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ATTENTION: If you write to me with a (german) T-Online email address, my reply may end up in the spam filter. I don’t know why this happens, it only happens with t-online.

If you have an alternative email address, please use that.

Email is by far my favorite way. Email is almost always possible and I’m almost always online.

But give me some time to answer anyway.

Email to:


by contact form

by messenger

plenty of messengers are at our service. Some are good, some better.

Threema ID: ET9D3X2M

WhatsApp / Telegram: +49 172 5467028

If possible, please contact me via email, contact form or Messenger!

From December 2020 I will no longer be in a fixed place of residence, but will be traveling.

My work works normally, as you are used to, and of course I orientate myself on your time zone.

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