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Who are you and if so, how many? Your path to personal responsibility. You are here. This means that you want to change something in your life. Because you have understood that nothing will change on its own and that no one will save you. That YOU are the one who has the solution.

At a glance
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life
  • You want to change something now instead of waiting for something to change
  • You are prepared to look, even where it (still) hurts
  • You are ready to become who you have always been
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  • Your first two sessions with me
  • Thorough clarification of your goals
  • Detecting psychological causes
  • Evaluation and next steps
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How does the first session work?

  • First of all
    Path and solution
  • Important
    First of all
  • Step 1
    The communication
  • Step 2
    The first session
  • Step 3
    After the session
  • Step 4
    The second session
  • Step 5
Path and solution

Blocked – There are a lot of blockages, behavior patterns, thoughts and beliefs standing between you and the solution to all your issues

Everything mixed up

Everything is often intertwined and enriched with traumas from childhood and difficult life situations in the present, including serious illnesses. It can feel like hell on earth and seem completely hopeless.

But the solution is always within you, we “just” have to find it.

Victim role and personal responsibility

This is exactly what “from the role of victim to personal responsibility” means. Of course, sometimes we are indeed victims, especially as children, when we are at the mercy of our environment. But we always have the decision as adults whether to stay in or change. Because change is always possible.

Let’s do that! I will show you the way and accompany you.

Important information first

Please read this information before you register. This avoids misunderstandings.

Shamanic work takes place on a spiritual level

As a shaman, I work on the spiritual level, which means that physical distance is irrelevant. It simply doesn’t matter where you are and where I am. Which is why I can travel all over the world. Without a fixed practice.

On a material level, I work exclusively by email. There are no phone calls or video calls with me, because these communication channels don’t work for me. Colleagues may think differently, but that’s just the way it is for me.

Don’t panic!

If you’re thinking to yourself: “Oh dear, how am I supposed to pack all the complicated stuff that keeps me busy into one email”, then rest assured. Writing clears your thoughts!

It’s a lot less work than you think

So all the work you put in will come back to you afterwards. Because your thoughts are clear from the start.

It doesn’t need a novel either, most facts can be condensed into a few paragraphs and if not, then just send me the novel. If you don’t know what to write to me yet because the topic doesn’t seem tangible at all, then we’ll find out together.

So we clarify by email what it’s all about. Sounds banal, but it’s not at all. Because the more clearly we define in advance what your issues are and what you want to achieve, the more precisely we can work. This step is the absolute basis for everything that happens afterwards.

How long we need for this depends on the topic. Some issues are immediately clear, others require a few letters back and forth. Sometimes nothing is clear at all, namely when your life is somehow not working, but you don’t yet have a plan as to why.

Don’t worry, we can even manage seemingly unclear tasks. That’s my job, you’ll see.

The first remote shamanic session

We make a fixed appointment for this, but we are connected purely on a spiritual level. No phone, no video, no technology here either.

Purely on a spiritual level

I connect with you on a spiritual level and see things that you cannot see. I see you in different timelines, as a child for example. I can look at your ancestors and their beliefs, patterns and blockages.

I can see where you are at the moment, what the causes of your issues are and therefore what we can do to resolve them. For me, this is all very vivid.

During this session, which lasts about an hour, you are at home on the couch, in bed, in the garden or in the forest. Wherever you can relax. You do nothing – even if it’s difficult for you.

Maybe you can feel my presence, maybe your body is reacting, maybe your thoughts are coming up, maybe you just have a vague knowledge that something is there. You might get tired and even fall asleep.

Or maybe you don’t feel anything at all. However the session turns out for you, everything is right the way it is. Even if disruptions suddenly occur that seem to throw you completely off track … everything is right, let it happen, don’t get upset.

You will receive detailed instructions beforehand. Even if you’ve never had anything to do with mental work before, you can’t go wrong.

After the session is before the session

After the session we will continue by email.

An initial evaluation

I will ask you about your sensations, if you had any, and above all I will give you an evaluation of what I perceived.

Ideally, an initial solution will then become apparent, and sometimes the first solutions manifest themselves immediately.

It takes a little time

Sometimes the really important aspects only become apparent after a few days.

Then it continues

About a week after the first session, we do a second one. Now that we have gained an initial insight, we can focus more specifically on the topics that are still unclear.

The procedure is the same as for the first session.

Already deeper

Now I’m sending you another evaluation and of course I’ll ask you again what you’ve seen.

Ideally …

Ideally, we now have a precise analysis of where things are “stuck”, where we can start and how we can do this together.

Before any misunderstandings arise here

YOU are walking this path. I accompany you, guide you, help you, hold you when things get wobbly, give you the tools you need and sometimes push you in the right direction. But YOU are going this way and YOU will make a clear decision beforehand that YOU want this too!

What happens next will depend on this. Change processes, especially when the causes are very deep-seated, take time, work and your clear decision to take the path. When you are ready, I will accompany you on your way. You will walk it yourself. Take the first step NOW!