The great liberation

You finally want to get out into YOUR life, but you’re stuck? In the old rut, in the old environment? Do you see these happy and free people and want them to be? But you don’t know how to implement this? Are you afraid of failure and condemnation because you let someone down? You don’t want to be selfish? Don’t know where to start? In short: Are there countless obstacles in your way?

Or have you already left, but something keeps trying to pull you back? Are you lonely, do you feel guilty, can’t find security, no connection, are you unsure what you want and need?

There is a way for you. The solution just lies somewhere else than you have been looking for. Most apparent obstacles are not based on real barriers but on artificial social constructs that you believe to be true because you know nothing else. And this is exactly where we come in to get you out of the old rut and into your new, radiant life.
Be “bad”, dare to LIVE

At a glance
  • You finally want to go out into real LIFE
  • You want to get your children out of the destructive school system
  • You finally want to find a way for YOU and implement it
  • You want to LIVE freely instead of working (for others)
Offer placeholder
  • Powerful toolbox for your individual path
  • We work 1:1 deep at the root of your primal fear
  • Duration approx. one year
  • Plus one year of “support”
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How does the (German)Angst package work?

  • German fear
    They really exist
  • A thousand reasons
    on the other hand
  • Bullshit
    I tell you
  • DO
    My approach
  • From a distance?
    How it works
  • How long?
    This is how long it takes
  • Important
    Please read
Laugh? Or to cry?

You will laugh, but the term “German Angst” is not one of my own creations, rather it has become an international term when it comes to describing “the Germans”. Of course, he is not only referring to Germans.

Yes, Germans are considered to be unnaturally anxious, almost obsessed with irrational fear, which often leads to an exaggerated sense of security. Abroad, Germans are considered to be overinsured, overcautious, over-obedient and hesitant when it comes to making their own decisions.

It’s better to take out another insurance policy, book another course, do another apprenticeship, ask someone for advice than to surrender to life and move forward.

Sometimes this may make sense, but it prevents you from LIVING. And that is exactly what you are here in this world for. You can overcome this, let’s go.

But one person who speaks FOR it is enough

It is YOUR life, YOUR freedom and that is exactly the reason why you should go.

You’ve wanted to leave for a long time, but can’t? There are a thousand reasons not to. What are you supposed to live on, what will your family say, what if something happens? Do I still deserve help then, isn’t it my own fault?

And these reasons seem extremely real to you. “What am I supposed to live on?”, “How will my children feel about this?”, will I let my family down, will I be a traitor? What if I am lonely, what if my children are lonely? What if I fail and have to go back?

Or are you being hindered from the outside? You want to leave but your partner doesn’t. Or the (ex) partner prevents it? Do your children need you, or do your parents? You can’t let them down?

And what if you are really successful? Are you then “evil” or “selfish”?

And yes, these are all very real reasons why something doesn’t work. That’s the nasty thing about it. The unconscious beliefs create very real obstacles that seem insurmountable to you. But …

I’ll tell you what: most of the reasons against it are bullshit!

I did it myself and have been traveling with my family since the end of 2020. Without permanent residence.

And of course, it’s not a sure-fire success, of course there are challenges and not everyone will like you anymore. But honestly? The challenges are no greater than continuing to struggle through the system at home. Quite the opposite. The worst thing about it is your thoughts about what could happen … but never does.

There are already a lot of us. Families and single parents on the move who have been living alternative lifestyles for years or even decades. Children who are free learners and yet later become extremely successful (or precisely because of this?).

People who trust themselves and life and go their own way. People who no one understood for years, but who nevertheless moved on. People who are HAPPY.

It’s all about freedom and independence. Which doesn’t mean that you can then do “everything”. Rather, it means that you do what suits YOU and, above all, that you no longer have to do anything that goes completely against the grain.

What we achieve together

Now you’re wondering what a shaman of all people can do? I can see.

I can see YOU as you really are and, above all, I can perceive all the unconscious patterns working on a mental and energetic level that control you without you being able to do anything about them. Because you don’t even know them yet.

And I can not only see it all, I also know how to solve it. Because I’ve done it myself and because it’s been my job for over 10 years. And so, step by step, we are resolving this together.

We go deep into your ancestral line, 7 or 8 generations back if necessary. We look at traumas on a soul level, we develop YOUR vision of life. We illuminate and release all those beliefs that keep pulling you back into the old rut like a rubber band. We shed light on all the obstacles that seem so terribly real and expose them.

We bring you into your full power, in which you not only know who you are and what you want, but in which you can also clearly say what you want. You will go from dreaming to DOING and really go your own way.

You will push through your path even in the face of resistance and no one will dare to hold you back or judge you in the end just because you dare to go YOUR way.

How can this work remotely?

Work on the spiritual level can easily be done from a distance, as the spiritual world has no spatial dimension.

Take a year to do this

And then another one to move. That long?

Not really, if you think about how long you’ve been living with German Angst, right? Such a path is a process that takes time, because we will go very deep.

The material will need a little time to sink in and you will need time to implement it. The core work will be completed in about a year. After that, I will be available for one year to answer any questions or provide assistance.

Please read this carefully!

Before any misunderstandings arise here … YOU are going this way. I accompany you, guide you, help you, hold you when things get wobbly, give you the tools you need and sometimes push you in the right direction.

You don’t have to buy a pig in a poke!

So that you can get to know me and my work, you don’t have to decide on the whole package straight away. You are welcome to book the entry-level package first and THEN decide whether you want to go through the German Angst process.

Only then will it be clear whether the toolbox contains the ideal tools for you or whether you need something completely different.