Do something!


Just don't send me your "middle management"...!

The function and success of your company depend 100% on YOU and your energy!

Sounds “esoteric”? It is not. Not at all. It is extremely practical and can go far beyond what you have tried so far.

If you are ready for it. If you are willing to look at yourself, to start with yourself, even in aspects of your life that you would not have directly associated with your business.

Somehow there is more to it, but you can’t reach it.

Your energy is constantly flowing into “stupid” little things.

You have to do everything yourself

You have unreliable and constantly changing employees.

You can’t find any employees and no, it’s NOT the “shortage of skilled workers”.

You constantly have cranky customers who never seem to be satisfied

You are constantly held up by stupid offices and authorities

you have to deal with petty banks and investors

You can already see the next level, but you can’t get a grip on it yet

Then do something, YOU are the solution! ONLY you!

This is a lump you have to swallow at first Because this realization requires you to step back and look for your own faults. Until you realize that there is no such thing as guilt. There is only cause and effect.

And then you realize that you always find on the outside what is happening inside you. That the outside actually reflects what is happening inside you. Whether you are aware of it or not. And when you have recognised this, the solution is very close.

Then you don’t have to change, control, dominate or get angry with everyone else. Then you can do it all within yourself and the outside will follow you. Seemingly effortlessly.

There is a saying – at first sight a little bit crude – “The fish always stinks from the head”.

This is not meant as an accusation, but as a hint. A hint that it is YOU who keeps the company going with your energy. And if it doesn’t flow freely, then it’s not just you that’s destroyed, but your whole company.

If there is something wrong, if you have unresolved issues, then the whole company will follow. Just as children always reflect the issues of their parents, your company reflects your issues.

And then they show up in your employees, customers, suppliers and sometimes even in authorities.

As dramatic as this sounds, it is a huge opportunity. Because once you have internalized the principle, you no longer need to change half the world, it is enough to work on yourself and to change YOU. And your company will follow.

It’s not always easy and it takes a certain amount of courage. But hey, you are an entrepreneur! You won’t lack courage, otherwise you’d be an employee.

The result will be a wonderfully relaxed company with relaxed employees, relaxed customers and a free flow of money. You will still keep the business going with your energy, but it will no longer drain you. And it will grow healthily.

My big advantage over “normal” coaches is that I can see. Well, really see, in the sense of being clairvoyant and clairsentient. I can see on a very deep level where things are going wrong. Where the issues are that are blocking the energy and where they are manifesting in your business.

These will be issues that you don’t even know about or that you know about but would never connect with your professional life. Sometimes they are completely open issues that “only” need to be pointed out to you from the outside.

Sometimes they are very deep issues that go back to your childhood or even your ancestral line. Whatever it is, we find it and then we work on it. And then we solve it. And at the end I show you how magic works and what you can achieve with it.

Openness for new and sometimes uncomfortable ways. It may be that we bring to light the very issues you have carefully hidden for decades. Maybe we will uncover your childhood, maybe we will go to your ancestors, maybe we will touch the “dark secret” of your family. You will be allowed and forced to show weakness. You must not chicken out.

You don’t need to “believe” anything, you will see for yourself where things are going.

And you need to be willing to change something. With you, in you. The outside will follow immediately, a lot will change there too. But you always make the beginning yourself.

What doesn’t work, but is still very often done, is to send your employees to the coach so that they finally work. Sure, if your people want to do it themselves because they want to improve, then give them the chance.

But don’t send them to the coach without them wanting it of their own accord, that won’t do any good. YOU are the one who has to change. Then all the others will follow. Of their own free will and insight. Or they leave and others come.

Before misunderstandings arise … YOU walk this path. I will accompany you, guide you, help you, hold you when things get shaky, give you the necessary tools and sometimes push you in the right direction.

But YOU go this way and YOU will clearly decide beforehand that YOU want this too!

Do something!

Don’t sit there and wait for the world to get better. You are an entrepreneur, so do something! I am happy to help you.

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