Personal clearing

Do you feel drained and exhausted and don’t have enough energy for the whole day? Do you lack any vitality?

Or maybe you’ve had treatment or a vaccination, you’re medically well but your life energy isn’t up to scratch? Is there something inside you that doesn’t belong there? Then let’s solve it on an energetic level!

At a glance
  • You feel drained and lacking in energy
  • You feel like you are controlled by others, cut off from your life energy
  • Something is wrong, but you can’t put your finger on it
  • There’s something inside you that doesn’t belong there
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  • Duration, approx. 4 hours plus the following night
  • Individual appointment
  • Payment in EUR, USD or crypto
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What you get

  • A Personal Clearing is like cleaning a hard disk, like taking a shower, only energetically.
  • You regain space for new, vital and forward-looking life energy
  • Deep energetic cleansing and recharging of your energy body
  • Derivation and transformation of old, used energy and pain signatures
  • Permanent interruption of harmful energetic connections
  • You find out how you got into this state in the first place

How does Personal Clearing work?

  • Basically
  • What’s the point?
    Repair connection
  • What can’t it do?
  • Earthbound souls
    The declaration
  • Procedure
    From a distance and worldwide
  • Important
    Read carefully!
Every person is connected

Basically, every person is connected to the energy system of the universe so that they have more than enough life energy at their disposal.

However, if these energetic connections are disrupted because the life energy cannot flow or your system is practically “clogged up” with old, used life energy, then this energy flow no longer works properly and you get the feeling of being cut off from life.

You may also, without realizing it, be occupied by earthbound souls or other entities that take your life energy. This is not uncommon and we often don’t notice it for a long time in everyday life.

But as bad as it sounds, it can be solved. Old, dull, stale, blocking and stale energies can be transformed and occupations released. And that’s exactly what I do in a Personal Clearing.

Let us fix your connection

Your connection to the universal power source of the universe is repaired / strengthened.

Your self-healing powers are activated and you are connected with your creative power and your potential. You will find and walk your soul’s path more easily. Clarity can manifest itself. Protection against negative energetic influences is built up. Harmful energy signatures are discharged or transformed.

Any existing occupations by foreign entities are released and you regain full access to your own energy system.

I can’t do magic either

Magic! Sounds flippant, but says exactly what it means. An energetic clearing cannot conjure away all your problems.

It can cleanse, energize and recharge, but if your blockages come from your ancestral lineage or from deep-seated beliefs and behavioral patterns, then only shamanic coaching can help. Because then it’s about finding your way and making changes yourself.

However, the clearing will put you in an energetic position to be able to follow this path and is therefore a sensible basis for further development steps.

A brief explanation

We speak of an earthbound soul when a person dies and their soul does not find its way into the spiritual world, does not make the transition.

This often happens unintentionally, because the person was taken out of life unexpectedly. Or the person can’t let go of their life and stays here on purpose.

These souls no longer have a body, but still exist here on the material earth. They often look for someone whose body they can “attach” to. Without knowing that they can harm their host.

They usually need someone to show them the way “home” and accompany them. It is important that the process runs smoothly. It is of no use if the earthbound soul is removed but does not make the transition. Because then she’ll be back. With personal clearing, this transition is carried out cleanly and definitively.

From a distance and worldwide

Personal Clearing is carried out purely remotely and lasts around four hours plus the following night.

Which is why the start time is always in the evening, so that you can go straight to sleep afterwards. Or go back to sleep if you have already fallen asleep. The energy field can then work throughout the night and is not distracted by any subsequent activities.

Of course, we adjust the start time to the time zone in which you are currently located.

All I need is your binding registration for the event to take place; I will establish contact purely on a spiritual level. You should be relaxed and in a comfortable environment at the agreed time. Please do not work, watch TV or even drive!

Please read this carefully

This offer relates purely to matters on a spiritual-emotional level and not to medical-material matters. Naturopaths and doctors are responsible for this.

Personal Clearing does not replace a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner. Just as a doctor cannot replace the work of a shaman.

My offer is purely about energetic signatures, purely about activating the self-healing powers that each of us possesses.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me and let’s get started!


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