exit begins at the point at which you reflect on the fears that the system implants in you.

You can’t run away, and certainly not from yourself!

They need to be dissolved, these entanglements, these outdated thought patterns, these resonances that always make us do what others tell us to do – and never what we really want. If we have even come this far in knowing what we want. The greatest effort is often to separate what we want from what we have been led to believe we should want.

If you now think that the shaman is chatting out of the box even though he has no idea, let me tell you: I’ve been through it all! Everything! You don’t become a shaman from books, you become a shaman by learning by doing. So I have dissolved them, the entanglements, thought patterns and beliefs. At least many of them, but certainly enough to be able to help other people do the same.

In the end, this does not lead to an exit from society, quite the opposite. It leads to strong and self-determined people who really have power and often change society in the long term.

Feel free to contact me if you also want to find the exit. Not out of all systems, but into one that YOU yourself help to shape according to YOUR needs.

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