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This article is about something that is not easy to put into words, but is immensely important. Because it is absolutely primal shamanic. It’s about your own perception and your trust in it. Even when social conventions, the opinion of the majority or even “science” are against it. Even if “they” tell you otherwise.
Gerhard Zirkel

Even when people are angry with you, when you trust your own perception more than the people who “mean well with you”.

Even when everyone tells you that you’re hurting yourself, being bad, stupid, ignorant or whatever else they want to throw at you.

The Vikings, a short excursion

I’m currently doing a bit of research on the Vikings. An ethnic group that is actually more an umbrella term for Scandinavian/Nordic peoples in the period between 750 and 1050 than a truly homogeneous ethnic group. But they had some things in common in their world view.

Among other things, they seem to have made no distinction between the material and the spiritual world. For them, both the ground they walked on and the gods and spirits were equally real.

They didn’t “believe” in gods, they knew about them. Just as we don’t believe in the sea, for example, but know that it is there.

They lived according to their own perception and apparently had no doubts about it. Because they were equally connected to all their worlds and could feel them all. And what could be perceived was real. Of course, one person was able to do this more and the other less, but in principle it was obviously only their own perception.

Quite in contrast to the monotheistic religions that prevailed later, which are often based on a book of indeterminate origin that states what is to be believed and what is not. As a rule, the book itself conveniently proves why it contains the truth.


Today we seem to be at a point where this monotheistic image of religion is leaving the world of religion and becoming all-encompassing. It is no longer just the church that has a detailed catalog of what to believe. Also science, the economy, politics, neighbors, indeed society as a whole.

Our own perception is increasingly being pushed into the background, sometimes even demonized or at least devalued. What happens to a child who talks to fairies, elves and ghosts in kindergarten or who doesn’t fit the mold?

Of course, as a modern parent you no longer tell your child directly that they’re crazy. But let’s be honest … people often think that and the child gets it. The first catalog of facts to be believed is already opened in kindergarten and is never closed again.

As a child, you already learn that your own perception is crap and that you are better off sticking to the catalog of things to believe. It’s now even taking on strange forms.

Let’s talk about the weather: several seemingly banal examples

We were recently in Croatia in the countryside, on a farm. And one evening there was a thunderstorm. It was a bit stormy, it rained and a few leaves flew by. Already a moderately strong thunderstorm but not seriously dramatic.

The next day, our landlord tells us that it must have been really bad in the surrounding area. With hail and even some deaths! He then kindly offered to put our car in his garage … Ok, his reports didn’t match my feelings or my experience. But of course we accepted the offer of the garage.

Everything was as usual on our excursions over the next few days. No traces of any storms, no fallen trees, not even branches on the road. Nothing. Wherever this terrible storm was supposed to have been, we didn’t see any of it. Neither did our landlord, by the way, but it must have been in the news.

A few days later we were in a restaurant in Graz: the waiter asked us curiously whether the weather in Croatia had really been that bad? Everyone is reporting really bad storms. It would probably be very bad not only in Croatia, but also in Slovenia and Austria. By the way, we were just sitting there under a blue sky and 30 degrees …

He didn’t want to believe that we hadn’t really had a storm. Except for the thunderstorm at night, which was nothing special. The news had reported so much about storms. Sure, he wouldn’t have seen any of it himself, but the media would be full of it.

Even on our entire journey from Croatia, through Slovenia to Austria and then on to Hungary, there was no sign of any thunderstorms. Sure, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there weren’t any. But by no means as widespread and dramatic as one might expect from the news.

And what do you see when you listen to the German media? Heatwaves, storms, disasters … but strangely enough, no traces of them and no first-hand reports. At least no more than usual in summer.

What’s wrong with that?

Dozens of examples could be cited from the last few years alone. Examples that show that there are obviously two realities.

One is the one we perceive ourselves and the other is the one with the catalog of facts to be believed. Sometimes both agree, but very often they do not.

And that’s where it gets exciting

After all, “shamanism” is based on one’s own perception. Of course, there are also shamanic cultures that have developed such a catalog of things to believe.

But at its core, it is about the perception of the worlds as they are. How they are for YOU. It’s not about looking up what the world was like for the Vikings, the Indians or the peoples of the Amazon, it’s about YOUR perception, YOUR reality.

And this also includes material reality, for example looking out of the window and realizing that the deadly heatwave on the TV is actually 15 degrees and raining. Or that the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the world is not about to end.

This includes being aware of your spirit helpers as well as sensing what you need to offer your child right now so that they can find their way into their own reality.

This includes knowing exactly whether you are ill or healthy, what you need and when you need help and from whom.

Of course, you can still find out more. Many useful things have been researched and written down. But it is always important to compare everything you read, everything you hear, everything you are told with what you see, hear or feel yourself right now.

And when in doubt, it has proven to be a good idea to trust your own perception. Even if it seems to go against everything that your environment seems to have in store for you.

And now?

If you have read this article up to this point, thank you for your attention.

And I encourage you to feel whether what is written is also a catalog of facts to be believed or whether it corresponds to YOUR perception?

This is generally always a good idea. Start by questioning and sensing everything that you have taken for granted so far. Especially what some shaman tells you … Feel behind everything and you will discover your own reality.

I have been doing this very consciously for many years and it is sometimes fascinating how many things we do, believe or think without ever having questioned them. Without ever having investigated whether they correspond to OUR reality. We often don’t even think to question things because we’ve always done it that way.

Sometimes we don’t dare to follow our perception because the social pressure is too high. Sometimes we don’t make the effort because it doesn’t seem worth it.

Do it anyway if it feels right in your reality.

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