Shamanic vision quest

As if there was somehow a part of you missing, or one too many. As if you were made up of lots of parts that somehow never quite fit together. Always almost, but never quite.

It’s as if you’re trying to build a puzzle, but it seems to be wildly thrown together from different motifs. Nothing seems to fit completely, there is always a gap or a part left over. You don’t even know what the motif should look like in the end.

At a glance
  • Do you feel that something is missing? Let’s find it
  • This “emptiness” within you can and will be filled
  • You want to find the common thread in your life
  • The puzzle of your life should finally come together
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  • Completely from a distance
  • Duration, approx. 12 months
  • Sessions / Coaching / Energy field
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What is the vision quest about?

  • From a shamanic perspective
    The incarnation
  • As a child
    Let’s just do one thing
  • Outside
    No solution
  • The way
    Where are we going?
  • Where this leads
    Your future
  • Important
    Read carefully!
  • A process
    Whole and complete
The incarnation of man

We humans incarnate here in this material world with a whole set of parts, the shaman likes to call them “soul parts”.

But whatever you call them, they are parts of you and you will only really live, be truly happy and content, when you know and live them all. All your parts and only YOUR parts.

But exactly THAT is not as easy as it sounds

We often arrive in this life with a whole bundle of expectations from our parents or society. We are not born into an empty space, but into a functioning and complex system.

And in such a system, only the parts of you that fit into this expectation are really seen and, of course, only those that your parents can and want to see.

Fit in and be seen

We are doing everything we can to achieve this. Even if it means pushing your own parts aside if they don’t seem to fit and making the remaining parts fit.

Or to adopt foreign patterns. Not consciously of course, no child can ever be aware of such things.

This happens very unconsciously, very subtly, it starts even before birth. You’re already slipping into your corset, so to speak.

And then you work, you manage somehow, but you can’t really be satisfied in the long term. No matter how well you look on the outside. No matter how great everything you create looks. Regardless of whether you are successful or constantly failing. Or even both alternately.

Outside is not a solution

You can’t solve the issue on the outside. The more you try, the bigger it seems to get.

You can of course try to fill this latent emptiness with something. With work, leisure activities, vacations, food, medication, alcohol, etc.. You can ignore it until you break down, get depressed or the cancer gives you a choice.

But filling or ignoring won’t work in the long term, there’s always this little residue that tells you that there’s actually only emptiness.

And then at some point you come to the point where you ask yourself: Who am I actually and, above all, where should I go now? And then it starts to get exciting…

The path is there, let’s walk it

That’s where I come in, because I can SEE. I see you with all your parts, whether you know them or not.

Even if you couldn’t bring them to life or they are hidden under umpteen layers of masks, defense mechanisms and functioning. And I can help you to rediscover and live them too.

I won’t tell you who you are, but I can show you the way to find out. Like a mountain guide. It won’t carry you to the summit, but it can accompany you so that you can find your way and get to the top safely.

I have a whole toolbox and a large team of spiritual helpers for this. You can’t explain it in words, you have to experience it.

A process like this takes time and a lot of energy. If you go too fast, you run the risk of falling into another fight. Some clients say that the most valuable processes take place between sessions. Then, when all of this is processed within you.

That’s why this package lasts at least a year and I won’t let you down after that.

Does that seem long to you? How long does it take to build up a company, to start a career? Or recovering from a serious illness?

Then you give everything away and become a monk…

NO, that was a joke! What happens as a result, what you change in your life or not, is entirely up to you.

You don’t have to become spiritual, you can be as rich or as poor as you want, you can continue to live your life or change it. With or without your previous environment or something in between all these possibilities.

You can do whatever you want.

With one difference: you will know WHAT you really want! And there will be no more emptiness.

You should read this very carefully now

The most important thing about this program is what you can’t see, what you can’t touch.

You won’t get any glossy workbooks or a show from me, and certainly no motivational calls. But you will feel it. By the effects it shows.

A guarantee? If you’re asking about that, you haven’t understood the principle. The guarantee is YOU. There is the decision to find YOUR way, even if that means taking a step into the void and then you will find it.

If you don’t want to make this decision, simply don’t book this package. Because then I can’t help you.

A whole process

A vision quest like this doesn’t just happen on the side. This is a process, and not one for beginners.

Ideally, you have already gone through the “Deeper Mind Empowerment” and freed yourself from the blocking patterns of your ancestors, restored your energetic connection to the universe and cleared your past.

And THEN it goes on to the next level, so to speak. When the past is clear, the future can come and then you can move on.

If you’re not quite sure where you stand, let’s find out together. It always starts with the introductory session anyway.


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