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As always, I’ll start with my introductory package, then we’ll see what needs to be done and how we do it.

When you already have everything, but ...

You have made it in life? Partnership, money, matter – all is going well, but somehow there is still a “but” …

Something is wrong … but what?

Don’t worry, the solution is not to donate all your money and live in poverty. Money alone may not make you happy, but not having it usually makes you unhappy.

No, that’s not the solution, please keep your wealth, you probably worked hard for it.

The problem lies elsewhere, and it is precisely those people who have their lives very well under control and are very successful who only notice late when something is wrong somewhere. Those who are on their way up have enough energy to simply play over minor discrepancies.

There is always something to do. Building up a business, investing, sports, hobbies, family and, when everything is going well, the many opportunities for leisure activities. Everything without limits, because there is always enough matter.

At some point, however, you notice that something is missing. Perhaps because you find it difficult to withdraw from active business life, or because you can’t let go of your now grown-up children. Maybe you are having a lot of arguments in your private life or you feel driven. You can’t relax properly.

Or because you suddenly feel a touch of depression. You notice that something is wrong. But what? Where to start? Can’t everything have been wrong?

It wasn’t, quite the opposite

But maybe somewhere along your life’s path you overlooked a small cog. A part of you that you didn’t bring into your life.

Maybe the lack of this part even helped you to be successful. Some people are so successful because they are running away from a deep psychological injury or deficiency.

This often brings very good results, but only as long as you keep running.

At some point you have to face the part that seems to be missing. Otherwise it starts to torment you.

There is no shame in that, why should there be? You have always sought help on your way up. Then you can do the same when you are on top. So you can stay on top and enjoy it.

So let’s go on this journey together to find out which part is not where it should be and let’s work on it. It can’t be harder than your way up, it’s worth it in any case.

As always, I’ll start with my introductory package, then we’ll see what needs to be done and how we do it.

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