The importance of real estate clearing

Imagine you get a visitor in your house. Couple of people, dinner party or something like that. Or the kids have friends there. What do you do afterwards?
Gerhard Zirkel

Sure, vacuum first. Or you can let the cleaning lady do it. But it doesn’t matter, at least you clean up. Because no matter how hard your visitor has tried, dirt cannot be avoided. You’re stuck with him, whether you like it or not.

But it’s not a problem, see cleaning help and/or vacuum cleaner. We do that automatically, we don’t feel comfortable when the place is dirty.

Materially at least. But we humans are not purely material phenomena. We are spiritual beings who have incarnated here. And so we leave behind not only material traces but also energetic ones. You can do what you want, you’re stuck with them too.

And who removes them? Yeah … look … no one, huh? But they are still there and they don’t go away on their own. Just like the dust for your cleaning lady.

And if the visitor wasn’t nice, if he argued or was in a bad mood or or or or? What if it was a tradesman who was swearing because the stupid heating didn’t work? What then? Then you have double and triple the energetic dirt in your home.

And then it stays there and gets thicker and thicker at every opportunity. And then at some point you realize that your house feels strange. Somehow musty, stale, not fresh. You don’t get going like you used to, somehow you don’t have the energy you used to.

Sometimes this goes on for years, decades and even centuries in some houses. Something is building up, I tell you. And where something accumulates, one or the other earthbound soul suddenly feels at home and when one is there, the next one is not far away.

And at some point you’re sitting in your house and it feels like you’re wading through sticky dough. Maybe you sell your house beforehand and move. Then the buyers are left holding the bag.

But so are you, because you’re moving in somewhere else and it won’t be any better there. Maybe something because you might be moving into a new building. But the workmen were there too and who knows what happened on the property beforehand. Then you’re in the same situation again.

So, before you do that to yourself, find someone who can fix it energetically. It doesn’t have to be every week, but at least once. Then you will notice the difference. So, look for someone who can do an energetic clearing.

Not to be confused with smoking or stuff like that. That’s great too, but an energetic clearing, a real one, has to be done by someone who can do it. A shaman, for example. Well, I do that, for example, and I don’t immediately run away in a panic if a soul turns up who isn’t so nice or if things get difficult. I’ll do the job and you’ll have peace again.

And the best thing is, because it all takes place on an energetic level anyway, I don’t even have to be there in person. The energy doesn’t care where the shaman sits.

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