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This article begins rather unpleasantly. With a topic that nobody wants to see and nobody wants to deal with. “Fear-mongering” hangs in the air … And yes, it’s about fear. But it’s not about the fear itself, it’s about how you can find a solution.
Gerhard Zirkel

You can control your financial reality with your energy alone!

There is currently a big issue for all people who have built something up over the last few decades. Or who bear responsibility for the life’s work of their ancestors. Asset protection in a whole new dimension.

Cold feet

Entrepreneurs, investors or “just” ordinary people who have saved up a cushion and then invested cleverly are starting to get cold feet.

All these people are coming to the realization that things are happening in Europe and the USA that are worth a closer look. Because they do not correspond to any “normal” dimension, because they seem to be completely new.

Anyone with a little knowledge of economic relationships will realize that the major currencies are no longer doing so well. The money supply inflates, and inflation logically follows on its heels. The economy is weakening, commodities that were thought to be safe are suddenly in short supply and it is not entirely clear why.

The media seem to have resorted to spreading more and more propaganda instead of providing facts – all media, from TV to newspapers to the Internet. Fear arises and is also deliberately stirred up.

At the same time, the gap between rich and poor is widening and politically the center is getting smaller and smaller, while the right and left are getting bigger and bigger. Opportunities and prosperity are increasingly unequally distributed and the number of people who are demanding and asking for more and more is growing alarmingly fast. Politicians seem at a loss, and voting no longer promises a solution.

In short, the air is getting thinner for the wealthy and people are thinking about how to keep their hard-earned assets safe. Somehow it all seems new and quite frightening. At least none of us has ever experienced anything like it.

The story

Anyone who studies history or reads books such as Ray Dalio’s “World Order in Transition: The Rise and Fall of Nations” (highly recommended, by the way) will slowly realize that it is not so easy to see through this situation.

What we are heading towards right now is not a simple financial crisis or a normal downturn, as they occur again and again at manageable intervals and can be sat out. No, what we are currently experiencing is the final phase of two large economic areas on which we depend. This also happens again and again, but at such great intervals that hardly anyone ever experiences two such phases.

And even if these phases are always repeated, they are never quite the same. The principle is always the same, but the details are very different.

Under no circumstances

There are two things you should never do in such a phase:

Get scared. Is everything collapsing? A nuclear war is coming? We are all going to die? Yes, possibly, at least we will all die. At some point. Mostly at the end of our lives. But fear is still a very bad advisor, because when it leads you, everything goes haywire.

Bury your head in the sand. That won’t work either, because if the situation changes dramatically, you should react and adapt. Simply doing nothing and hoping is just as stupid as running around in circles in fear.

So take a deep breath!

So far

Earning money, increasing it and keeping it has never been easy. It has always taken hard work, a lot of knowledge and a little bit of luck. Even in times of clear upswing, you had to use your hands and your mind to climb.

But there were guidelines and predictable framework conditions. Anyone who invested in German real estate a few decades ago had to be extremely stupid not to make a profit or even lose everything in the long term.

It was also possible to achieve something with shares and other forms of investment at a reasonable risk. With your own company anyway. Even as a saver you could achieve something. And many people have followed this path and are now enjoying their well-earned prosperity.

And now?

But now everything is shaky, not even the usual currency is stable. Maybe you’ve already retired and wanted to enjoy what you’ve built up. And now you are being forced to become active again. And perhaps much more actively than you would like, because everything, really everything, that you thought was certain is suddenly no longer certain.

Look at the history of the last thousand years. What can happen when large economic areas disappear and have to make way for others? Practically everything. Everything is possible, from peaceful restructuring to world war, and nobody can predict what exactly will happen and what will follow. Throughout history, not even the gold buried in the garden has always been completely safe. Real estate (including the garden with the gold), shares and companies certainly not. But remember: don’t succumb to fear!

Now you’re sitting there and instead of resting peacefully, you have to figure out how to get your stuff to safety. And maybe your family as well. At worst, they only know boom phases, vote green and have no idea what lies ahead.

But even if you inherited your assets rather than earning them yourself, you still have a problem. Because even then you have to secure it and, if you’re unlucky, you still have the oppressive feeling on the back of your neck that hopefully you won’t be the one to mess up the family fortune.

The pressure can be enormous, there’s a huge responsibility involved and it can weigh you down like a ton. It’s difficult to make confident decisions with such a weight. It’s tempting to just sit there, but that will definitely ruin you. Because no matter how an economic area collapses, those who are left behind end up with nothing.

What I cannot do

I can’t tell you what will happen next either. Neither economically nor politically. I’m just as much in the dark as you are. To be honest, I even have similar problems, because I too have to think about how to get my assets through these wild times.

And my family, which is even more important than the assets. That’s one of the reasons why we went traveling two years ago, in search of places that were better for us. Was that the right thing to do? I have no idea. Maybe I’m leading my family straight to ruin. We’ll be smarter afterwards.

In short. I can’t tell you what to do, nobody can at the moment.

What I can do

But what I can do is accompany you on the path to your full strength. A state in which you can make quick and tough decisions at any time without panicking and without falling prey to the omnipresent fear-mongering.

Without getting into eternal thought spirals with yourself or with long-dead ancestors. Without this fear of failing spectacularly. Without the feeling that everyone is watching you until you finally make mistakes when you break new ground.

You are at your full strength when you walk through even the biggest shit upright. If you are able to get up again as often as you like and carry on. In your full strength, you don’t have this weight of tons on your shoulders.

You are at your full strength when it no longer matters whether the world is stable or unstable, because you can rely 100% on not panicking at any time, but acting with confidence.

In your full strength, you will make the best possible decision for you at all times and you will always find a solution that is largely independent of the behavior of others.

In your full power, you can direct your (financial) reality through your energy alone!

Will that be enough to get through the times ahead? I can’t tell you that, but your chances are infinitely higher in your full strength than slumped, small and desperate.

How do we do that?

What depresses and pulls you down is not the situation itself. There is no real danger of losing everything.

It is the fear of fear. It’s that nasty little gnome in your neck that calls you a failure when you mess up. It is the grinning faces of your ancestors or your family that haunt your thoughts. It is the echo of your parents, whom you perhaps couldn’t please back then or who didn’t see you as you really are.

It’s these stomach pains that plague you, this nagging insecurity, this lack of stability.

It may have been there before, but you never noticed it because you could do something about it. There were frameworks, guidelines, recommendations and, if necessary, you did what everyone else did. It has worked often enough.

But that’s all gone now. There is no more support, there is only you. You are now that little girl or boy again who is separated from her parents for the first time and suddenly has to cope on her own. That was a challenge when you were a child and it is a challenge now. Let’s make sure that you now look like an adult and not unconsciously like a child again.

You are now suddenly once again the plaything of your ancestors’ behavioral patterns, who had to make completely different decisions in completely different times. Unfortunately, you have inherited their solutions and they are trying to overlay your own solutions. Until you dissolve them.

You are standing there alone now and really no one in this world can tell you what will happen next. Nobody. You’re the only one standing there and you have to do something now.

A crazy idea, isn’t it?

Being in your power means still being able to stand securely even when you are completely alone. To still be safe even when everything is falling apart. And keep going, even if you can’t see any way at all. And you can even take your family with you if you need to. You will still be standing afterwards when the masses are lying on the ground. And it will, because everyone will never take personal responsibility.

Historically, it has always been the minority, because this path requires a bit of work on yourself. Not everyone likes that and that’s why not everyone can ever save their assets. You can do it, it’s no coincidence that you’ve read this article to the end.

That means being in your full power and if you want, I will accompany you there. It can be done, even if it’s not always easy. But let’s be honest, if you were the type for easy routes, you wouldn’t have a fortune to secure right now …

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