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For exactly such topics I have developed the toolbox of “Deeper Mind Empowerment”. In a joint process, let’s remove all those “rubber bands” that have been pulling you back whenever you wanted to move forward.

The core of this process is to bring you into your very own power so that YOU can actively change your life. Including your environment.

The answer to this question will solve a lot of your issues in one swoop.

Because it is the basis of everything!

No matter where you are in life. Whether you are at the bottom or at the top of society or somewhere in between.

You are only really happy when you know who you are, when you stand strong in YOUR position and live YOUR life.

Not the life of others, not the life of expectations, not the life of the family, not the life of society, not the “that’s just how you live” life or the life you just got into.

But YOUR life!

Sure, personality development is on everyone’s lips, there are countless methods and they are all helpful in their own way, no question.

But many of them remain purely on the material level, i.e. in the mind and psyche. That in itself is not wrong, but unfortunately only half the battle.

For we humans are not machines created by chance from amino acids but spiritual beings who have incarnated in this material world with full intention to … yes, what actually? … … to do what.

And this “what actually?” is what personality development is all about. It is about recognising all parts of oneself and bringing them fully into life.

Sometimes this is not so easy, because very few of us have been able to fully develop and live to our fullest potential since birth. And so we often muddle along for half our lives, not knowing what we are made of and what we are here for.

Until we get more and more the feeling that we are stuck in a dead end or are about to hit the wall in terms of our health. And then the question of all questions arises:

It’s about who you are when you live your full potential!

That’s what this part of my work is about and that’s why I call it Deeper Mind Empowerment. Because it is a coaching, but based on shamanic-energetic techniques, with which we come together much deeper and no longer work purely on the material level of the mind but much deeper, on the spiritual. On the level where we come from.

Always according to the motto “you cannot solve a problem on the level on which it arose”. So let’s take a step back and approach it from the spiritual side.

The Deeper Mind Empowerment is a toolbox, within a process framework. With the help of these tools we generate the development path that supports you optimally.

Such a path to yourself is not something you just do in one or two sessions, that must be clear to you. It is an intensive process that we go together.

It is also not always cuddly and nice and sweet. You will look at parts of yourself that surprise you, that scare you, that are unfamiliar.

You will work on issues that you have never seen before and it will be exhausting. You will go deep into your ancestral lineage, you may get to know past lives of yours, you will root and connect. You will see your shadows, you will overcome fears and maybe you will cry.

And you will not know beforehand exactly where your path will lead you. If you knew that, you wouldn’t need me!

But it will be worth it, because in the end it will be YOU!

The whole process runs remotely, so it is completely flexible from where you participate. My clients are spread all over the world. More about this under: My way of working…

The work on the spiritual level can be done very well from a distance, because the spiritual world knows no spatial dimension.

Here you can find more about my way of working …

And how long does such a process take? If one could say that exactly beforehand. Of course it depends on how fast you want to go this way and how many obstacles we have to remove on the way.

There are people who can do it in six months, others take a year. What is important is that you go your way. I will accompany you if you like.

Before misunderstandings arise … YOU walk this path. I will accompany you, guide you, help you, hold you when things get shaky, give you the necessary tools and sometimes push you in the right direction.

But YOU go this way and YOU will clearly decide beforehand that YOU want this too!

You don’t have to buy a pig in a poke!

So that you can get to know me and my work, you don’t have to decide immediately for the whole package. You are welcome to book the entry package first and THEN decide if you want to go through the Deeper Mind Empowerment process.

Because only then it will be clear if the toolbox contains the optimal tools for you or if you need something completely different.

Schamane Gerhard Zirkel auf dem Weg nach oben

Apply? I have to apply for it? No worries, no certificate of good conduct and no CV. But a few questions in advance so that I can assess whether it will work out for us.

By submitting the following form you create the conditions for a cooperation. You don’t book anything with it, it’s just a request.

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Deeper Mind Empowerment

Intensive Coaching Package

  • Powerful toolbox for your individual path
  • inkl. personal Clearing
  • inkl. ancestor clearing
  • inkl. chakra work
  • Duration approx. 12 months
  • Payable in EUR/USD or crypto
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