The healer in you

Have you ever thought about why you are so different? You seem to fit so little into what is called society? Why do you recognize connections long before others do?
Gerhard Zirkel

Why do you recognize connections that no one else does? How do you sometimes just know things? Why do people with very deep problems so often come to you? And you can even help them without knowing exactly how? Even though you yourself often don’t know how to cope in this seemingly strange world?

Do you have the feeling that you don’t belong here, that you finally want to go “home“? Perhaps since you were a small child?

Were you “weird” as a child or often alone because you didn’t get on with anyone and no one got on with you? Didn’t even your parents really see you? Do you feel alone with this?

Then here’s the good news: you are NOT alone!

There are a lot of us, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t know it and those who do don’t necessarily run around town telling everyone. I am already part of a minority within a minority. By having a website and showing myself.

But that’s my way. It’s not always easy and it took me a long time and a lot of help before I found it. Now I help people who are like me. The healers are. However that may turn out.

But what is a healer and what types are there?

The following types of healers rarely appear in their pure form. These are usually mixed forms with weightings in one or more of the categories. And my comments are certainly not complete.

Ultimately, every healer goes their own way and this path has no predetermined direction and no end. The path is the existence of the healer.

a) The classical healer

This can be a shaman or someone who works specifically with people on a spiritual level. Sometimes these are also alternative practitioners, but not always. Some work with predefined techniques, others with their own methods. Some with practice, others purely from a distance.

b) Working with animals

There are also healers who only work with animals. As a veterinary practitioner or as a pure healer.

c) Magician / Witch

Magic is a way of deliberately influencing the material reality of life through magical practices from the spiritual side. Not like Harry Potter or Bibi Blocksberg, that would be practical, but it doesn’t work that way.

No, it’s more subtle, less direct and rarely showy. But it is still possible to change your own reality or that of a client in a targeted way. How far a magician goes and what he does or does not do is fluid. There is no patent remedy, but the possibilities are almost endless.

d) Earth healing

There are also healers who do not work with humans or animals, nor magically, but with the energies of Mother Earth. They carry out clearings, track down magical places, clear local energies or research them.

Often in combination with geomantic techniques or with technical aids.

e) Priest / Priestess

A priest is a mediator between the worlds. Of course, every healer is, but a priest does not work with the aim of directly influencing the lives of humans and animals, but is responsible for rituals, prayers and “divine” services. You come to him when you are looking for a connection or need a break from the subject matter. Or leadership on a spiritual level.

f) Pure presence

And then there are the healers who don’t work specifically, but make a difference purely through their presence. These are the people who can completely change the dynamics of a group just by turning up.

To the positive or also to the seemingly negative. Sometimes these people also cause old structures to break down and entire teams or even companies to fall apart. In order to be able to emerge anew and better afterwards.

However, such a healer is aware of his ability and can consciously control it. If you recognize yourself here, but can’t consciously control it, then get in touch with me.

g) Seer

Every healer is also clairvoyant or clairsentient. But for some, this ability is paramount. They see things and especially connections long before others see them. It often looks as if these people can see into the future. In a way, they can too.

But not by somehow reading a predetermined future, because our future is created every second from our decisions. No, they simply absorb much more information about the current situation and they recognize connections that other people do not.

Not only on a material level, but above all on a spiritual level, from which the material arises. And so they see developments earlier than the rest of us.

How do you recognize who you are?

That is the difficult question. Difficult, because hardly anyone in our society tells you that. If you’re lucky, you have parents who thought about what they wanted you to become when you were a child. They may have observed your talents and made sure you got into the right school.

This may not be a bad approach on a material level, but if you are a healer, it has brought you absolutely nothing. On the contrary, you probably felt out of place despite or perhaps because of your parents’ efforts.

If you didn’t have parents who took care of you, that was even more the case. Unless you happened to have a healer in your circle of relatives who took you under their wing and was allowed to do so without incurring the jealousy of parents or the dislike of teachers, no one will have recognized where your abilities really lie.

Maybe they even misinterpreted them and accused you of being too “dreamy”, of not being able to do anything or of ending up on the street later on if you don’t know the binomial formulas by heart or what an accusative is …

Or your environment was even unconsciously afraid of you, which is not at all uncommon. Because you probably have them all figured out down to the depths of their souls. You were not aware of this and neither were they. But they felt it and it scared them.

To cut a long story short: no one will have recognized that you have healing, psychic, spiritual abilities and certainly no one has promoted this. And then you buried it deeper and deeper because you had to work and now you’re sitting there and don’t know what to do.

In your job, which is completely wrong for you and full of energy that you can’t get into the world. You won’t get anywhere on your own, because the conditioning of your previous life works well and is firmly in place.

But there are ways out

The way

Of course, there is no such thing as “the way”. Every path is different and you will go your own way, a path that no one has gone before you in this form. But there are steps that are similar.

a) Being recognized

The first important step is often for someone from the outside to recognize who you are. If you’ve found your way to me, you’ve already guessed it. But do you dare to believe yourself? At this point, it can be enormously helpful if a shaman sees you and tells you that you are right with your hunch

b) Reconnection

Then it’s about working with you to ensure that you can reconnect with Mother Earth, Father Sky and everything in between. This can be done through chakra work, rituals or other approaches. It depends on where you stand.

c) Conditioning and blockages

The next step is to track down and release all the old patterns of thought and behavior, all the conditioning, beliefs and blockages, layer by layer. Not just the ones from your current life. But also those that you have inherited from your ancestors without knowing it.

This can go many generations deep, at least eight, sometimes even more.

d) Recognize new paths

When the old dissolves, there is room for the new. You will now realize what you are made of. At first only diffuse, without knowing what you’re going to do with it. But that’s not the point yet. It’s about getting to know your strength.

Find out what kind of healer you are. It’s about sensing. This phase is often accompanied by particularly strong shocks in the environment. Because you develop out of your environment. Not everyone will be able or want to follow you.

Previous friends leave, new ones come. Maybe your job is changing or you’re relocating. You start to think in new ways and see paths that you didn’t see before

e) Learning techniques

Now you will begin to learn working techniques with which you can bring your very own healing power into the world. These can be basic techniques such as Reiki, working with cards or performing rituals. Or you can train as a healer or go on a world tour to find your “tribe”, your roots.

f) Finding your own way and becoming visible

You will gradually develop your own techniques and offer them. Of course, not necessarily in the sense of marketing and having your own company. There are many healers who continue to be employees, quite a few even in senior positions.

But they are all visible, so they don’t hide themselves and their abilities. They no longer deny themselves, they let their energy flow. Not everyone likes it, but at this point you are already free enough not to have to please everyone. That is no longer in your nature.

g) Founding a company and going into abundance

Some healers start their own business, like I did, and go into (financial) abundance. And no, that is not a contradiction, you are welcome to bury this fairy tale of the noble but destitute savage in the jungle who lives off donations. That’s just an excuse to keep your own strength under wraps.

A successful healer is not poor, because he can and does transform energy into matter.

How that fits together

Now you might be wondering how you are supposed to integrate this into your life? Especially if you have a family, small children who need you, or a company that depends on you or a job that you want to keep. Or a partner who can’t and doesn’t want to do anything with spiritual things.

How is that supposed to work? The “how” will become clear as you progress, but I can confirm that it is possible. Look at me. I don’t live outside of society either, I also have children and an everyday life that takes little account of spiritual matters.

However, this requires work on yourself and the will to go your own way. Then your environment will follow. At least the part that cares about you. But what do you want with those who have no interest in you anyway?

What you need to do

Now comes this ominous “must”. You’ve already done enough in your life, don’t you think? That’s right. It’s also about a different kind of having to. Not one that someone else imposes on you so that you do what they want you to do. It’s the “must” that comes out of yourself so that you finally feel better.

It is about a logical sequence of actions. No one else is forcing you to follow the path of the healer. It is your own energy that is inside you and wants to get out. But if you take this path voluntarily, then you have to go down it. But then you walk it for yourself.

That means an investment. An investment of time, life energy and also money, because without outside help it is difficult or hardly possible. I have invested decades of my life and a considerable amount of money in my development.

Without this, I would now be standing in Munich, in the laboratory of the public utility company, analyzing water samples … I would say that however high the investment was, it was more than worth it – also and especially financially – and it will never stop being worth it.

What you have to do first and foremost: make a decision. Go your own way or keep messing around. But this “must” is always up to you.

What I can do

I have developed a package for steps a) to d), because experience has shown that although the path is different for each person, the time and energy frame remains similar. For more information see: Deeper Mind Empowerment

This is followed by e), f) and g) that I can also help you with. With the abundance package, for example, you can move further up the ladder. Or when learning shamanic techniques. From a distance or – if you are keen to travel – in person at my place. Wherever I happen to be.

If you have any questions, please send me an email. NOW, not sometime later …

What are you waiting for?

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