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In this article, I explain a few very important basics about money and wealth. Of course, money and material possessions are not the only important things in life, but if you want to move from scarcity to abundance in the long term, you should take a close look at them.
Gerhard Zirkel

Do you want to be really rich? Really? Or just a little, because you want to have a modest little house and don’t really need to be rich, just a little, maybe, if it’s no trouble and you don’t stand out?

Think big! Money & Wealth

But really right? Seriously? With a clear decision? Who is stopping you?

No, it’s not the others or the boss or the world situation that’s stopping you. Not even “the elite” or “society” but YOU! Yes, YOU do that yourself. Why is that? Stop it!

Money is a material form of life energy and the most direct one at that

Life energy?

All these obstacles are factors in your life and in most cases they are even important factors. But how have others done it? Where do all the millionaires and billionaires come from?

They inherited? No, they didn’t. Some certainly do, but most are people who have found a way to simply leave all the hindering factors behind them. These people have gone to such lengths that they seem to have achieved their goals effortlessly.

You can do that too. Effortlessly? No, certainly not. Such a path takes strength and requires a clear decision. And strength, did I mention that? It doesn’t come while you’re waiting for someone to see how valuable you are.

Finally start building yourself up and taking what you want. And don’t be distracted by all the crap that has been drummed into us from an early age and for generations. And yes, I’m talking about crap on purpose.

And again, yes, you weren’t taught all that at school. You didn’t miss that, it just didn’t appear in the material. Why?

Our medieval problem with money

We Europeans have had a problem since the Middle Ages. A serious problem. We consider money and especially wealth to be reprehensible. Until the beginning of the 16th century, Christians were even forbidden to take interest (Muslims are still forbidden to do so today). That was usury. And usury was a sin. You went to hell for that. Said the pope.

Money and wealth were only for nobles and clerics, whose position of power was ultimately God-given. Everyone else had to be poor. And God-fearing. But above all poor. Anyone who rose above this was terribly evil and had certainly conspired with the devil himself. Not even a letter of indulgence helped.

This pattern continues to have an effect today and in some of us it remains quite unchanged, because our ancestors have not processed it. Today, of course, we put forward completely different reasons: after all, we have to earn our money with “honest work”, pay a lot of taxes and we always have to help “the poor”, obey the authorities and so on … Because otherwise we are selfish, taking something away from someone and that is evil.

Behind the conscious obstacles lie unconscious levels and behind them further layers of unconscious beliefs, blockages and patterns. It’s like being caught in a multi-layered spider’s web that you can’t get out of. That you can’t even fully recognize.

And then you wonder why you can do whatever you want and still always stay at the bottom. No sooner have you fought for a small piece of the cake than someone takes it away from you.

The spider will not give up its lunch voluntarily. You stay with those who go to work every day and still don’t get anywhere, no matter how much you earn. Or those who are already self-employed but don’t get any customers. Especially for those who are always waiting for something to miraculously improve. But everything is only getting worse. Until retirement. Where it gets really bad.

It’s not because you missed the last applicant training and it’s not because you didn’t pay attention in 5th grade. This is also not due to incorrect marketing. Or the government or the evil rich who give nothing away.

But YOU. Your unconscious blockages, which you inherited from your ancestors without realizing it and without being asked. And these patterns are extremely strong because they are already extremely old. Patterns that ensure that you don’t get the idea that you are entitled to anything. That you don’t even think about taking what you want. They make sure that you can’t even accept it when it’s handed to you in person. Everything is open in front of you. It has never been easier to achieve prosperity than it is now. Never before!

The solution

But – and this is the good news – these blockages can be resolved. If you really want it. This is the sticking point that unfortunately causes many to fail. You want to be rich … somehow … you don’t have to be completely rich … just a little bit … just a new car … and a vacation … and without changing anything … just a little house, with a little garden … “just” … because you can feel rich without money … you know what I mean?


Either you want abundance or you don’t. And if you want it, then you really want it 100% and completely. Then why not take it? She lies at your feet. Take the big house, the Porsche and the yacht if you want them. Just take the millions, they are right in front of you.

Does the thought scare you? Yes? That’s good. Where there is the greatest fear, there is also the way. Through the fear and straight ahead. This is how the successful do it and they do it with joy.

Does that make you angry when you read it? Because you are a single parent and have to turn over every penny. Because nobody helps you, because you’ve been forgotten? And now some shaman comes along and tells you some story? Does that upset you? That’s good. Now focus this energy on yourself, your life and what you can currently improve. Even if it’s “only” your attitude to life at first.

Sure, it has to do with personal responsibility and that is hard work. If you take your life into your own hands, no one will tell you what to do. But that’s exactly the point. That YOU go your own way. And that YOU take the abundance. And then do with it what YOU think is right. You don’t have to be the best in the world, become the best version of YOU. This is completely sufficient for any kind of fullness.

Your way

Now you can work on this path yourself over years or decades – that’s what I did – or you can let yourself be accompanied (I did this too). I not only know the way forwards and backwards, I also know the shortcuts. I’m like the mountain guide you call so that you don’t have to go it all alone. And sometimes I’m a cab or a cable car or I build you a staircase.

You still have to go yourself, but above all you have to do one thing: decide.

Either yes or no

If so, then I’m ready when you are. You won’t regret it.

I start with my starter package, followed by the Deeper Mind Empowerment and then the Abundance Package or the Shamanic Vision Quest. When it comes to money, it’s also worth it financially. Believe me, in a few years the investment will seem ridiculous because you’ll be used to completely different sums. Either you tackle the issue of money right away or you don’t.

Make the decision and then let’s go!

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