Engineers with building blocks

This article is about the “I can’t because …”. Therefore, all the arguments you find as to why you are not getting on in life are absolutely correct!
Gerhard Zirkel

And how you can still get ahead

An example

Imagine a room and engineers are sitting in this room. Not just any engineers, but really good development engineers. People with a lot of expertise and really good ideas.

And now you give them a bag full of building blocks and the task of inventing something really new.

Well, there they are, the engineers with the building blocks, and they start experimenting with them. They make a real effort and reassemble them over and over again.

Sometimes low, sometimes high, sometimes houses, sometimes something else. Soon voices are raised that something new is needed. Something truly revolutionary. Because you wouldn’t get any further with just the existing building blocks.

So someone goes out on a limb and invents something new. Admittedly, he uses material from the neighboring room and also some tools. Then he comes back and has THE sensation with him:

A building block in a previously unknown color! The smash hit!

Everyone is enthusiastic and starts experimenting again. Of course, nothing really new comes out of it, but they are engineers after all and they know what to do and invent the next big sensation:

This time the building block is made of plastic and not wood and is also slightly larger than the other building blocks.

That triggers controversy, and what controversy it triggers. The first thing to clarify is whether plastic is compatible with wood at all. Then where the advantages and disadvantages would be and whether it is allowed at all.

That keeps our engineers busy for the time being, maybe we’ll let a few lawyers and perhaps one or two administrative officials into the room – after all, we have to have a bit of fun.

What am I getting at?

This is how our mind works. Yes, sorry, of course nobody wants to hear that, but deep down you know it’s true.

Our mind can only ever reassemble what it knows, no matter how good or creative you are or how hard you try. Sure, the human mind has produced incredible things, far more than building blocks. And of course one mind can learn from another. But if you are completely honest, they were all just new combinations of material that had always been there.

As long as it works, that’s great. But what if it doesn’t work for you? When you’re living a life you don’t want and your mind just can’t find a way out? Because he thinks he only has building blocks?

What if you’re trapped in a system that you can’t get out of? If you can’t leave? If you have no chance of a career? If you are kept small?

This is not possible because …

I hear this occasionally when I discuss things with people, especially on social networks, but also in real life. “That’s not possible because…”

Basically, you would understand that there is a need for development and you would also see all the people who are doing much better. But you can’t follow a development path because you’re a single parent, because you earn so little money, because you don’t have time, have to look after someone, can’t leave the cat behind, can’t get away anyway, and so on and so forth.

The really nasty thing is that these arguments are right. That really is the case. You can’t argue against it, because if someone earns just enough to live on, then they can’t afford coaching. Point. Absolutely true.

And so that you don’t feel like a complete idiot, you might make up a few excuses. Something along the lines of “I’m also satisfied with little” and “others are even worse off” or “first this and that has to happen and then …”. This then ensures that the mind really settles down with its building blocks and doesn’t go out the door at all. Everything is great.

Viewed with the mind

From a rational point of view, there really is no solution. But that is precisely the problem, because the mind can only recombine what it knows. If he has never known anything other than earning just enough to live on by working as an employee every day, he will not find a way out of this situation. Because he only has building blocks. Because he has no idea how it could be better.

He could ensure that you earn a little more, but at the same time he would make sure that you spend more. Same situation, only your TV is bigger. He could also get you to take more vacation, work less or whatever. But all in all, you would still be exactly where you are now.

In order to find a solution, the mind would have to go one level deeper, to the spiritual level from which the material arises. So that the solution becomes tangible and then conceivable. But the mind cannot do that because it is also material. A part of a system can never see the entire system. That is simply not possible. And certainly not with thinking.

And so you can think and think and still remain a single parent, with a salary that’s not enough and a cat you can’t leave behind.

And then the shaman comes and tells you about decisions and personal responsibility and you hit the ceiling because your mind screams “that won’t work because …”.

The solution

You can only achieve the goal that you can feel. Some people seem to be able to do that, they achieve an incredible amount, there seem to be no limits. Simply because, deep down, these people have no boundaries. You can feel the absolute fullness and then you will achieve it. There is an infinite amount of life energy available to each of us and life energy can be transformed into any form of matter.

If the feeling is blocked at the point where it should go beyond the small employee salary, then you can’t get over it even with a lot of thinking. If your feelings are blocked where income and expenditure always balance each other out, then that’s where you stay. If your feeling is blocked at the point where you should let go of the rat tail that is holding you, then you won’t let it go.

To do this, you go to the spiritual level to work on the problem there.

To do this, you go into the ancestral line, into your energy system, into your beliefs, and not just the imagined ones, but – these are really nasty – into the felt ones. Into the ones you can’t reach with thinking, because they lie behind thinking. Because the mind knows nothing about them, because they look like building blocks.

What happens then

Then what often happens to my clients happens. They go beyond what they have known before and suddenly have completely new options for action. Sometimes they are amazed at what they can suddenly do.

Some don’t even realize this during the process and at some point are shocked at what they have created for themselves. Suddenly there is freedom where before there was a prison. Suddenly it doesn’t stop at 1457.56 euros net, but ten times that or a hundred times that … what a blatant idea and no, not one that is “unrealistic”. Who has decided what is “realistic” for you so far? The mind, right? The one with the building blocks. I see.

Just imagine, suddenly there’s no one in the way. No family, no state, no borders, no limited resources, no one. Suddenly it’s just you, the world and incredible possibilities.

The mind can’t get to it, the senses can. And if you can feel where you are going, then your mind can join in again and take care of the implementation. Then the two work together.

This doesn’t happen by chance, it doesn’t happen overnight and you need someone to accompany you. Someone who guides you because he knows the way. I like to do this, often and hopefully soon together with you.

So, what do you feel? And what are you going to DO now?

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