Life is a debt to be collected, not a debt to be paid

I recently posted this headline on my Facebook profile for discussion without further explanation. Sometimes that’s exciting, it often brings completely new perspectives and suggestions.
Gerhard Zirkel

Unfortunately, there is also a lot that misses the point. In this case, the rejection of the term “guilt” is almost reflexive. This is not the point here, only the choice of words implies it.

At the end of the day, “Holschuld” means nothing other than that someone has to give me something, but doesn’t bring it to me, so I have to get it from them. So I have to become active if I want it, because the other person doesn’t become active on their own initiative. He doesn’t bring it to me, I go and get it.

In the narrower sense, this often refers to financial matters, but the term is also used for non-financial aspects.

For example in the saying: “Knowledge is a debt”. Which means you have to acquire knowledge yourself and on your own initiative, because it is not carried after you. Personal responsibility, once again.

“But life is my absolute basic right”, you might object.

Yes, it is. Every human being has exactly the same right to life as everyone else. Just like that. Automatic. But having a right to something does not mean that it is carried after you or that it is ready washed and folded in the cupboard.

Your place in life is not kept free by a mysterious placeholder until you are comfortable taking it.

The Middle Ages

The history of the Middle Ages is full of just such stories. How often have there been cases of unclear succession or even people who have simply withheld their place from a legitimate heir to the throne?

Because the heir to the throne was perhaps still a child and could therefore easily be exiled somewhere. No one came and fetched him, dressed him in new clothes and put him on his throne. Why would they?

No, he had to see for himself how he could get what he wanted. Yes, to his right. Perhaps he really did, and perhaps it was even undisputed (which it almost never was in the Middle Ages). But he had to take care of that himself.

He had to convince people to fight with him, he had to raise an army and then he had to fight for his rights. Not everyone was victorious, not everyone survived. And these heirs to the throne were almost never desired by the masses. Certainly not from the nobility. Nobody wanted these people, but nevertheless they asserted their rights and took their place, or at least tried to.

This often resulted in long wars, such as the English Wars of the Roses or the Hundred Years’ War between England and France.

Today’s time

And even today, who hasn’t heard the saying: “Being right and getting right are two pairs of boots”?

Because even though we have so many laws in our modern world, there is no guarantee that we will automatically get our rights. We often have to hire lawyers and fight for our rights.

We have to take action ourselves, no one else will do it for us. At the very least, we have to pay someone to fight for us. A lawyer, for example. But the action and the decision to do so always come from ourselves.

As a plaintiff, you are often not only unwelcome to the defendant, but also to society. Sometimes you are really the “bogeyman” when you are fighting for your rights. Because the other side is perhaps popular or the injustice is not recognizable to everyone.

This makes it doubly difficult to stand up for your rights and demand them.


Well, what about your right to live? Yes, you have that right. You have the right to live the way you want to, but no one is going to hold that against you. You will have to take care of it yourself, perhaps fight for it. There’s no one to hold your place. This may still be the case in kindergarten, but after that it’s over and you have to look after your own place.

Otherwise exactly nothing happens. It’s like the rightful heir to the throne sitting in exile and doing nothing. He spends his whole life in exile and then dies there. He can do it, of course, but he mustn’t moan.

As a healer / priest / seer etc..

People who operate purely on a material level often manage this quite well. Job, house, car, boat, place in society, career, etc. They already take care of that. It’s not so terribly difficult, it doesn’t hurt anyone. It doesn’t stand out, doesn’t stand out, is even popular.

People with spiritual abilities find this a little more difficult because they have often learned as children that they are wrong. That it’s really bad to show yourself in your full strength. That people then turn away and they are even more alone than they already are. Being defiant or even angry about this only makes things worse.

Very often, my work consists of working on precisely these issues. Sometimes this drives my clients to despair because their situation seems to get worse the more they show themselves.

“Everyone is turning away from me”, “my whole family rejects me”, “I’ll lose my job”, “the club will throw me out” or “I’ll die if I show my face” are typical statements. And they are not imaginary or invented, they are real.

How will the heir to the throne have felt? Alone in exile, with no one to trust but yourself? But he realized that he had to do something himself, even at the risk of being rejected by everyone or even dying. Because he is the evil aggressor who wants to change things. Nobody wants people who really make a difference. If he fails, there is only a “serves him right”.

And so are you, on your way to your full greatness. The people who were used to you being so practically sweet and well-behaved will reject you at first, because from their point of view you’re going crazy. People will use their belief systems to see the heretic in you.

From their point of view, you are in a cult or delusional. Because you are suddenly so unpleasant, suddenly have needs, suddenly no longer have a connection to everyone. You can no longer be used, you no longer subordinate yourself. You are no longer quiet when the grown-ups are talking.

Suddenly you’re weird, strange or scary. You talk about topics they don’t understand and you no longer talk about meaningless nonsense. You no longer take everything for granted. Suddenly you are so “aloof”

And – very importantly – you suddenly get noticed a lot more because you become more visible. You attract attention, you attract completely different people, people on higher levels, you rise, so to speak.

And leave behind those who do not want to or cannot follow you. That creates a powerful headwind, especially if these are people from your immediate environment. This in turn scares you and so you don’t even go to your size.

The debt to be collected

Because you are unconsciously waiting for someone to finally come and save you and put you on your throne. The universe must finally give you what you deserve! You are looking for your place without realizing that you have to create it first. Where you want to go.

And that brings us to the debt to be collected. This means nothing more than that YOU sit down in your own seat or nobody does. The universe supports you, but you have to do something about it.

I’ll go even further and say that nobody wants you to come into your full power!

Because you are always uncomfortable, no longer useful, rebellious, no longer nice, etc. Nobody will use their life energy to lift you to your place in life. People all have enough to do with their own lives, plus it’s handy to have someone to push around.

So you will either go against this resistance and become your own size or not at all. Your decision. You just have to realize that no one will simply give you your place in life. The others will always think there’s no room for you.

Convince them otherwise. You create your place in life and occupy it!

What I can do

I won’t put you in your seat either, how could I? But I can help you understand the principles you need to understand to take your place. Because I walked the path myself, made space for myself and took it.

I can help you to remove blockages, get in touch with your life energy and introduce you to basic techniques. And I’ll go with you if it gets lonely on the way or you get a headwind, because I don’t mind seeing you on your throne.

It always starts with the introductory session, after which you might continue with Deeper Mind Empowerment. Please write me an email for further information.

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