The liberation

“Watch out, he’s coming”, the ONE whispers excitedly, not daring to speak aloud. “Okay, I’ll see him,” came back just as quietly from HIM. Actually from the TWO who played HIM to mislead the shaman who was approaching.
Gerhard Zirkel

You’ve known about it for a while, the date was set last week. But when it happens, it’s something else. So here he comes, the shaman. To them in the spiritual world, whatever he has to look for there. They had everything so well under control. The real ER lay neatly in chains, no problem. As long as no one came to look, of course, but that wasn’t to be expected, was it?

It happens

Now it happens anyway, the shaman comes. But no problem, the two guards have prepared everything. But as the saying goes: “No plan survives the first contact with the enemy”, so you have to be vigilant.

“He doesn’t look that dangerous”, ONE tries to help TWO with his little acting job. “That’s right”, replies ZWEI, “quite harmless guy, this shaman”.

Of course he’s not stupid and doesn’t come rolling in with a tank, he can look quite harmless, just coming to have a look, nothing bad in mind.

And so he comes over with a very nice greeting. “Hello”, “I’m Singing Wolf and I’ve come to help”. “Yeah no, of course”, TWO puts on his sweetest smile “Hello too, welcome”, “what’s it all about?”. “Oh, nothing special,” replied Singing Wolf, “my client, your body in the material world, hasn’t been feeling so well for a while, so I wanted to see what’s going on, maybe I can do something?”.

“Oh yes”, ZWEI acts quite harmlessly, “it’s a bit exhausting at the moment, so much upheaval and change everywhere“, “you can run out of energy”. “Sure,” Singer Wolf plays along with the game, “but I can help with that, I’ll let a little energy flow, if that’s okay?”. “Yeah, sure,” both guards nod in relief, a little energy would hardly be a problem. Apparently he doesn’t notice anything, the great shaman.

Something is strange, they both feel it, but the whole situation is not ordinary. They had already done this dozens of times in the past. Since they had both fallen on the battlefield, simply stabbed, left lying there, alone. They didn’t realize right away that they were dead. But at some point it clicked and there they were. Two souls, somehow lost on their way to the afterlife.

But once they had figured out how to get a body, all was right with the world again. They stayed together, it was much easier together. There was hardly ever any resistance, occupying bodies, imprisoning the higher self, having fun. It was easiest with the drunks, who had nothing to oppose an occupation. By the time they got back to themselves, everything was over and they didn’t even notice. Or the people in the hospitals, full of morphine, it couldn’t be easier.

Of course, they had to change their host from time to time, even the best person dies at some point, but there were plenty of new victims. No problem. Until now!

Now they are panicking, because the fact that someone from the real world is coming to check up on them is new. That is threatening. Now it’s all to play for, but their little maneuver seems to be working. The guy is certainly not omniscient, even with such a strange name. What is singing wolf supposed to mean? Some weirdo who thinks he can play God?

“Now he’s probably starting that thing with the energy he was talking about,” ZWEI can just think to himself as it pulls the rug from under his feet. Everything is spinning, he sees ONE go down, he feels sick. “What the …” he can no longer say it. This singing wolf is doing something, he can’t recognize it, he just sees that HE is suddenly standing in front of him. Free, without shackles, that can’t be true.

Then everything happens very quickly, ONE and TWO know that it’s over, know that they no longer have a chance. “Brings it to an end”, ZWEI shouts and then it happens … but it’s not the end at all. What did they expect? It is the beginning. Singing Wolf is not evil or brutal, no, he is gentle and loving. And he shows them a way. The path they should have taken back then.

But now? After such a long time? “Who would want us there now?” But everyone is there, the parents, the brothers, the sisters, the whole family. Jesus, and light … lots of light … it’s beautiful …

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