The light trap and zero confidence

As a healer and shaman, I work with energy, with light, so I join the illustrious ranks of so-called light workers. Sounds great at first, light has something so positive and beautiful about it. You would almost be inclined to see only the bright side of life.
Gerhard Zirkel

And so we like to practise positive thinking, positive affirmations and we always wish for lots of good things. Just don’t formulate it negatively, no negations, you know all that …

However, many light workers fall into an evil trap, which I call “the light trap”. They think they are on the safe side because of their knowledge of cosmic laws and overlook the fact that there are cosmic laws that are superior or at least equal to others.

Let’s take a concrete example that I am very familiar with from the early days of my own self-employment: “I want more clients for my practice”

First of all, it’s a great wish, and there’s nothing wrong with that. More clients mean more people you can help and, of course, more income for the practice. And everyone needs income, because the rent doesn’t pay itself and there has to be something on the plate every day.

So now you are sending the wish for more clients into the universe and maybe you will get them. But what resonates with this wish? You are obviously not entirely satisfied with the current situation. Because if you want more of something, it means that you don’t have enough of it.

So if you want more clients, you’re also complaining that you don’t have enough.

But wait! A complaint? In the course of the light work? Where can you find something like that? But our material world is polar and where there is something bright and light, there is also something dark, a shadow.

And that is exactly what resonates with the universe in each of these wishes. In the example, the shadow obviously has something to do with the lack of clients. In other words, the lack of turnover, which brings us directly to fear. The fear of failure, of bankruptcy, of not having enough.

But fear is something that the average light worker wants nothing to do with. Hello? We work with light here, so there’s no fear, is there? That’s not possible!

Which leads us straight into the big trap. Because this fear can of course be repressed, brushed over, suppressed for a while. But the greater the great bright light component, the greater the fear. And at some point it will overrun us. With an illness, failure, whatever, there are many possibilities.

But what do we do with this realization?

Let’s take a closer look at the shadow. Because what’s the point, why does light work always have to be bright and radiant? It can also appear dark and threatening at times. So let’s take a look at what’s behind this fear. Why fear?

Aren’t we all part of the universe? Isn’t it OUR universe? Shouldn’t we have confidence? Bingo! We have already taken the shadow by the horns. Where there is fear, there is a lack of trust – in the headline I called it zero trust. The lack of trust in the universe.

This is exactly what the request in the example is about. If I want more clients for my practice, this only shows my lack of trust in the universe. Because why should my own universe, of which I am a part, deny me what I need? I don’t have to wish for that. That would be like wishing I could bite into the juicy steak in front of me because I’m afraid of hunger instead of just doing it.

So, where is this shadow threatening? It is not, it is simply there, wants to be seen and if we then manage to integrate it into our lives, we are one step further.

Light work has become work, the shadow is no longer a threat, it simply IS and we end up with much less stress.

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