Healing Work Disclaimer


When I assign, ask Mr. Gerhard Zirkel (contractor) for/with the task of carrying out a remote healing session for and with me, I am aware of the following:

The contractor will use shamanic techniques to contact beings of the spiritual world, such as the Inner Healer or the Higher Self of the client, in order to find out where possible blockages / problems exist and how they can be solved.
This can result either in further measures which the contractor carries out independently, and/or recommendations /hints for the client. It is at the own discretion of the client whether and how she/he pays heed to these recommendations /notes. All responsibility throughout the whole process remains solely with the client.

The contractor’s service is exclusively a method of spiritual healing. Spiritual healing serves the activation of self-healing powers and does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a medical doctor, naturopath or psychologist. The contractor does not make medical diagnoses and does not perform medical treatments in any legal sense.

Also important: Appointments, whether taking place in my practice or remotely, must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the start, otherwise the full amount as agreed beforehand will be charged!

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