Gerhard Zirkel

As a shaman, I am sometimes asked how one becomes a shaman? Well, that is when I am on the edge of my seat, because I don’t know how ONE becomes a shaman. I only know how I have become one. So here is my story, in case you want to know.

Although using the term “becoming a shaman” is actually already wrong. You just don’t become a shaman the way you become an architect or doctor. You are a shaman from birth. You just don’t notice it sometimes or don’t want to realize that at all.

It was pretty much the same for me, which pained me a lot in my childhood and youth. Because I always felt different than anybody else -like a bit of a misfit. That was not because others did not like me, nowhere near. I was liked by many others.

It was more of me having problems with the rest of the world. I experienced and saw things differently than others, I could see the links between circumstances and habits and often had opinions that my fellow human beings couldn’t come to terms with.

That is why I existed in my own world for a long time. Partly it was a normal fantasy world, like children have theirs. But to a large extent this was also the spiritual level on which I am working as a shaman today. Yet I did not know that at that time.

Therefore my life looked quite “normal” at first. After school I ended up in the chemical industry and then even moved on to quality management.

So, actually I don’t have the glorious life path of a shaman. The way other shamans supposedly do. Like the “real checkers”, who were already a guru as an infant and at the age of 28 already had learned for 34 years in the jungle from THE indigenous master, after they of course stem from a centuries-old shaman dynasty …

No, I was on a science-oriented career path and for many years I didn’t even understand who or what I was.

Actually (sic!) ... I am just a normal guy ...

is when it started, when I realized that everything was somehow different from what I had thought. But how, that is what I didn’t understand right away. What I understood was, that the path of life I was on at that time was not mine. But which path was mine? I did not know that either.

Until the shamanism came along. I don’t remember how that came about, all of a sudden that information entered my life, my interest was triggered. And as it had shown up, why not dive into it? And then it hit me and just blew me away. In a very positive way of course.

I then went deeper into it and really grasped that what a shaman does, is exactly what I have been doing all my life – without even realizing that. And at that point in my life it was suddenly very clear – as if someone had finally lifted the veil.

Sure, I still needed respectively wanted to do educations as I wanted to put structure into my work based on my knowledge which had been there for ages already . I really wanted to put my knowledge into the best way of supporting and working with and for my fellow human beings. Efficient. All of this work & effort led to the fact that I openly and visibly declare(d)d myself to be a shaman.

This wasn’t to do just a bit of shamanic work as in “let’s see where this goes”, lol – no, I wanted to be able to dive in deep with my clients, be strong to be a real support for them. My path of life is clear: I am a shaman and I stand by it at all times.

BTW, throughout my own process of learning and understanding how to put my work, my talent, my skills into the best way to support others, I learned that I am by far not the only shaman in my ancestral line. So much for the centuries-old shaman dynasty…

I have been doing this for many years now, supporting & helping people, assisting others to help themselves, following their own path. Depending on what they need and where they are at the very moment they come to me.

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