Your business depends on your energy

This article is about the connection between yourself, your energy and who you really are. And the behavior of your employees, your customers and your suppliers.
Gerhard Zirkel

People react to what you ARE not to what you WANT.

Why do the human processes in your company thrive or fail?

How committed are your people to working for you (or against you)?

Which employees can you find and which can you keep?

How much micromanagement do you have to do and what does that do to your company?

How do you decide whether your customers follow your marketing strategy or not?

What is the reason for your suppliers’ behavior?

What does the success of your business depend on?

And how does all this relate to YOUR energy? With what you really are behind your material appearance? With your “higher self”, your “soul”? However you choose the terminology, the principle is important. To understand and implement it.


Energy? Not tangible, what is that supposed to be? After all, a business is based on facts, on markets and on every employee simply doing what they are supposed to do. It has always been like that and it will always be like that.

This is also true, but only half the truth. Let me try to explain what I mean:

To understand how this world works, you could take a step back for a test. Matter – and all matter – is created from energy plus an idea. If the energy is compressed accordingly, it becomes matter.

And this includes all connections that arise in the material world. We humans are created from this energy, everything we do, think and even our emotions arise from it.

And therefore also what we “are”. Our charisma, our actions, our entire being is created from energy. And so we interact with it all day long and when we interact with customers, employees, partners, etc., we interact with and about energy.

People react to energy. Exclusively!

People react to the energy of other people. People react to what you ARE not to what you WANT.


If you keep that in mind, it becomes clearer. Your business is also energy. And if you have created it, it is YOUR energy. That’s the way it is. Including your employees.

Of course, your employees are also energy, as are your customers. But they are in your company, in the overarching energy field that you have created and that you hold every second with your own life energy.

If your energy is clear, you are clear because you follow the movements from your center, your company is also clear. Then your employees are clear and so are your customers. Then everything is fine, then it runs. If the figures are right, of course.

But if your energy is not clear because you are unconsciously bending, not drawing on your full being, because your energy is distracted or partially blocked. Because unconscious patterns are at work in you, then your company is not clear either.

Admittedly, for you as a “seasoned” entrepreneur, the theory that your company depends on your energy is difficult to accept. You have learned to act on the basis of facts. And as I wrote above, that is correct. But that’s only half the battle.


Employees do not work for companies or goals. People work for people. And for sense. This also comes from people. Even if they don’t realize it, everyone gives their performance to support a person and thus their energy.

If your employees don’t work for visions, ideas, your business and certainly not for their salary, but for you and your energy … then the energy becomes very powerful.

Because it is your energy that influences your people positively or negatively. Who guides them and gives them meaning, a path. It is your energy that makes them do what they do. If you understand this, if you are absolutely aware of your SELF and if you use them … they will follow you everywhere. Employees, customers and suppliers alike.

From the field

The following examples are taken from my own work, but I have changed the names, companies and facts so that no one will recognize or be recognized.

Example 1

Small craft business with just a few employees. The problem was that employees had to be dismissed time and again because they were dishonest, cheated somewhere or even stole money.

Again and again, these were people who “crashed”, alcohol was often involved or other addictions. Time and again, the founder himself had to return to day-to-day business because he had to let someone go again.

And it didn’t happen just once, it happened again and again over the years. It was a real struggle. The owner of the business was a thoroughly honest and very hard-working man with a heart that seemed far too big.

He himself came from a difficult background, always fought his way through, always had to be hard on himself. He simply would not have survived otherwise.

He has built up the company and it is not doing badly. He has loyal regular customers and can almost choose who he works for. Everything would actually be great if it weren’t for the ongoing problem with dishonest employees.

He has tried a lot. Outsource the recruiting, do it yourself, let people try out, trust them, monitor them and so on. No matter what he did, it always led to the same result.

Until we looked at the issue together and then he, the owner, had this huge fight on his hands. The one he has always had to lead, not only to the outside world but especially against himself.

There was all this toughness, these demands on yourself, this “I’ll take on the whole world”. This always struggling alone, this “not being able to trust anyone”, from his childhood.

Something like that reflects the universe. If you have a fight inside you, you also have it on the outside and, if things go badly, in your company. The universe couldn’t help but constantly mirror this struggle to him.

Until we have worked on it and ended the struggle within it. Since then, the problem has gone away. Since then, he has not had to dismiss anyone. Because they work with him instead of fighting against him.

Example 2

Medium-sized company, more technical sector, 250 employees, owner-managed. Built up by the boss himself over many decades. He started the business back then because it had somehow presented itself and because he saw a need. And because he wanted to.

And the need was not only there then, it is still there now. The business itself is doing well, with a lot of regular customers and enough new customers to keep the company at the same size.

But the company is not quite running smoothly. Sales have been stagnating for years, nothing is moving. The boss has tried everything, advertising agencies, social media, YouTube, management consultants and so on. But it’s like thick porridge, nothing is progressing. The company is holding up, economically healthy but there is no progress.

The boss came to me about something completely different, a health issue. But that’s how we came across him, his life energy and his visions in life. And to his business. That just doesn’t want to grow anymore.

He couldn’t really answer the question of why he wanted to grow. Businesses are growing. But why his? Why does he lead it?

And that’s when it “clicked”. There was no more vision. There was no longer a strong “why” behind it. There was no energy left in it from his side. Not like before, when he really WANTED the company.

Now he doesn’t really want it anymore. And that has an effect, because without his energy, no matter how good his employees are, no matter how many advertisements the advertising company places, no matter how much a management consultant restructures, the company will no longer grow. Because it has grown through HIS life energy.

If this is gone, the company stagnates or even goes under. In extreme cases.

The solution in his case was the pure realization of the connection between the owner’s vital energy and the success of the company. The fact that he realized this alone showed him that it was time to retire. He finally sold the company because he couldn’t see a way to muster enough enthusiasm and energy after our work.

The company still exists today and is growing again under the new owners. And the boss also re-founded the company after we had developed a completely new vision together. A completely different industry and again very successful right from the start and with his full energy behind it!

What does such a job look like?

It’s basically about who you are. So who you really are, behind all the patterns and masks you have put on to function.

It’s about what you want to use your life energy for, where you really want to invest it. And that’s not always where you think you have to look. It’s about how you bring YOUR real energy back into the world. With the former power and your entire BEING behind it.

Often enough, we follow other people’s plans and ideas for decades and don’t even realize it. Because we are still successful. But there inevitably comes a point when we can no longer bend any further. Or what is missing.

And you can see that in your business. Because that depends on your life energy. Always.

In such cases in particular, there are topics that almost always play a role. Your ancestors, or rather the thought and behavior patterns you have inherited from them, are at the forefront. I have developed my own method of ancestor clearing for this purpose. A mixture of systemic work (NOT family constellations) and shamanic techniques.

Your childhood will almost certainly be an issue too, whether it was great or not. The first years of life in particular are formative and always completely unconscious. And, of course, a person develops over the course of their life. And then the original plan no longer fits and a new one is needed. Perhaps one that you haven’t even dared to see yet.

Go for it!

“Daring” is a good term at this point. You “dared” to set up or take over a company back then. Do you now dare to fathom the deepest foundation of yourself?

If so, let’s go. Even – and especially – when you can’t yet see the way.

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