Thumb sucking from a psychological perspective

There are children who suck their thumbs. Quite a few, in fact. If they don’t have the dummy or something. That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with it.
Gerhard Zirkel
But the parents

Only some parents start to think about it at some point. Namely when the child is already in school and still sucking his thumb. I mean, you don’t notice it at night, but still.

And when they get older and are still sucking, the parents start to panic. After all, there are even adults who still do it unconsciously. The number of unreported cases is probably quite high …

However, why do the kids do that? Of course, sucking is mother’s breast and mother’s breast is safety. Logical. Need the little ones. And if it’s not the breast, it’s the dummy and if it’s not the dummy, it’s the thumb.

With increasing security in life, it is ok if the mother’s breast is no longer present everywhere and then the sucking also becomes less. If everything is in order.

But if not, then it’s worth taking a look. Because then there is a piece of security missing somewhere. They suck their thumbs because they have the feeling that the ground is being pulled out from under their feet.

There is no security, no basis. “They do what they want to me” is the psychological message behind it. All unconsciously, of course. And it is not always clear where this comes from. Not all the kids affected come from a broken home or are children of divorce who have been pushed around.

For some, everything looks good, but the basis is still missing. Then you might have to look deeper. Perhaps this is an issue they have from their parents. Or the grandparents or even further back.

Maybe there is something from the previous life, or maybe it is something from the current incarnation that nobody has noticed. Whatever it is, it needs to be looked at and taken seriously.

Smearing something on the child’s thumb or tying it to the bed only makes things worse. I just wanted to say …

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