The energetic clearing?

Part of my service is to carry out energetic clearings and I also do this for real estate. This is a very important aspect that people are becoming more and more aware of.
Gerhard Zirkel

Because especially in turbulent times, it is important to have an unencumbered retreat. Unfortunately, most properties, whether new or existing, are anything but unencumbered. There is a lot going wrong in terms of energy, so it is all the more important to take professional care of it.

But what is this energetic clearing and why is it so important?

Let me expand briefly

Do you know what a smoke house is? No? This is the name of a type of house from days long gone. Back then, before the Middle Ages, there were no glass windows and no wood-burning stoves. Not even the fireplace had been invented.

So how did people heat their homes? Quite simply, they had a fireplace in the middle of the house and the smoke escaped through a hole in the roof. Now you can imagine what the air was like in these houses.

If not, sit in a tent and make a small fire. Let’s see when you run out of air. Of course, people back then didn’t know any different and so they probably put up with the smoke somehow.

They didn’t get old back then, it was usually over at 35. Also because of the smoke, which was of course extremely harmful to health in this concentration. But they didn’t know any different.

Until someone invented the chimney and the smoke was no longer drawn into the house, but up the chimney. Now the air was better and the people healthier. At some point, someone came up with the idea of closing the open fireplace with a door and the oven was invented. And again, the air was cleaner and the people healthier.

And so it went on, hygiene was invented, soap, baths, glass windows and so on. All with the aim of making life healthier. And people began to live longer.

Until today.

And now everything is great?

You might think that everything is great and perfect now. The air is relatively clean, the apartment is warm and the bathroom is ready. There’s nothing more to invent? Nothing more to improve?

Oh yes, there is. Namely at the energy level. Incidentally, this is a level that they were already familiar with in the smokehouse. So you don’t really have to invent anything anymore. You just have to be aware of it and then DO it.

This refers to energetic cleansing. We humans are energetic beings and wherever we go, we leave traces. You probably know that when you’ve had visitors, they hang around for a while. Is somehow still noticeable. Especially if the visit was very intense or even unpleasant.

You then take the vacuum cleaner or mop and clean up. Not just because there would be visible dirt, but because you feel uncomfortable not doing it.

The problem

But what you are feeling is not material dirt, it is energy. And you can’t get rid of them with a mop. Especially not if it has accumulated over the years or even comes from the previous occupant.

You will feel it at some point. Your apartment feels dull and musty. Your energy is off when you’re there. Sleep is no longer restful. You may even have the feeling that there is someone or something in the room. If this energy condenses further, it can lead to haunting phenomena.

And earthbound souls love to nest where there is a lot of old energy. They literally lie down in it, like in a made bed. And then it slowly but surely chokes you off.

The energetic super disaster

Everything that takes place in our homes, be it visits, activities, thoughts, feelings, etc., leaves energy behind. Even in times of social distancing, the energy burden is not decreasing.

No, it is rising. Because we are virtually locked in. Along with our insecurity, our fears, our reluctance. We sit together in a more or less confined space and simmer away on a low flame, so to speak. And the smaller this space is, the more difficult it becomes for us.

Everything that burdens us is even more intense due to the current situation, everything that we were somehow able to carry outside now stays with us in the apartment. And nobody knows for how long. This is more than demanding in terms of energy.

What’s more, many of us are inevitably working from home. And what does that mean? Of course, we also bring the energy from our workplace home with us. Not just when we come home from work as usual. No, we are energetically planting our boss, our colleagues and all the company’s problems in the middle of our living room or kitchen.

This is the energetic super disaster

And this super disaster will remain, because even when everything returns to normal, this energy will not simply disappear on its own. Neither does the dirt from the street. The energy must be eliminated, and preferably not at some point in the distant future but in between.

So that the place is worth living in again and the family is still a family afterwards.

The solution

Just as there are cleaners for material dirt, there are also cleaners for energetic dirt. This is exactly what energetic clearing is made for. In such a clearing, I cleanse your home of all the old energy that makes it appear dull and musty.

I cleanse them of earthbound souls and other “inhabitants”, I make them energetically fresh again. That’s a lot of work, so it comes at a price. But you don’t have to hire me every week like a cleaning lady, just occasionally. Once a year is enough and we should definitely carry out a thorough cleaning once.

The big advantage for you is that you can do this remotely. Since it’s about energy, I don’t have to be on site. It may make sense for you to leave the apartment at the time of cleaning, as such a process can be quite exhausting. But apart from that, you don’t have to do anything. The effect is phenomenal, you will feel it immediately.

Incidentally, sellers of real estate and sometimes even estate agents are increasingly engaging me. This is because they have discovered that energy-efficient properties are easier and often even more expensive to sell.

What are you waiting for?

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