personal Clearing

Cleansing and energizing, dissolving occupations, creating space for new life energy.


Do you feel drained and lacking in energy? Is your energy not enough for the whole day? Do you feel like you are being controlled by others? Do you feel cut off from your life force?

Would you like to change that?

Or maybe you have had a treatment or a vaccination, you are medically well, but your life energy is not up to par? Something is wrong, something is blocked? Something is inside you that doesn’t belong there? Then let’s solve it on an energetic level!

A Personal Clearing is like cleaning a hard drive, like taking a shower, only energetically.

Generally, every human being is connected to the energy system of the universe, so that they have more than enough life energy at their disposal. But if these energetic connections are disturbed because the life energy cannot flow or your system is practically “clogged up” with old used life energy, then this energy flow no longer works properly and you get the feeling of being cut off from life.

Perhaps you also have, without noticing it, occupations by earthbound souls or other entities that take life energy from you. This is not uncommon and often we don’t notice it for a long time in everyday life.

But as bad as it sounds, it can be solved. Old, dull, used-up, blocking and musty energies can be transformed and occupations can be released. And that is exactly what I do in a Personal Clearing.

Your connection to the universal power source of the universe is repaired / strengthened.

Your self-healing powers are activated and you are connected with your creative power and your potential.

You find and walk your soul path more easily

Clarity can manifest itself

A protection against negative energetic influences is built up

Harmful energy signatures are diverted or transformed

Possibly existing occupations by foreign entities are released and you regain full access to your own energy system.

Cast spells! Sounds flippant, but it says exactly what it means. An energetic clearing cannot make all your problems go away. It can cleanse, energize and recharge, but if your blockages come from your ancestral lineage or from deep-seated beliefs and behavior patterns, then only shamanic coaching can help. Because then it is about you finding and walking your path, about you implementing changes yourself.

However, the clearing will put you energetically in a position to be able to go this way, so it is a sensible basis for further development steps.

One speaks of an earthbound soul when a person dies and his soul does not find the way into the spiritual world, does not complete the transition. Often this happens unintentionally because the person was unexpectedly torn from life. Or the person cannot let go of his life and stays here on purpose.

These souls no longer have a body, but still exist here on the material earth. They often look for someone whose body they can “attach” themselves to. Without knowing that they can harm their host by doing so.

Most of the time, they need someone to show them the way “home” and accompany them. It is important that the process is clean. It is of no use if the earthbound soul is removed but does not complete the transition. Then it will come back again. In a Personal Clearing exactly this transition is carried out cleanly and finally.

The Personal Clearing is carried out remotely and lasts about four hours plus the following night.

This is why the start time is always in the evening, so that you can go straight to sleep afterwards. Or continue sleeping if you have already fallen asleep before. The energy field can then work all night and is not distracted by any subsequent activities.

Of course, we will adjust the starting time to the time zone in which you are currently staying.

I only need your binding registration, the contact will be established purely on a spiritual level. You should be relaxed in a comfortable environment at the agreed time. Please do not work, watch TV or drive!

This offer refers purely to matters on a spiritual-emotional level and not to medical-material matters. This is the responsibility of alternative practitioners and doctors.

Personal Clearing does not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. Just as a doctor cannot replace the work of a shaman.

My offer is purely about energetic signatures, purely about activating the self-healing powers that each of us possesses.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me and let’s get started!

Freiheit und Fülle nach einem Personal Clearing durch Schamane gerhard Zirkel

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from any distance

bookable worldwide

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  • Duration, approx. 4 hours plus the following night
  • Individual appointment
  • Payment in EUR, USD or crypto

Occupation / Earthbound Soul

In the shamanic context, an occupation is the partial or complete possession of a human being by an entity that no longer possesses a material body, but nevertheless resides among living people. A so-called earthbound soul.

What sounds somewhat unwieldy in this short form, is a phenomenon that is not so rare in practice.

What is an earthbound soul

We humans are spiritual beings (the soul) which incarnate here in the material world. We create ourselves so to speak a body with which we live here. If this body dies, we go as spiritual being, thus as pure soul, again “back” into the spiritual world. From there we incarnate then sooner or later again.

Now it can happen that our soul does not complete this transition after the death of the body. This can have the most diverse causes.

Of course, this list can never be complete, but it certainly gives a small overview of the possible causes. So if our soul stays here for whatever reason, it is thus an earthbound soul.

We are torn out of life so suddenly by an accident that we do not even notice it at first and remain here in this world by mistake, so to speak. Later we do not find the “exit” any more.

We die a violent death and harbor feelings of revenge, so we want to stay here to take revenge.

We can’t let go of the life we had, maybe we can’t tear ourselves away from our beloved place of residence, so we stay here.

We cannot let go of a loved one who is still alive and we want to stay to be with him/her or to protect them.

We are not let go by a still living person and stay for his/her sake.

We have died by suicide and after our death we are either disappointed about the lack of liberating effect (which occurs only after the transition to the spiritual side) or we are ashamed and do not dare to change sides.

We have been prevented from crossing over by spells and/or curses and may even be deliberately used to cause harm.

What do earthbound souls do

These souls do not always remain alone. Many of them attach themselves to living people. Because they may be looking for help, because they are lonely, or even to actually get revenge or protect someone.

But since they no longer have a body, their possibilities are very limited for the time being. They can only work energetically, with the exception of the few souls who find ways to cause haunting phenomena. But this is really very rare.

For the people who are “chosen” by such a soul this can have fatal consequences. From lack of energy in the best case, the effects go up to complete control by the soul.

There have been cases of alcoholics who only acted out the addiction of their occupation and actually would not have become addicted themselves. Also, many shamans believe that not all inmates of psychiatric institutions are there because of illness. It is possible that some are simply suffering from unrecognized occupations.

If earthbound souls are sitting in houses or apartments, it may feel to the occupants as if they have no place in their home. Or they feel constantly watched or even controlled by others.

Often earthbound souls gather together and whoever has one occupation quickly runs the risk of catching a second and third.

This happens mainly when we are weakened. Perhaps through illness, general anesthesia, alcohol or drug influence. Or when we have the innate ability to perceive earthbound souls, but we are not aware of it or we repress it.

What you can do

Every shaman can help with possession phenomena, this is part of the core work of a shaman.

In case of occupations in houses, apartments, cars, boats and places, energetic clearing helps.

Personal Clearing is the method of choice for occupied persons.

It is important to always keep in mind how the respective occupation could arise, in order to eliminate the cause if necessary. I always do this in my work.

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