What is abundance?

Abundance is one of those terms that is used excessively in the spiritual scene. “Go into abundance”, “the abundance mindset”, abundance here, abundance there and woe betide you if you are not in abundance. Then you are … yes, what actually? And what is abundance?
Gerhard Zirkel

Wikipedia states, among other things: “In a religious context, the word “life in abundance” refers to a fulfilled, ethically oriented, essentially contented life”

Everything is somehow very flexible, not clearly defined. What are these “ethnic principles” supposed to be and who defines them? But a religious context is never quite so clear. In addition, religions like to consider only partial aspects of abundance and ignore or even exclude others. You are supposed to follow nicely and not really be in abundance. Religion would no longer be needed.

Perhaps the term “essentially satisfied” is the best way to define it. But is someone who is satisfied also in abundance? Always? Hard to say.

Maybe you can define abundance as having everything you need at your disposal. Both materially and spiritually. Whatever you need right now, it is available or can be procured under your own steam.

Abundance is basic trust

This requires a basic trust in the way the universe works and in yourself. Basic trust is also a term that is often used in the wrong context. This refers to the absolute confidence that you can always get what you really need, no matter what. Because you are aware of your creative energy and can use it purposefully.

Because if you can do that, you are almost automatically in abundance. For example, if you need a material good, perhaps a car. And if you are able to provide yourself with the means to do so without having to bend or rely on others, then you are in abundance.

If, after a stroke of fate, you are able to pick yourself up again under your own steam, come to terms with your experiences and regain your zest for life. Then you are in abundance.

If you trust that even in a deep valley you will rise again under your own steam, then you are in abundance. If you don’t worry about the future because you bring all your energy into the world constructively in the here and now, then you are in abundance.

The examples already show that there is not just one type of abundance.

Different types of abundance

Financial / material

One form of abundance that is negated in most religious contexts is financial abundance. This is fundamentally important, if you are hungry or have no roof over your head, you will rarely claim to live in abundance.

However, the level of material abundance you need to be satisfied depends entirely on you. Some people need more, others less. This also changes over the course of a lifetime. Often upwards, because as prosperity increases, so do demands. But sometimes also downwards.

But does a lot of wealth also mean a lot of financial abundance? You might think so, but experience shows otherwise. The more money you have, for example, the more responsibility that comes with it.

This can be a great thing for one person because they like to take responsibility and also like to act materially in the world. But there are people for whom this is too much, who don’t want to be so responsible or for whom too much matter tends to get on their nerves.

One example is people who make large inheritances or win the lottery. Sometimes these people lose everything again or even develop massive health problems. Because the burden of prosperity weighs them down. Behind this are often deep ancestral issues that can and must be resolved.

You are in financial abundance when you have the right amount of financial resources or can obtain them at any time without being dependent on the favor of others.

Joy of life / satisfaction

How can it be defined, is it completely subjective? Hardly any two people are alike in their needs for a life of joy. And satisfaction is another matter.

Are you really satisfied from the bottom of your heart? Or are you satisfied because “you can be satisfied with what you have”? Can you adapt your standard of living to what you need? Or do you have to adapt what you need to what you have?

Even in difficult situations, are you aware that you can bring yourself back to the joy of life through your own efforts? If you still have confidence in yourself and the course of events even in the greatest darkness, then you are in abundance.


If you are ill, no matter how much material abundance you have, you are still not in abundance.

But what does sick mean?

Often it is natural, inherited / adopted or artificially created fears that seem to make you ill. There’s this saying that you’re not healthy, you just haven’t been examined thoroughly enough.

In addition, from a spiritual point of view, illnesses are indications of energetic imbalances. So if you want to stay or become healthy, this path leads via the level of energy. Only then is material healing possible at all.

So here too, abundance is achieved by recognizing and resolving mental and energetic imbalances and only in a second step through material healing. If you are aware of this and can take active action, you are in abundance.

What stops you from being in abundance

I have already mentioned a few aspects above. Very often, deep and ancient beliefs, thought and behavior patterns stand in our way. We don’t even notice them because they are so naturally anchored in our system that they go unnoticed.

Like in a cult. You don’t realize what she’s doing to you until it becomes too much and you drop out. After that, you can’t believe you’ve ever been inside.

Often these patterns have been passed down for generations, sometimes they are based on traumatic experiences or unprocessed experiences. Not infrequently, this leads us to believe that a life of deprivation is “normal”. Because that’s how it’s been for generations. And anyone who breaks out of this pattern is often seen as abnormal, rebellious, megalomaniac or simply crazy. The famous black sheep of the family.

There are beliefs behind it like

“Everyone else has to be well before I can be happy”

“Can I feel better if others suffer?”

“Money stinks, is evil, causes damage, destroys character, etc … “

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”

“I earn my bread by the sweat of my brow / with honest work”

“A camel is more likely to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to heaven … “

“Others are even worse off than me”

I could go on for pages and pages with this list, and these are just the most obvious patterns, behind which there are further layers of beliefs like onion skins.

Your first step

If you can say from the bottom of your heart: “Yes, I am absolutely in the fullness”, then you don’t need to read any further. Then you wouldn’t have read this far … Because something in you resonates with the topic.

And you can feel this resonance. Maybe you can’t grasp them or put them into words. Maybe you find it hard to let them in because your life is obviously great. Others are worse off than you. Sure, you’ll always find someone who’s worse off. But what do you want to use as a guide? Above or below?

If there is still a “sting” somewhere inside you that tells you that something is wrong. Or if you think you’re happy, but still have a whole list of wishes unfulfilled. Or if you’re doing well now, but you don’t know what you’ll do “in old age”.

In short, if there is even the slightest doubt, listen to it! And if there is something big and screaming that tells you that you are not at all in the fullness, then listen to it more than ever. This is not megalomania, this is your LIFE.

Let it be there, this doubt, listen to it, look at it. Listen to the screaming, don’t push it away. Realize that you can and are allowed to change your situation. Always. THIS is your first step into abundance.

For all further steps, please contact me, that’s my job, I can do that.

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