Work anonymously

This article aims to shed light on a side of my work that otherwise does not end up in the public eye. It’s not supposed to, hence the title “working anonymously”.
Gerhard Zirkel

A topic that is – admittedly – rather rare but in some cases extremely important. But I really appreciate cases like this. They demand my full energy and always involve a certain challenge.

Two sides of my work

Basically, I am active in two shamanic areas. On the one hand in the spiritual-energetic personality development and on the other hand in the shamanic-magical area in which it is about working with curses, imprecations, possessions, targeted magical work and dealing with demons.

In the first area, the issue of anonymity plays no role at all. So far, none of my coaching clients have had the idea of remaining anonymous. Why would that make sense?

Quite the opposite. Even though I work almost exclusively from a distance, I get to know many of my clients personally at some point. And even if you don’t, you come very close on a certain level. Because it’s almost always about very personal issues.

Sometimes you are almost part of the family, and often for long periods of time. There is also no reason to avoid it. A certain professional distance is required.

After some time, I often look after not just one member of the family but all of them and also know their spouses and children. My discretion has always been safe and will remain so. I don’t divulge anything. There is no reason to hide or conceal anything from me.

Who wants to remain anonymous?

In the second area of my work, things sometimes look quite different. Because the clientele is usually completely different.

Who has problems with a demon? Demons are very powerful and ancient beings that live off the energy of their victims. And they look for people with a lot of energy. People who are very powerful or handle a lot of money, for example. Or people who are very famous.

Who needs to deal with black magic attacks? This is extremely time-consuming, nobody does it just to annoy the neighbor. There are tangible reasons behind them and the victims of actual magical attacks are people who somehow stand out from the crowd. Some protrude very far out. Victims for whom an attack is “worthwhile” from the attacker’s point of view.

These are people who are concerned that this particular problem should not be made public. Not even rumored. Not at all. Sometimes it’s not even about publicity but about secrecy towards the rest of the family or within a company.

It is not enough for such clients if I assure them of my discretion. Because too much depends on it and my computer can be hacked and my documents stolen. Despite all caution.

It is not enough to sign a non-disclosure agreement, no matter how many pages it has. The collaboration must be truly anonymous.

How is that supposed to work?

As I work on a purely spiritual level, I only need to access the client’s higher self. So to him or her on a spiritual level. Normally I get this access through the consent of the client and through the name or contact with him on a material level.

But this also works without the material level. An alias can be used for this purpose, for example. The client calls himself “Dieter Mustermann” (in practice, the aliases are much more euphonious) and we link this alias to the client’s person.

There is an easy-to-perform ritual for this, in which the client himself links the chosen alias with his name or the name of the person for whom the work is being commissioned, if he cannot do it himself. No evidence for this link remains. Anyone can perform this ritual, I provide instructions. It works in a similar way with real estate, boats, airplanes and cars. They can be linked via symbols and then separated again.

I do my work with the alias or the associated symbol and the client does not appear by name at all. I don’t know who he is either, I only see him on a spiritual level and I can’t and don’t want to find out who he is in his current incarnation.

The communication

As with all other clients, communication takes place via email or messenger; the client can easily create corresponding accounts for the alias. This can be done anonymously.

What has already happened is indirect communication via lawyers or agencies, which is complicated and exhausting. But there is always a solution.

The settlement

Cash in an envelope, handed over by dark figures in dark alleys? Yes, theoretically this would also be possible, but in practice it is rather unusual.

No, in such cases I invoice law firms, agencies, offshore companies or foundations. Quite normal. Quite legally. Payable by bank transfer or crypto. As with all other clients. And often referred to as (business) coaching.

For me, all this is much more time-consuming and exhausting than shamanic coaching, but dealing with magic and/or demons is exhausting anyway.

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