What are the Rauhnächte?

It’s getting darker again, at least for those of us who live in regions with distinct seasons. But this time is also important for everyone else, more on this below.
Gerhard Zirkel

Christmas is just around the corner and has been on the shelves since the beginning of October. The nights are getting longer again, the days are getting shorter and some people are in a darker mood.

Sure, less light, less heat, more indoors, less outdoors, that all plays a part. But not only that. Because in the dark season, some things happen that you can’t quite put your finger on straight away.

We suddenly feel things that we don’t normally feel, our perception changes, some of the issues that we are so good at covering up in the summer now catch up with us. And so we just muddle through and hope that spring will come soon.

In all this muddling through, however, we are overlooking what a huge opportunity we are missing. Because when it is darkest, the gates to the spiritual world and therefore also the gates to ourselves and our innermost being are wide open.

When, if not now, should we take care of ourselves?

The time between the years

If we do this, we inevitably stumble across the term ” Rauhnächte “. But what are these Rauhnächte? Where do they come from? And what do we do with them? And why are the Rauhnächte also the “time between the years”?

The latter is easy to answer, as it goes back to the lunar calendar. A year made up of twelve lunar months only has 354 days, so somehow 12 nights are missing. And these were then referred to as the nights between the years.

All sorts of customs developed around this time, I don’t want to go into that here, because you can read about it in countless books and the internet is full of information

What is happening and when exactly?

What is much more important to me is the question of what is happening during this time? And when exactly is this time? Because there are also a lot of opinions about this, and people argue whether the Rauhnächte begin on December 21 at the winter solstice or on December 24. Whether it’s 12 nights or just three or more than 12 … and and and …

It’s all completely irrelevant! Because the gates to the spiritual world do not open at a specific time every minute and then close again. There is no store closure law for Rauhnächte.

No, it starts gradually and ends the same way. Depending on how sensitive you are, the start of this period can be felt as early as the beginning of December or even earlier. So let’s leave the exact schedule out of it. Much more important is the question of what exactly is going on?

Which is not so easy to answer. Sure, the gates to the spiritual world are opening. Ok, if someone doesn’t know what the spiritual world is, they won’t be able to do much with it. Let me explain it like this: The spiritual world is the spiritual level from which everything material arises. In other words, where we come from, where the soul lives.

Every incarnated human being is not only here on this planet but also on the spiritual plane at the same time. Sometimes we call this our “higher self”. And it’s not just us, but a whole host of entities.

Be it the beings of nature or the heavenly beings or whatever else we may encounter. In normal everyday life, these worlds are usually separate, we hardly have access unless we specifically seek it.

In the time between the years it’s different, the separation becomes thinner, we gain access more easily. And thus also access to ourselves. If you don’t know about it, you can get into a real mess.

The effects

Some people don’t sleep well during this time, their thoughts are spinning, old issues that they thought were long since resolved come up again. Fears, insecurities, such things are increasingly coming to the fore and want to be looked at.

Your environment is freaking out, and not because Christmas is always stressful. No, Christmas is a stressful time because it’s the Holy Nights. Most people just don’t realize it, they try to run away from themselves and the best place to do that is in the pedestrian zone while shopping. As much as possible, as loud as possible, as colorful as possible. Or on Amazon. Less loud but all the more stressful.

And then they are back home again and fall into a hole … unless they find something to distract themselves with. Wrapping presents, meticulously planning Christmas Eve, getting on the family’s nerves … things like that.

If you are already one step ahead with yourself, you will be more aware of what is happening. He or she will sense the issues that still need to be resolved, will get an outlook on where the journey can go, will not only sense chaos but also clarity.

And outside Europe?

This all sounds like a purely German or at best European phenomenon. Especially if we see the Rauhnächte as part of a Celtic (whatever that means exactly) annual cycle.

And the name, which is derived from smoke, also suggests that the Rauhnächte are more for cold and dark seasons. But what if I am now in Latin America, Africa, Asia or Australia? So it’s none of my business?

Of course, you can think like that, but my experience on a permanent trip around the world is different. The climate may be warmer elsewhere, there may be no seasons at all and the position of the sun may be different.

But you can feel and use the energetic effects and, above all, the opportunities that arise from this all over the world. The Rauhnächte in Mexico, Bali or deepest Africa are just as intense as in snowy Bavaria.

The mood may be different, but the energy is the same and you can use it in the same way. And my energetic accompaniment through this time works equally well all over the world, as participants from South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, Miami, Brazil and many other parts of the world have confirmed.

What can I do?

Nothing! So, I don’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. But that you should consciously do nothing more often during this time. Sit on the couch and sit there. Don’t run away, let the issues come up. Meditate when you feel like it. Listen to music when you feel like it. Stop thinking if you can do it. Consciously go into silence, don’t join in the hype and don’t let your loved ones drag you into it.

And if you do that, then you have created the conditions to benefit from the close connection to the spiritual world. You don’t need to know or be able to do very much. Of course, if you are a shaman, you travel to the Otherworld more than usual. If you are a healer as well. If you meditate a lot, you meditate more intensely.

But if you can’t or don’t want to do all that, then just sit on your couch and let life go as it may. Go through with it and you’ll find that the new year starts much more relaxed than usual.

You don’t have to do anything between the years! You don’t have to present anything between the years! You don’t have to be able to do anything between the years! And you don’t have to invite the whole family!

Just BE! And surround yourself with people who are really good for you, if they are good for you. If not, then not. It’s as simple as that.

And if you want support with this, then there is the Rauhnachtsbegleitung for you ...

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