Vision quest

What are YOU doing here? And what are you DOING here? And what are you doing HERE? If you can answer that as quickly as an arrow, concisely and in short sentences, then congratulations. Then you don’t have to read any further. Go for a walk or read a book instead. However, if not …
Gerhard Zirkel

Imagine you are an Ikea shelf. You are produced in a factory, many parts belong to you and at the end of this production line all your parts come together. Some of them go into a plastic bag, others are practically stacked and then everything goes into a box.

You walk into the store and someone ends up buying you and taking you home. You are already looking forward to your life, because you are a really beautiful shelf. And well thought out.

There you are unpacked and … oh shock … the first thing your buyer does is throw away the instructions. He has bought a shelf, but he actually needs a table. And so he kind of nails you down.

In the end, there really is something like a table. Not a perfect table, because your pieces were supposed to become a shelf. But a table that works. It has a plate on top and is reasonably stable. And so from now on you will be used as a table. The parts you have not installed are somewhere in the crawling box.

It doesn’t look really good and it’s not really very stable either. At some point you start to wobble. A few strips and screws from the DIY store will keep you stable for a while, but in the end you will collapse.

That’s not what you had in mind, is it? Where are the parts that were not installed? Where is the shelf? Now there’s just a pile of boards.

Who are you and if so how many … ?

Are you already living or are you just functioning as is expected of you, but without really knowing why? Do you recognize yourself on our Ikea shelf? Do you sometimes feel like you’ve been put together wrong? As if there are still parts that you can’t see because they’re in some drawer? Are you beginning to realize that this is not healthy and want to change it? Or have you already stopped working and are looking for a way out? Is perhaps only the path still unclear?

Or is the path clear, but something is still standing in the way, something is still hanging? The path may not quite work yet. Something is still wrong somewhere, you can’t find the right approach?

Do you lack the money to make a change or the time or both? Are you a single parent and can’t see any way forward? Are you stuck in a situation that seems hopeless, but you can’t stay in it?

No matter …

Regardless of whether it’s professional or private – you can’t really separate the two anyway – the proverbial devil is often in the detail.

In our society, no one has taught us how to find our way. On the contrary, we are given a few paths and then we have to follow them. Whether we like it or not. After all, we’ve always done it and life is not a pony farm. Who doesn’t know these sayings?

The life task

Does THE one task in life even exist? From a spiritual point of view, we do not incarnate here in this world entirely by chance. We arrive here with a specific set of topics, with a bundle of gifts and skills and also tasks.

A bit like an IKEA shelf, unfortunately without instructions. Basically with everything we need, but no one tells us how it all fits together. Often it doesn’t seem to fit, then we are made to fit by life.

Even if five screws, three boards and a hinge are left over and end up in the drawer. You will somehow function in this way, but it will break you.

At least you won’t be happy with it. You can only do this if you build yourself the way you created yourself. This is the only way you can do what you have come to do in this life and the only way you can be happy.

The solution

As always, the solution lies with you, even if you didn’t cause the problem. But who do you want to change, apart from yourself? This also has advantages, because if the solution lies with you, no one can stop you from bringing it to life.

Admittedly, when you’re in a situation like this, you have the problem that you can’t even name a lot of the things that seem to be missing. Because you may have been missing it since your earliest childhood. Some people seem to arrive here incomplete because they have already split off parts of themselves before they were born. Often due to ancestral themes.

That’s where I come in, because I can see you. And completely. I not only see you as you are now, I also see the parts you have in the drawer without knowing about them. They’re not gone, you’re not living them because you don’t know them.

I can’t tell you what your life path looks like because you always create it yourself anyway. But I can help you find the seemingly missing parts and integrate them. You will become complete and that will change your whole world.

What are you waiting for?

Feel free to write to me about where you are right now, even if you can’t find the words or don’t know where to go.

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