The vision of creating a new world

A colleague recently said: “If you don’t seem to fit into this world, into this system, perhaps you are here to create a new world.” He is not entirely wrong about that, but the important half is missing and that is the downfall of many a “spiritualist”.
Gerhard Zirkel

And yet the idea of a new world is not without its appeal – who hasn’t already imagined it? Other people, other contexts, a perfect world in which everyone likes everyone else, perhaps a world without money or with lots of money, one with pink unicorns perhaps …

Maybe the famous “heart business” that you founded because it feels so cozy. But which makes no profit because the world out there takes no notice of it. A new one is clearly needed. Or the ascent into the fifth dimension. That would be something, wouldn’t it?

The new world is being wildly awaited. First, of course, people still have to wake up. But when that happens … finally …

But … if you want to create a new world, are you capable of acting at all? Basically, you need a basis from which you can create something. This is not possible if you are floating freely in space and have no floor under your feet.

An example

The following example is by no means unusual in my daily practice. The name and details have changed, but the principle is the same.

Marianne came to me with a huge heartfelt wish. She has always been very spiritual, she has always been “highly sensitive”. It can perceive energies that most people have no idea about. She’s really good at it.

But that didn’t help her much in life, rather the opposite. For a long time, she was the plaything of her fellow human beings. A narcissistic mother, a father who couldn’t compensate and siblings who saw her as an outlet for their own aggression. They still do that.

It was no different later on in my job and especially in my relationship. Narcissistic partners and bosses, always at the lower end of the income scale, always just about managing. Good-hearted Marianne, but rather on the losing side in life. Nevertheless, she always took care of everyone. For people and animals.

She always had to fight, but she only had one great heartfelt wish: a world full of peace and energy. A new world. One in which people have contact with themselves and with the spiritual level. A world without human and animal suffering. Especially without animal suffering. And without money, because she has no good experience with it.

She feels the painful longing for this world physically, sometimes it almost wants to tear her apart. If only people would finally wake up! For a long time, she talked herself out of her life “I’m fine”, but she’s actually just desperate.

A pious wish

The brave new world, a pious and understandable wish. But like every wish, it leads to dependency. Because the moment you depend on someone else to do something, you depend on them to do it. No matter how dear, meaningful or important the wish may be, you may still be entitled to its fulfillment. You will always have to wait for the other person to realize this, become active and fulfill it for you.

How likely is it that someone will do this? That the rest of humanity is doing this? How likely is it that everyone else will suddenly change their lives in your favor?

I think we know the answer. So what to do? Give up?

A metaphor

Imagine that the people out there are playing a game that you don’t like. You want them to play a different game, but they don’t listen to you. Because they really like their game and can’t imagine playing any other. And if another one, then certainly not yours. And – NO – they don’t realize that their game is stupid.

They won’t listen to someone who isn’t even in the game anyway. You are not in their group, you are outside it. Nobody listens to you. Why should they? You wouldn’t do it if you were one of the players. After all, you want to play your game and not his.

Now you can get upset about it, but nobody cares. Except for yourself, it’s destroying you.

But what if you played along first? Their game. What everyone plays. Yes, exactly the one where you’ve been pushed and shoved around since you were a child. Like a game piece. Passively at the mercy of the players.

But wait! That’s exactly the point. Passive as a figure? No, playing is different. That’s active, you’re not the character, you’re a player. What would that be like? What if you could learn the rules and actively play along?

This would have several advantages. On the one hand, you would get to know the lives of these people and find out what they actually find so great about the game. Perhaps your contempt for her game would turn into understanding. Maybe they’re not evil at all … ?

And secondly, you would be part of the group. And the better you play, the more respected you become and the more they will listen to you.

You do this until you have mastered the game and then, when you know the game, you can start to change the rules or develop a new game. And then people will follow you. Because you have shown them that you know what you are doing and that you are a part of them. Because you have built up your own power to act that you can use. Without having to make a wish.

In real life

In real life, it is often the very people outside the players who think a new world makes sense. Who have access to another dimension. Often these are the spiritual ones, the healers, the shamans etc …

Take me as an example. I have access to other dimensions, that is the basis of my work. I can see people, recognize connections, see spiritual beings, work with them. But that’s no use to me if I’m not heard. If nobody takes me seriously. If I’m one of those “weirdos” who live on the margins of society and don’t play along.

One of those people who want to live without money, who make themselves small, who don’t “achieve” anything. Then nobody sees me and I can understand that. Would I see one of these? Put yourself mentally on the other side.

That’s why I invested a lot of energy in learning the game. To learn how to become visible, how to earn, invest, hold and increase money. I learned how power works, how companies work, how investments work, even how to make a career. I invested energy and landed on my nose a few times. Lost laps, learned in the process. Until I started winning.

Now I’m being seen, I’m being interviewed, invited onto television. Now I have a website, social media channels and so on.

I am an entrepreneur, an investor, I am one of them. People listen to me and they come to me with their issues. And from this position, I can now start to change the rules of the game. Together with the people. Which, by the way, are not as reprehensible as they look from “below”. Quite the opposite.

From this position, I can actually create a whole new world. Where necessary. Because playing along has had another effect. Namely, the realization that much of what I used to see as “bad” or “reprehensible” is by no means so. I just lacked insight into the context.

It wasn’t the game that was stupid, I just didn’t know the rules. As if I had played chess, but without rooks and knights. And then I found the game stupid instead of learning it properly.

This can also give rise to a certain spiritual arrogance. You start to despise the game that you don’t understand BECAUSE you don’t understand it.

This creates people who despise money because they don’t understand money. Who despise power because they do not understand power. Who despise success because they don’t understand success. Who despise the material, three-dimensional world because they do not understand the world. And who sell their contempt as moral superiority. They then wonder why nobody likes them…

Only those who play can win

It may be that we have actually incarnated here to create a new world or to improve the existing one. But we can only do this once we have understood the existing world and can cope with it.

I always ask jokingly: “What do you want in the fifth dimension if you can’t cope in the third?”

What can you do?

It all starts with the decision to finally learn the others’ game and actively play along. If this gives you massive doubts and fears, if the thought of being successful, rich, famous makes you want to vomit, if the word “career” makes you want to run away … then you should look there.

The coolest way always lies behind the greatest fear!

Of course, there are plenty of thought and behavioral patterns, ancestral issues, blockages, beliefs and whatever else stands in your way. But there are people like me who can help you to overcome this thoroughly.

They can help you get into the game, learn the rules, get started and play. They can help you to take a strong and secure position in life from which you can develop and implement your vision.

What are you waiting for?

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