Already bought socks?

Yes? Did you? And why socks anyway? That’s another metaphor, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It’s about the meaning of life. YOUR purpose in YOUR life. Find out what it has to do with socks here.
Gerhard Zirkel
Right from the start

Imagine you decide one fine morning that you need new socks. Maybe the old ones are worn out or you don’t like them anymore. Anyway, you want new ones. So you decide to go out and buy some.

You have a nice breakfast and then off you go. Well, breakfast took a bit longer, but you still get out of the house before noon. Off to the nearest shopping center.

It’s pretty exciting. First of all, you get stuck at the pan seller’s stand because he can talk so funny. Let show you everything, take a good look at everything. You don’t need a pan, but hey … you can never have enough pans.

Moving on with the biggest and thickest pan in the bag, you wanted … socks! Right, socks. So on with the text.

As far as the shoe store. Yes, shoes, you’ve never really been there before, so I went in and had a good look through everything. Somehow you manage not to leave all your money there, but it won’t be cheap.

Then you’ll get through it and with a few more bags in tow you’ll realize that you’re really hungry. It’s already afternoon, how time flies. There was something else you wanted, wasn’t there? Anyway, let’s eat something first.

Another coffee and then you’ll remember. Socks! So off I went and promptly ended up at the nearest Mediamarkt. There are exciting things there, the latest computers and televisions and so on. You don’t spend any money here, but you do spend a lot of time.

Something is pinching and pulling you, but you ignore it. Then the pinching and pulling gets stronger and you look at the clock and it’s a quarter of an hour before closing time. Something tells you that you have forgotten something … something …

Socks! You’ve wasted the whole day and still no socks! But now quickly. Damn!

Where is the morality?

Do you know that from somewhere? No, not from your socks, but from your life?

What are you incarnated here for? Wasn’t there something? Somehow? Besides all the functioning and making and doing and running around and running away? We humans are spiritual beings who incarnate in a material world.

Not just to hang out here, but because we want to gain experience and sometimes have very specific goals.

Unfortunately, our delivery doesn’t come with an instruction manual with a list of what we want here. You had it easier in the metaphor above. At least then it was clear that you wanted to buy socks.

Nevertheless, you only just managed it. Now imagine that you still have to find out what you want to achieve. This is exactly how life works and it probably has to, because it is part of the experience for which we incarnate. Over and over again.

And what if …

But what if you have no idea what you want here? This happens quite often, because we do not incarnate in empty space. Instead, we end up in an existing system that automatically places expectations on us.

In which we first have to function in order to survive. And it’s not uncommon for us to get so used to it that we don’t realize for a long time that there’s more to it. We live the expectations of others and not our own lives.

That always goes well for a while, but at some point it starts to pinch. At some point, your intentions, your repressed soul parts, everything that you have not yet realized in the world will come to light. And the longer you ignore it, the stronger it becomes.

This can lead from a vague feeling of “something is wrong, there must be something else”, to depression and even fatal illness. You’ll either understand the message at some point, or it’s closing time.

You can make the decision yourself, nobody can do that for you. But you don’t have to walk the path to you alone. That’s why there are companions like me who can look deeper than you can with yourself.

Write to me right now and let’s find out who you really are.

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