Let’s play dumb. What is a shaman?

Does that sound like a flippant question? Well, maybe you know the German movie classic “Die Feuerzangenbowle” and Professor Bömmel’s question “Wat is’n Dampfmaschin?”. He didn’t really know himself afterwards, that won’t happen to me here. I know exactly what a shaman is. Or … can you KNOW that?
Gerhard Zirkel

A shaman like that is not a saint to begin with. Not at all. He’s not a guru or anything. He’s a completely normal person. Just like you and me. But he can do something that not everyone can. The shaman has contact with the world of spirits and demons and with the level of the soul. And he doesn’t just have the contact, he can talk to them and not just talk, he can even work with them and achieve something.

And he does. Every day and actually always. Not only when someone is there who is hurting. But then especially. Of course he can’t conjure the problem away, otherwise he wouldn’t be a shaman but a miracle healer … or Ratiopharm.

But he’s not, he’s a shaman. And the shaman is like a mountain guide. He takes the people up to the summit and helps them and shows them the best way to walk or climb and makes sure that nothing happens and that the bad wolf doesn’t come. But he doesn’t go up for them, he doesn’t carry them up and he doesn’t run ahead and then shout “you can come” from above.

Nope, he doesn’t. He takes you by the hand and goes up there with you. Even if it hurts or is difficult or you want to give up. Then he’ll take a break with you, but then he’ll carry on. Until we’re both at the top!

A shaman like that is not a guru!

At the top

And when you get to the top, it’s like a release. So, then you have released all your old traumas and the beliefs that prevent you from being fully YOU.

Then you will also have the courage to live your life the way you want to and then do it. Nobody will talk you into it, nobody will dare to do that. Then you know that all the crap you went through along the way was worth it. Everything is much easier then.

The path can be exhausting and sometimes you first walk around the mountain three times and then go up. But never mind, the shaman goes along with it. Because he’s been through it himself, he ran around the mountain too. He didn’t learn that from a book or at a seminar. Nope, he did it the hard way himself and now he knows how to do it.

What he doesn’t like, the shaman, are the people who sit on the mountain and moan that their shoes are pinching or the weather is bad or the third tree from the left is crooked. He doesn’t like that, the shaman, so he just leaves you there. Tough luck. But you’re not like that, are you?

Yes, that’s how he is, the shaman

The plastic shaman

And don’t let all those people who tell you with wide eyes and a reproachful tone what a “real” shaman is and what he is not drive you crazy.

This “real” shaman must be descended from other real shamans for at least the twelfth generation. He must definitely be an “indigenous person” and live in the jungle. Or have spent at least 45 of his 35 years of life there.

He must be vegan, he must – more importantly – be poor (but still be able to help you with your money problems ), he must be an absolute do-gooder and donate at least everything from his non-existent income (because he doesn’t take any money) to someone.

He needs at least one certificate confirming that he is a real shaman.

Under no circumstances should he take part in modern life (but he must understand the problems of modern life and be able to solve them for you), he must not live in a city or even drive a car.

He has to meditate or do yoga all day and he has to live on ayahuasca. Of course, he has to be able to dance and sing as well as perform endless ceremonies.

Now THAT is a real shaman. All others are merely “plastic shamans”

If you’ve picked up on the sarcasm, then you’re on the right track and certainly not here on my (plastic shaman) site by chance.

Fun fact: The term “shaman” comes from the Tungusic language area, where Mongolia is located today. So much for the jungle …

What is healing?

For the shaman, healing means that YOU live your soul potential to the full. That you are completely here in this world and completely healthy. That there are no more old blockages or behavioral patterns or beliefs or fears or who knows what else. When you have processed all this, then you are whole.

This is often a long road and it may be exhausting, but it is worth it and how. And I’m still here too. I’m not walking the path for you and I’m not carrying you either. But I’m here to look after you, show you how to do it and help you. And then you can do it, no matter how deep in the shit you are now.

If you are ill, then of course you still need to see a doctor or alternative practitioner first, because the material level also needs to be looked at.

But that’s not all, because deep inside you, there’s always a cause on the spiritual level, in the “soul”. If there is an imbalance, perhaps deep in the ancestral line or a soul part that has split off or something else that is messing up your energy, then it will make you ill.

You can heal the body however you want, if the cause on the soul level is not resolved, then something new will keep coming up. Then you just get sick again or you just don’t feel well or you’re always exhausted and tired.

Sometimes you’re not really ill either. You are healthy because you don’t have a cold and nothing hurts. But you just feel like shit because your life isn’t yours and you actually want to be completely different, but you don’t know how.

Then it’s exactly the same. Then some part of you is not quite where it should be. In that case, we find out together what’s wrong and then we work on it. Emphasis on WE. I won’t cast a spell on you, you can always heal yourself. But it is also sustainable.

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