Germany, a developing country

Aren’t we? Cars. Yes, that’s right. And machines and stuff like that. We’re great at that. Give a German engineer a piece of iron and tools and he will build you a technically perfect machine. Sure, we can do that. We’ll probably even get the electric car right. Somehow.
Gerhard Zirkel
But I don’t mean that at all. Let me try an example.

I meet an entrepreneur and get talking to him and realize that things aren’t going as well as they should. That’s why I got to know him, because he came to my practice because he was literally running out of breath. It wanted to be rebuilt, energetically.

So far so good. So I talked to him and he also told me about his company. The company is not small at all, 150 employees, more technical sector, many engineers. And all this in a market that is currently on the up, i.e. more future-oriented. So it should work. But it does not.

He has competition from all over the world. So far nothing special. But there are some who attack him massively. Somehow they are always ahead of him, but somehow he can’t get to them. They steal his patents and he fails in court even though he is in the right.

They poach his employees even though he pays just as well and somehow he can’t keep them. Some then take trade secrets with them and he can’t get hold of them legally. They snatch orders away from him, even though he is better and sometimes even cheaper.

They sue him again and again, even though there is no reason to do so. And so on and so forth. It sounded like a theater of war, only without cannons, but with lawyers and a lot of money. Yes, of course, that saps his energy, that’s why he came to me.

His wife actually sent him. He would never have thought of it. Now he’s here and I suggest that he take an energetic look at his company and his competitors. Perhaps they have been working with black magic for a long time.

He looks at me like the first human being!

Is that possible?

He’s never heard of it. That such a thing is possible. Never! New territory. Completely.

And that happens more often. Germany is way ahead in material terms, but it has ignored the rest. Of course, we didn’t need it either – if you operate economically from a position of strength, you don’t have to protect yourself from energetic attacks. But this economic supremacy is crumbling, and it is crumbling badly. Now we have to look around and perhaps wake up a little.

Just the other day I had a client with an Albanian migration background who said to me “you know, here in Albania, if we want to get rid of someone, we know who to turn to”. And she didn’t mean a hit squad, but someone who works with black magic. And she wasn’t the first person to tell me that, Ukrainians, Croats, Romanians and people from South America have also done that. Only in Germany have we never heard of such a thing, it hits us like a rifle shot hits a deer in the woods.

It doesn’t even occur to us to protect ourselves from it!

But it wouldn’t be that difficult. I’ll do it. It’s my job.

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