Wasser Geld Fluss

The money flow metaphor

“Money is a material form of life energy”. One of my favorite statements about money and abundance. Not everyone can understand this, which is why I offer you an alternative metaphor in this article. Money / abundance as a waterstream. Give the idea a chance, there is more to it than meets the eye.
Gerhard Zirkel

My comparison between money and life energy always leads to heated discussions because the term life energy can be interpreted in so many different ways. The core message is then often lost in the minutiae of terminology.

Therefore, a new approach, below with examples and an exercise that you can also do as a layman.

The river

So let’s try a different metaphor. With a river. Imagine that your life energy and therefore your overall financial situation is a stream of water.

What does it look like for you? Is it a brook, a river, a stream? Does it flow fast, over rocky rapids or rather leisurely? Does it drive something, a mill or a power station? Do ships even sail on them?

Is there enough water or not enough? Does the stream even dry up occasionally or does it flood everything? Does it branch out, is it fed and if so, from where? And last but not least: Do you have it under control or is it overrunning you?

An exercise

Perhaps this idea is so new to you that you have no idea whatsoever. Let’s try a little exercise.

Make yourself comfortable, sit down or lie down. Just as you like it, it doesn’t need a certain posture. Make sure you have some peace and quiet, that at least the children don’t barge in or your partner.

And then close your eyes. Breathe in and out calmly, at your own pace. Just pay attention to your breath for a few seconds.

If there are noises around you, welcome them. Each of these will only bring you deeper into a pleasant state of relaxation. Like in a meditation.

And now imagine you are sitting on the banks of your river of money and life energy.

Focus your attention on this flow. If you can see inner images, look at him. If not, listen to the sounds your river makes. Pay attention to whether you can smell him or feel something physically. Is it getting warmer or colder? Is something vibrating?

Or do you just know it’s there? Everything is allowed, you will get your very own access to it.

And when you perceive your river, find out whether it is large or small, carries a lot of water or little. Whether it runs straight or in curves, whether it flows quickly or slowly. Whether it drives mills or power stations, carries ships or is dammed up. Or whether it is possibly polluted, whether it is clear or cloudy, whether there is a lot of life in it or less.

Do this for as long as you can or until you have gathered enough impressions and then slowly turn your attention back to your surroundings. This way, you will safely return to the reality of your life.

Are you smarter now?

Did you get an idea of your flow of life energy? If not, don’t panic. Especially if you are not yet familiar with such exercises, it may take a few attempts before you get the hang of it. Even with practice, it makes sense to repeat them regularly, because your flow changes over time.

If you’ve noticed your flow, think for a few bars about whether that might fit with your perception of your financial situation …

What can go wrong … and how it should be

Such a river can naturally be powerful and large and flow calmly. Congratulations. In that case, you’re probably not even reading this article, because then you don’t have an issue with your finances. But you’re reading this article, so what could possibly go wrong with a river like this?

Inflow and outflow

The ideal is balance in the entire universe – no matter what it is about. Because that’s what it strives for, always. If your inflow and outflow are in balance, you have already reached this point.

Then exactly as much flows in as flows out. It doesn’t matter how big the stream is in terms of pure survival. A trickle does the same as a strong current.

Trickle or flow?

But the trickle is much more vulnerable. Leave it to dry for a while and it will dry out. In winter it freezes over in no time and then what? It also becomes difficult if you want to operate a grinder with it. The rivulet can’t do that, you need a real river.

Imagine you want to build a power station. There has to be a lot of water flowing, summer and winter. And as evenly as possible.

Branches and tributaries

Could it be that your river is losing something somewhere? Is something branching off, not flowing where it should or even seeping away somewhere?

Or something is flowing into your river somewhere, perhaps something you don’t want there. Waste water perhaps?

Traffic jam

Or is it building up somewhere without you having caused it? Has a beaver built a dam somewhere that puts you out of step? Maybe something flooded and destroyed somewhere?

Do you even see everything?

THAT is one of the really big things in life. Do you even see all your electricity? Or do you only notice the trickle of water next to it? Do you think the electricity isn’t even yours?

An example from life

It was a long time ago, back then I was still an employee in the laboratories of Stadtwerke München. It must have been 25 years ago now, but I still remember this one colleague well. She did almost all the instrumental analysis on her own.

She was the one with the really expensive equipment, with complex analysis procedures and she really knew her job. She was also “only” a lab technician, but she had more specialist knowledge than the engineers. And they didn’t deny her that at all. Whenever analytical questions arose, people turned to her.

Of course, that didn’t help her much; she earned just as badly as everyone else in the public sector. Promotion is only possible according to seniority. Even back then, you couldn’t really live on that little salary.

And she really wanted to get away from there, wanted a job where she would be better paid. Much better. At least she wanted it somehow … but somehow she didn’t want it either. And that’s where her river came into play.

Even back then, I perceived it as a powerful current, to stick with our metaphor. She was a role model, had a wealth of knowledge and knew her stuff. But she herself could only see the small stream.

And that’s exactly how she behaved in her job search. She didn’t even apply for the jobs that matched her qualifications. The doubts were too great; she herself could not even imagine applying for an engineering position. She only saw the small stream, not the mighty river that was actually there.

And so, in the whole time until I left there myself, she made repeated attempts to improve herself. But it never worked out because she either didn’t dare to apply or because she backed out. According to the motto “I can’t do that” … yes, of course she could have.

What she would have needed then would have been a companion who would have shown her the great, powerful flow of her life energy. This would not only have brought her appreciation, but would have immediately quintupled her salary!

Your idea

And now imagine that you also have such a stream inside you, but only see the trickle. Imagine you have a river that you could navigate with a boat, but you struggle on foot through the reeds because you can’t see the size of the river.

Imagine if you could do a completely different job long ago. Much better paid and with more appreciation. One that you don’t even know about now, or that you ignore because you don’t know your power. And no, no one will carry it after you, you have to take it yourself. Like the ship on the river. You don’t get it for free, you have to take it and drive off.

Imagine you don’t apply the principle in the naturally rather modest context of an employment relationship, but as an investor, self-employed person or entrepreneur.

Imagine that this current within you helps you to generate millions.

Can’t you? Why not you of all people? Others just do it and they are just incarnated souls like you and me. With very similar prerequisites. None of them were born with the ship. Not even those who have inherited. Not that one. They just don’t notice it straight away.

Quite often it fails because of your own imagination. We humans tend to only implement what we can imagine. If you grow up in an environment where a normal white-collar job at the lower end of the income scale is normal, you will end up there yourself.

Maybe one step higher if you had parents who wanted you to have it better than them.

The likelihood that you will pursue a career on your own initiative or become self-employed and set up a company is low at first. Because you lack the imagination.

You know the stream and can expand it to a small river in your imagination. But that you could one day become the Danube … no, others can do that, but you?

The truth is: you already ARE the Danube. They just don’t see it yet.

What to do now?

The most important step for you after the above exercise is to reflect on how you perceive your flow, how it relates to your financial situation and whether that’s really all there is to it.

Take as much time as you need, or get in touch with me. I am the one who sees what you don’t see. Even hidden rivers. And I am the one who will help you to take the ship once you have recognized the current. And to build the power plant.

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