Personal Clearing

energetic cleansing and recharging, to free from earthbound souls, creating space to gain back your life energy


from distance

worldwide bookable

  • Duration, approx. 4 hours plus the following night
  • Individual appointment
  • Payment possible in USD

Do you feel weak and drained? You just don’t have enough energy to make it through a whole day? Do you feel like a stranger in your own skin? Do you feel cut off from your life source; are you not feeling vital at all?

Do you want to change that?

Or maybe you have had a (medical) treatment or a vaccination – you actually are feeling well, when it comes to your physical health, but your vitality is nowhere near a healthy level? Something seems wrong – you feel blocked for no reason? Do you feel like there is something in you that doesn’t belong there? Then let’s solve this on an energetic level!

A Personal Clearing is just like cleaning up a hard drive, or like a refreshing shower, only energetically.

Basically, every (human) being is connected to the eternal energy system of the universe, so that it has more than enough life energy available for its own (well)being. But if these energetic connections are disturbed, blocked, your life energy cannot flow, which means, that your system is practically “cluttered” with old burned-out life energy. When this happens you get the feeling of being cut off from life, from the source of all-that-is.

You may even have, without realizing it, occupations by earthbound souls or other (alien) entities who take this life energy from you. Such a thing is not uncommon and we often do not notice it in our everyday life for a long time. But as bad as it might sounds, there are solutions.

Old, dull, burned-out, blocking and musty energies can be transformed and occupations can be removed. And that’s exactly what I do at a personal clearing.

Your connection to the universal power source, the universe will be repaired/strengthened

Your self-healing powers are activated and you are connected to your creative power and your full potential

You find and walk your soul path with more joy and happiness

Clarity can appear

A protection against negative energetic influences is established

Harmful energy signatures are cleared, removed and/or transformed

Possible occupations by alien entities are disentangled, removed on all levels and you re-gain your own, full access to your personal energy system again

It’s not conjuring! There is no “magic” as commonly known or at times even expected. That might sound a bit offhand, yet I want to be very clear here. An energetic clearing cannot make all your problems disappear at once. It can cleanse, re-energize and recharge your energy (system) – but if your blockages come from the ancestral lineage or are due to engrained beliefs and throughout ages established behavioral patterns, then I want to raise awareness to the fact, that a shamanic coaching is what you probably need to heal. Because then your problem is about finding & following your own path in life, it is then more about implementing the well needed changes yourself.

This kind of Clearing will energetically enable you to follow this path; it is therefore an appropriate base, an amazing starting point for further developmental steps.

Vaccination is not only a physical process where our body is provided with certain substances to cause a desired reaction. It is always also a process affecting the spiritual and soul level. On the one hand this is valid, because every material substance is basically of energetic origin and on the other hand because some of them are used very specifically, maybe even purposefully, to disturb our human energy system.

The energetic signatures of vaccinations can be detoxified on a mental and spiritual level – or they are transformed, so that they can no longer affect our energy body. This is what an energetic detoxification vaccination process is meant for.

One speaks of an earthbound soul when a person dies and their soul does not find its way into the spiritual world, is for whatever reason not able to do the needed transition. Often this happens unintentionally, because the person was taken out of life by surprise. Or they can’t let go of their human life and stay here on purpose.

These souls no longer have a body, but still exist here on the material, physical earth. They often look for someone they can connect to, hang on to – without even knowing that they actually can harm their involuntarily host.

Most of the time, they only need someone to show them their “way home” and escort them. It’s not enough to only “remove” the earthbound soul if there is no transition happening at the very same time. Because if that transition is not completed, they might return. With a Personal Clearing, this transition is carried out effectively and definitively.

The full treatment lasts approx. for four hours (= core time), with the energy field continuing to be effective throughout the night, which is why it is important to reserve this time frame.

You should be able to relax without any interruption or disturbance during that entire time. This is why the starting time is always in the evening, so that you can go straight to sleep afterwards if you haven’t fallen asleep throughout the process already.

We will of course match the time zone you’re currently in.

For the execution I only need your binding, mandatory notification – the contact between us is I established on a spiritual level only. You should be relaxed at the agreed upon time in a rather pleasant environment. Please do not work next to the process or drive or watch TV – simply relax.

This offer only refers to healing work on the mental& spiritual as alternative, non-medical practitioners and doctors are in charge for medical matters.

Spiritual healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional like non-medical practitioners, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. In this specific healing work I do not extinguish or dissolve the effects of any physical agents or vaccines on a physical level, nor are the medical effects of a vaccination changed or even medical side effects prevented by it. And it does certainly not replace going to the doctor or alternative practitioner, just as the doctor cannot replace the work of a shaman.

My offer is purely about the energetic signatures of vaccinations and their agents & ingredients, solely about (re-)activating the self-healing powers that we all inhabit.

So – what are you waiting for? Get back to me and let’s get going!

Freiheit und Fülle nach einem Personal Clearing durch Schamane gerhard Zirkel
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