A shaman is one who works with the spiritual level. The level, from which everything material originates continuously. Completely independently of it, from which culture circle he comes. Shamans have existed and exist from the jungle to the big city.

A shaman can work with energy, like a craftsman with matter. He can see, he can change, he can accompany, he can pave ways.

Gerhard Zirkel

Yes, YOU! Not a big deal you think? After all, you are standing in front of me, or wrote to me?

That’s not what I mean. I mean, I see YOU! And indeed, as you really are. Deep down in your soul, on a spiritual level. There I see you. And every other human, too.

Clairvoyant or clairsentient is called that.

I see you without the many layers of masks that you have put on to be able to exist in this world. Without the many socially appropriate coatings and distractions and confusions. And without all the blockages and patterns and beliefs behind which it is so comfortable to live with. Without the perceived victim role you may feel pushed into or actually are pushed into.

I see you as YOU really are!

And I have always been able to do that. Which was not always easy, because I was not aware of it for a long time.

What has tortured me in my childhood and youth quite a bit. Because I was always somehow different from the others. Always a bit of an outsider. Not because no one liked me, quite the opposite.

Rather because I had my problems with the rest of the world. I saw things differently than others, saw through connections and often had opinions that my fellow men couldn’t cope with. Because they could not see what I could see. And so, as a child, I assumed that I had to be wrong somehow. But I didn’t know how to be right.

And so for a long time I was in my own world. Partly a normal fantasy world, like children have. But to a large extent it was also the mental level on which I work today as a coach. But I didn’t know that at the time.

And so my life looked quite “normal” at first. Professionally, I ended up in the chemical industry and, after a few detours, in quality management.

So first of all not at all “spiritual”. Not at all like the real checkers of the spiritual scene, who were already the guru as an infant and at the age of 28 had already studied for 34 years in the jungle with the indigenous master, after they quite naturally came from a centuries-old shaman dynasty …

No, I was on a scientifically oriented career path and for many years I did not understand who or what I was. What was due to the fact that my way was never so wrong that I would have noticed it directly. I never “failed astoundingly”, never had “the moment” of enlightenment.

For a long time there was only a feeling that something was wrong. And the world of logic, mathematics, science and even finances still fascinates me, for it was not completely wrong after all.

Actually (sike!) ... I'm just a normal guy ...

I realized that everything is somehow different than I had assumed. I slowly understood that I was not the one who was wrong. But that I could actually see more than many people around me.

I understood that I was right. But I also understood that not everyone wants to be seen through and that only very few people are willing to look at themselves and develop.

I understood that I have to find out what I can do with this gift and so I went searching. And I found a lot. From the views on the life energy Qi in ancient China to Reiki, which originated in Japan, to shamanism with all its roots around the world.

I went deeper and deeper and I had many good teachers who accompanied me on my way. That’s how I became who I am today.

A spiritual coach who can look deep, but uses his gift in a controlled and purposeful way. So that the client gets the maximum benefit.

By the way, only after a long time it turned out that I am by far not the only shaman in my ancestral line. So much for the centuries-old shaman dynasty …

For whom actually?

My specialty are people who also feel that they are not at the position in life where they should be. Who also feel that they are not quite right on their path, that they are not getting anywhere, that there must be more for them.

I help many of them to survive in the material world. To understand the life energy and the abundance and the money. The one with personal responsibility and the creation of one’s own universe. The one about “success” that seems to come so easily to some.

The people who come to me want to live themselves, some of them very high up. Want to come 100% into their power and also implement it. No longer be a victim of circumstances or of other people or groups.

And sometimes, people come to me who have already achieved everything materially. They often lack peace of mind. I can accompany you to that as well.

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