When the system breaks down

I keep hearing from my clients in Germany, and especially on social media, how terrible everything is becoming. Everything is getting more expensive, the evil politicians do nothing about it, they make everything even worse.
Gerhard Zirkel

People will soon no longer be able to afford their cars and heating will become a political issue. Nobody can pay for the gas anyway, but over there are the nasty rich people and none of this affects them. They only get richer and that’s why they are evil.

The Russians, the Americans, the refugees, the money, the rich and so on are to blame …

Fighting against the system – fighting for the system

And for many people, this results in the impulse to fight. An unbelievable number of people want everything to go back to the way it used to be and most of these people know exactly how to achieve this.

The politicians have to go or others have to come, it has to be more right-wing or more left-wing. More must be produced or less, the money supply must be restricted, no, expanded. More debt, less debt and in the end we will be controlled by Pleiadian reptiloids anyway, who grow organs in us …

The basic tenor is often the same: Someone has to put everything back the way it was. Just like mommy and daddy could. That sucked back then too, but it was still comfortable. Everything went so well. And now everything is broken, so someone has to come and fix it.

Ideally, you should announce this on Facebook or Twitter. If only enough people post about how crap masks and vaccinations are, how stupid paper money is or cryptos or the school system, everything will change. The sheep should finally wake up.

What really happens

What is currently happening in Europe and the USA, in short, in the “Western world”, is not new at all. Not at all. Historically speaking, what is happening is old hat. Unfortunately, we humans don’t get old enough to live through these cycles completely and so we only ever see the snapshot.

We see how the economy is collapsing, how inflation is eating up our last savings, how wars are looming that could well end on our own doorstep and so on.

And since we’ve never experienced anything like this personally, we think it’s new. And so we think that we can stop it by standing up to it.

Some by demonstrating, others by hoarding firewood or gold coins, others by simply burying their heads in the sand and waiting until it’s over. This is also a way of fighting, albeit a very passive one.

What we don’t want to see is situations like the current one repeating themselves every 50-100 years. And have been for thousands of years. There are people who have studied this scientifically, it’s not just a fantasy. There are even references to it in the Bible.

The phases of the emergence, rise, peak and decline of empires, countries and currency systems have been going on forever, always following the same basic pattern. Different in detail, of course, but always exactly the same in principle.

No matter what form of rule, no matter what level of technical development. There are forces at work that arise from human nature. These are not conspiracies or evil elites who want to destroy us all. No, what is at work are elemental forces that arise from our human nature.

What you are trying to do

And then you little “Hanswurscht” come and demonstrate on the village square to wake up the “sheep”. Nice try, I can understand that too, but you’re just getting yourself worked up.

Because you are not opposing this one stupid politician, but the whole of humanity. Yes, you read that right. What happens is the result of humanity itself. And they are clearly in the majority.

It’s about the rise and fall of civilizational units and this has been going on for thousands of years because it has to. Because there is no such thing as eternal growth. That’s just the way humans are wired.

The three generations

With a few exceptions, this development is even taking place on a personal level. The first generation builds, the second holds and the third destroys everything again. Because each generation only sees its part of the puzzle and never the big picture.

There are very few people who are at all interested in the big picture and even fewer who can delve deep enough to really understand the principles.

But this is not always necessary, because it is enough to know that it is so. Not so much why exactly this or that is happening in detail. Because the details differ from case to case anyway. It’s a matter of principle.

And the principle says that the EU (and the USA), for example, is now in a phase of disintegration. The masses are crying out for socialism, the state is printing money without end and devaluing it faster than it can print it. All of this is accompanied by an increasingly fierce battle between those who have and those who want.

As always, this is enriched with horror stories that ultimately only fuel fear and confusion. So that nobody recognizes the big picture.

None of this is new, even the often cited oh-so-evil “Great Reset” is not new. He now has a tangible face and great marketing through social media. But that was also the case last time, it’s just that no one is still alive who would have experienced it themselves and you have to read and understand history books, who does that anyway. But at the end of the day, it is once again just the inevitable socialism that follows high phases and ends up in chaos.

Now you can demonstrate against it, fight against it or simply not want to see it, because what you don’t see doesn’t happen … right? However, you can go against the grain. That just won’t interest things.

What would be much better

Fit in! Yes, it’s that simple. See the situation as it is and then do what the spiritual scene always throws at you: create your own reality. But …

Big misunderstanding

But that doesn’t mean that you meditate with your little job in your little apartment under the supervision of your little mindset until the world is pink again. It’s not about thinking “positively” and softening everything with light and love until everyone is nice again.

It’s not that we all have to be one again and banish everything that separates us until we are a loving mash of awakened beings of light. It’s also not about banishing the evil bad ego and being vegan until the lion is back in Bavaria.

No, it means that you change yourself, your thoughts and feelings and your actions until you are striving upwards instead of downwards. And you do this by combining your feelings with your thoughts. It’s about YOU and YOUR place in the world.

The space you have to create for yourself. And actively. Sure, it may be that every human being simply has a natural right to live. But he also has a duty to do it himself. Otherwise you can end it right away. You are free to do so. It’s also a kind of solution.

The sinking ship

Take a sinking ship. You can sit on it and meditate on the downfall. Claim that you’re doing great with it and that staying afloat is overrated anyway. And your life is nice and you’re actually doing well … but then you sink anyway because the ship is going down. This is not a conspiracy theory but physics. Or economy. Because it’s the way of the world that even the biggest ships sink at some point. You won’t stop it, because it would lead the course of events ad absurdum.

Or you recognize what is going on and then you change. If you think in time, you might catch one of the lifeboats or at least a lifebuoy. If not, you just have to jump into the water and swim without it.

You may have to disembark in the dead of night, jump, even though you don’t know how deep it is, how cold the water will be and whether you can hold out long enough to reach the shore. Who knows, you might drown on the way. Can be anything.

But if you stay on the ship, you will definitely sink.

For thousands of years, the majority of humanity has chosen to go down with the sinking ship. Because it is in their nature to do so. These are the extras I wrote about recently: Extra or leading actor

Your decision

But a certain proportion of people always choose the path of adaptation and active change. If you see that the system you are living in is going under, then move to another one! Don’t try to save the ship, save YOURSELF.

It’s as simple as that. Move, change, try out new ways. Yes, you might sink in the process and you might have to leave all those who want to go down with the ship. But if you stay where you are, you will definitely go under. What do you have to lose?

And I can tell you from my own experience and from experience with my clients: very few people who choose the path of active change go under. To be honest, I don’t know a single one.

Sure, such a path is sometimes really exhausting, because nobody tells you what to do. This is perhaps the biggest innovation for a European. You’re taking a new path. There are no instructions and laws and regulations for them yet and you can’t call the police if someone is mean to you. And yes, of course you also re-enter a system with new paths.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it just has to be one that floats stably. Fortunately, all ships never sink at the same time. For every system that goes down, a new one is created. And then there are those that are at their peak while yours is going down.

The world is a big place and there are always many more opportunities than risks.

You have to decide which path you want to take. Whether you want to go one way or whether you want to stay down and talk yourself into it or drink it up. Whatever.

I can help you

I can help you if you decide to take the new path. I won’t tell you what it looks like, because only you know your path and only after you’ve walked it. But I can help you to become so strong, free and independent from within that you can go your own way.

I can help you get your mindset big enough to grasp the wealth of possibilities. I can help you to feel and thus understand that you don’t have to remain the small employee or pensioner on 1364.67 euros a month. You can get ten times that, at least.

I can help you to see your possibilities and then actively explore new paths. Wherever they lead. Far away or once in a circle and back again, but with a different attitude. Or something in between. That’s your thing then.

But you will be able to walk and that’s all that matters! Write to me NOW

What are you doing?

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