Shamanic coaching? Not just now!

Get my business back on track, consolidate my finances, get healthy, go on vacation, sell my house … and on and on.
Gerhard Zirkel
First I have to …

Do you know that?

You’re in the middle of a crisis and instead of taking action, this and that has to happen or be done first and you seem to be getting deeper and deeper into the misery. Which makes finding a solution all the more impossible. A vicious circle.

Turbulent times

These are turbulent times, things are happening that our modern, science- and technology-oriented minds cannot cope with. Suddenly the world seems to be falling apart at the seams, nothing is safe anymore and you find yourself standing on the edge of a supposed abyss. How did it get this far?

Feelings of powerlessness are the result; we seem to be at the mercy of a superior force. And that in our safe world today? How can that be? When we are so rich and developed? Where is the fault?

The problem with the “crisis” is not the crisis but how we deal with it.

We don’t get anywhere by wallowing in the problem and trying to find someone to blame. But how do we use the current situation to our advantage? Isn’t it difficult to work on yourself right now? When we are all somehow worried about our existence? Or our hard-earned savings or our well-being?

But right now is the best time to take a look. To look at where the causes of our current feelings lie. And these causes are not where many of us suspect them to be.

Your fear for your savings does not lie in the threat of losing them. Your fear of illness and death is not due to the higher level of risk.

Your feeling of being cooped up is not because you are not allowed to leave your house. Your feeling of being at the mercy of a threatening superior force is not due to the existence of a superior force.

All these feelings have a cause that is not so obvious. Somehow the basic trust in the way the universe works doesn’t seem to be there. But why? Where can we find it?

And where do we find the path that works for us in this situation?

The solution

You will not find the solution at the level at which the problem manifests itself. You have to go deeper, to the spiritual level. These are the starting points for achieving truly sustainable change.

And this is exactly where shamanic coaching comes in

It uncovers hidden patterns and exposes beliefs. It takes you deep into your ancestral lineage and sometimes also into earlier incarnations.

It leads you to exactly those parts of yourself that you least want to see. Because you don’t know them, because they scare you, because they are unfamiliar or because you have learned that you are not allowed to show them.

It leads you to basic trust and connects you to the source of your life energy

In the end, it leads you to yourself as you really are. To yourself in your full size, in your full strength. And once you’ve got there, no crisis can do you any good.

Do it. Now!

And let’s be honest … when would be a better time for this than right NOW? Especially as this also works from a distance … the spirit plane knows no spatial dimension.

Don’t get confused by all the “ifs” and “buts” and “can’t because …” of your mind. The best time to change something, to act is always NOW.

You don’t save your savings by hiding them even better. Believe me, inflation will still find them. You save your savings by investing them. And in you. Because this puts you in a position to use the crisis to grow from it.

You don’t have to save your company first and then yourself. It’s the other way around, because your company depends on you. Work on yourself BEFORE you are completely broke.

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