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Real estate clearing

We humans are spiritual beings with a body. And just as we constantly leave traces on a material level, we do the same energetically. If you have had visitors, you have to vacuum and mop afterwards. No matter how clean the people were, it never works without dirt. This is also the case energetically!

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  • Energy cleaning of real estate, houses, apartments, properties…
  • Energetic cleaning of cars, boats, airplanes, objects…
  • Energetic cleaning of properties
  • Elimination of demons and haunting phenomena
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  • Thorough energy cleaning of properties and objects
  • Energetic cleaning of cars, boats, airplanes, objects …
  • Energetic cleaning of properties
  • Elimination of demons and haunting phenomena
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How does real estate clearing work?

  • Dirt
    Also energetically
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    The future
This is also the case in terms of energy

This is also the case in terms of energy. No matter where we are, we leave behind energetic traces.

They may not be as noticeable as the material traces, but if no one removes them, they become denser. And then suddenly a house like this no longer feels good. Not fresh and free and open, but dull and musty. Life is then like wading through wet dough. Doesn’t work properly, doesn’t feel good.

It’s exhausting and draining in the long run. Especially when it’s not just the mustiness from your own visit, but also from the previous occupants.

That’s not a problem in itself, but in this country we’ve somehow forgotten about it. That you should do an energetic clearing, also known as “space clearing”, from time to time.

A little background information

When a person dies physically, the soul goes back to the spiritual level from whence it came. Theoretically. Ideally. Mostly.

But not always. Some of us don’t make the leap after death. They stay there. Which is a stupid situation, because as a soul without a body you can’t really live here and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

And so these souls can be found almost everywhere, even in houses. Either because they lived and died there and now don’t want to or can’t leave. Or because they somehow got into the house and love it there. Because there may already be other souls there. This usually means that the current residents can’t get their energy into it. Because someone is already there. It somehow always feels full or musty or you immediately get the feeling that there’s someone there. Or several.

But that can be sorted out, most earthbound souls are quite happy when someone helps them. I’ll do it. It’s my job. Is part of the clearing process.

Demons and haunting phenomena

Rarely, really very rarely, do earthbound souls solidify in such a way that they can actually have a material effect. Not really productive, but that’s how haunting phenomena arise. And they can be pretty nasty, some of these souls are malicious and want to do harm. This is called a demon – and they can also be removed. Whether they want to or not.

My house is brand new …

… what should be there?

The house has just been built and is therefore energetically clean? Yes, puff cake! Have you ever been on a building site? As a rule, construction workers are not exactly squeamish in what they say.

Which you can’t blame them for, there are enough problems and delays on a building site to get annoyed often and intensely.

The energy from building sites is very intense and the new house definitely contains it.

And then there is the energy contained in the materials and, of course, what was there before. In our latitudes, there is hardly a piece of land that is not contaminated by something that was there at some point.

How it works

The energy cleaning of properties and other objects is usually carried out purely from a distance.

I don’t have to be on site, because the work is done on a spiritual level anyway.

The offer

In order to be able to estimate the costs and make an offer, I need the floor plans and 1-2 photos of the property from the outside so that I can get an idea.

For cars, boats, airplanes, objects, etc., the photos are sufficient.

I connect mentally with the object, estimate the work involved and then make a fixed price offer.

The payment

If the offer is accepted, I will send the invoice. You can pay by bank transfer in euros, USD or crypto

The clearing

I will carry out the clearing after receipt of payment. Normally it doesn’t matter whether you are at home during my work or not.

However, you may feel my presence relatively strongly. If that bothers you, then we will surely find a time when you are not present.

The evaluation

You will receive a confirmation from me after clearing that I am finished. I won’t tell you in detail afterwards what I found with you.

Not because it’s a big secret, but so that you don’t ponder so much about what might have been there. When I’m finished with my work, it doesn’t matter what was there before.

The object is then clean!

The future

After clearing, your property is protected for a certain period of time. Of course, it doesn’t last forever.

I would be happy to carry out subsequent clearings on a regular basis if you would like me to. So whether it’s a new or old house, whether you’ve lived there for a long time or have just moved in, whether you’ve already noticed something or not: do the clearing. Preferably before you move in.


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