Dissatisfied for no reason?

Reasons and solutions for the phenomenon of being dissatisfied/unhappy for seemingly no reason.

Sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees. Often when it comes to communicating with people I meet outside my practice context. People from school, kindergarten or simply the neighbors.

They ask me what I do, I say “shaman and coach” and then they are usually interested. Many have an idea of spiritual-emotional connections, some do not.

The other day again. We talked for quite a long time and at some point my counterpart said, seemingly out of context:

“Coaching is all well and good, but not for me. I’m just generally unhappy, I always have been, no matter what I do, for no reason. Nobody helps me then either”.


Why do you think that this has neither a reason nor a solution for you?

There is a huge belief system in the room, no, actually even two: “without a reason” and “no one can help”. But they are both connected, because as we know as part of our highly modern society, everything has to have a reason so that someone can help.

And one that can be explained with reason or even measured with equipment. Or determined in a study, which is even better. If this is not the case, there is no reason and then the suffering of a person is simply groundless. Full stop. Can’t do anything, no one can help. Let him pull himself together. See also my article on the Heart and Brain people.

The reason has not been recognised,

because they looked in the wrong place or, worse still, didn’t look at all. Because no one is dissatisfied “without a reason”. How could that be possible? Someone is dissatisfied when something is missing. Someone who cannot live a part of himself, who perhaps cannot even reach a part of himself, who does not even sense his presence.

And if that person has been consciously or unconsciously told from an early age that there can be no reason for it, then he believes that and no longer looks for a solution. Then he never comes to me. Because he doesn’t know that there is a reason and therefore a solution.

But what is to be done now?

Often it is a milestone in personal development to realize that there IS a reason. And that there are people who also see this and do not immediately deny it.

The mere fact that there is a shaman/coach who sees that there must be a reason for this dissatisfaction is worth its weight in gold. And as a shaman, I actually see it clearly and vividly on a spiritual level.

And if you can then also actively go in search of a solution with the person, then that is phenomenal.

It doesn’t matter so much if the process becomes exhausting, because that is still less exhausting than continuing to be dissatisfied “for no reason”. It never ends on its own.

Where does that lead to?

Often the work on such issues leads deep into childhood and even further into the ancestral line. Not infrequently 6 or 7 generations back and sometimes even further.

Then a child comes into this world with all its potential and its abilities and realizes quite quickly that it cannot do anything with a large part of it. Sometimes it even causes offense, people are afraid and consciously or unconsciously suppress it. That they are rejected, bullied or even beaten for it.

And the parents often can’t even help it, because they too were a product of their ancestors and their time and often couldn’t help but see their child only partially.

This is a desperate situation for a child, because it depends on being accepted and cared for. And so it does what has to be done and splits off all the parts of the soul that supposedly do not fit into the world.

What is left behind is the part that functions, that pleases, that is comfortable, that is successful, that does what society demands.

And all this happens completely unconsciously over two decades or even longer, because a child cannot yet understand what it is doing. By the time this understanding is possible, the parts are so well hidden that no one knows anything about them.

And then this person is dissatisfied, even unhappy, and sees no reason for it.

My job as a shaman and coach

is to help him to find these parts again. To accept them, to live them. Because in the meantime the client is no longer a child. In the meantime, he may have some of his own and realizes that he also has trouble seeing his children as they are.

But in the meantime he can live his parts … once he has found them.

To do this, we release the inheritance of all the blockages from the ancestral line, we do chakra work to restore the energy flow, we travel into the spiritual world and retrieve the hidden parts, we work on beliefs and all the tricky prevention mechanisms that have been built up over decades.

And then we find ways together how ALL parts can be fully lived and in the process often real miracles arise. And in the end there is only satisfaction … with or without reason.

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