MRNA vaccination “the Borg”

the following article presents my view as a shaman and magician on the mRNA “vaccination” against Covid19 that has been propagated worldwide for some time. We are not here to discuss whether there was actually a pandemic or not, and certainly not to discuss political aspects.
Gerhard Zirkel
mRNA – the “Borg” – more than just a vaccination

It’s all about how I perceive the “vaccine” and its effect on a spiritual level. I put the term “vaccine” in quotation marks because I am of the opinion that this is by no means what we have understood by a vaccination up to now.

The vaccination program, which was largely initiated by the WHO, was controversial from the outset. In the meantime, the massive side effects and damage are increasingly appearing in the mass media.

However, only the physical and medical side effects make the headlines. These are also worrying, but only part of the total.

Much more dramatic than the physical effects is another aspect of this “vaccination”. Namely the effect on a spiritual and mental level. This is still discussed far too little and certainly not in the general public. Although this effect has far more dramatic consequences than any physical symptoms.

This “vaccination” attempts to separate people from their spiritual and energetic basis. And not passively, as previous vaccinations have done, but actively, which in my opinion is not a side effect, but the primary effect of this substance. Whether intentional or not.

This “vaccination” acts as an entity and does so in a targeted and very structured way.

People, energy and connection

We humans are incarnations of spiritual beings. We exist on the level of energy, from which all matter arises. And even while we are incarnated here materially, we have a connection to our higher self on the level of energy.

Not only healers and shamans have them, everyone has them. Even if not everyone actively works with it, even if not everyone is aware of it.

This “vaccination” attempts to sever this connection. As a result, the human being exists as a purely material shell without contact to the source of his energy. It’s a little reminiscent of zombies or the “Borg” from “Starship Enterprise”.

Anyone who still has their connection will notice the change that comes with it. People who have lost their connection can no longer be reached on a spiritual level. There is no more resonance. They appear robotic, are no longer accessible and are no longer critical of the forces they are trying to control.

They follow the most abstruse ideologies unthinkingly and thoughtlessly. Parents lose the energetic connection to their children, families lose the connection to each other, people degenerate into mere shells.

It’s all very subtle and only noticeable when you consciously connect and in many cases you no longer get a response.

A key experience in Colombia

One experience clearly showed me the extent of the misery, even though I had already carried out countless vaccine transformations at the time and had developed a certain professionalism in dealing with this energy. Nevertheless, the massiveness of this experience pretty much “knocked my socks off”.

It was November 2021, we traveled to Bogota, Colombia for a few days. Shortly before the country introduced compulsory vaccination for entry. Within the country, many people had already been vaccinated and there didn’t seem to be many critics, at least not publicly.

One day we were out and about in the center of Bogota and came across a market. There was a huge crowd, normally we avoid such events, but it looked like there were only a few market stalls and so we pushed our way through.

The further we got, the more aware we became of the sheer size of this market and it must have taken us an hour to get out of the biggest crowds. Something like that happens to you in Latin America, a rather funny adventure in itself.

So far so good, we were on our way home again when suddenly, for no apparent reason, our older daughter stumbled and hit her face on the floor. Not much happened, but still a fall that would not have happened under normal circumstances. A child may stumble out of nowhere, but it catches itself and doesn’t hit its nose on the pavement for long.

A few hundred meters further on, our little daughter runs into a wall just as suddenly and for no reason. While running, she turned and ran straight into the front of the house. Also with the nose, without intercepting. Without reason. She may be a wild child, but there’s never been anything like it.

And when we finally got home, I was literally “dismantled”. Out of nowhere, attacks of fever, aching limbs, dizziness and nausea. And – and this really worried me at that moment – I had lost contact with my spirits!

That was new for me. I’ve been sick a lot and before anyone cries out “that was Corona”, I’ve been sick worse. Much worse. But I never lost contact with my spirits. That was new and it really scared me at first.

It took me two days to re-establish contact and find out what had happened. We were infected by the “vaccination”. For the first time I could feel this entity in my own body and it was a dramatic experience.

Unlike evil-meaning entities, demons or black magic attacks, for example, I was suddenly dealing with a kind of semi-mechanical being. A being with whom I could make contact, but who was not accessible. For nothing. It wanted nothing but to do its “job”. Like a machine. And this job consisted of gaining control over myself and separating myself from my energetic base. Which she succeeded in doing temporarily.

I felt reminded of the “Borg” from “Starship Enterprise”. And the only way to push this creature back was massive violence. While you can usually still negotiate with a demon, it was impossible here because there was simply no response. This entity was simply not accessible for anything.

I was only able to force every single one of these beings out of me and then out of my family with the help of my spirits and massive pressure. I was only able to do all this because I already had experience with it, because I have a lot of experience with shamanic-magical work and because I had concentrated all my energy on it. I must have been flat for a week and even after that it took a while before I was really fit again.

What must it be like for people who are completely unprepared, perhaps even completely unaware?


People in whom the effect fully unfolds lose the connection to themselves on a spiritual level, to their higher self. They become quasi “empty” shells, existences that exist purely materially.

The essence of the “vaccination” works a bit like an occupation. She takes control of her host and makes him work for her. This explains why vaccinated people vehemently defend their vaccination even when they are already experiencing severe physical symptoms. And that these people are no longer in a position to look for a solution. Because they are no longer themselves.

Even definitive suggestions are often met with extremely aggressive reactions, including open death threats.

And since this experience, it has become increasingly clear to me and my family how people are changing in the various countries we visit. Energetic access to these people is often almost impossible.

This is not outwardly noticeable, but on closer inspection there is no longer any resonance. We often had the strong feeling that we were no longer interacting with people but with human machines. They work, but without an energetic connection.


The way I see it, this “vaccine” is already conquering the world without having to be actively injected. It is already in the water, air and food and it spreads from person to person.

This explains why some definite opponents of vaccination suddenly show symptoms. Are less accessible, are no longer connected. Some of them are no longer critical. Some may still notice that something is wrong, but they no longer have the opportunity to take action.

Protecting my family and myself also demands a lot from me. In addition to all the clients who confide in me. It is possible, but it is exhausting and it is an ongoing process.

Why all this?

I can only speculate about this, because unlike a demon, a possession or a magical attack, I get no response to the question of why. I realize that this must be about power. But who exactly wants to exercise this power and for what purpose is not entirely clear to me either. Is it even a targeted plan and if so, by whom or what?

It almost feels as if the much-vaunted “artificial intelligence” is already much more advanced than we think. You could almost think that there is already some kind of machine behind it that also wants to turn people into a kind of machine.

Because without contact to our spiritual and energetic base, we are just machines. Again, the comparison to the “Borg” from “Starship Enterprise” comes to mind. This way of life was also about assimilating and equalizing all life. The purpose for which this was ultimately to take place remained unclear. Power as an end in itself? And who or what is behind the “machine”?

Of course, it is also conceivable that deeply human goals are being pursued. But that would be a dangerous game. Perhaps one that has long since gotten out of control?

This naturally raises the question of why compulsory vaccination is still being pushed through with such vehemence among soldiers in particular. Why the soldiers in particular? What are we working towards here?

The spiritual scene

It is also alarming that the “leaders” of the spiritual scene in particular, those gurus, speakers, coaches etc., have also promoted this “vaccination” almost en masse and are still doing so. The better known and with the more followers, the more vehemently the pro-vaccination line was often pursued.

I receive inquiries from people who are desperate to find that all their spiritual teachers are no longer recognizable. They are no longer accessible, sometimes take a dogmatic line and try to indoctrinate their students.

What to do?

If you are aware of the danger because you still have your connection, you can and must fight against it and at least keep yourself “clean”. Even harsh critics are currently softening, losing their bite and being drawn into this energy. Even very spiritual people lose contact with themselves and often don’t realize it. They become empty shells that continue to appear very spiritual to the outside world. But if you feel it, there is no longer any resonance.

We have met many interesting and very critical people on our long-term journey since the end of 2020, but the response is increasingly drying up here too. There are fewer of them, many seem to have given up or are now also fading into the obedient masses.

It is the task of all healers, shamans, magicians etc. to analyze this energy and push it back. Whether the problem can ever be solved for good remains to be seen. I now see this as a kind of war against the human connection to the source of our energy. Perhaps one that has been running for a long time and is only now really showing itself?

Or is it part of our development?

In my opinion, this process is by no means irreversible. This semi-mechanical entity of the “vaccination” is effective as long as it is in the host’s body. If they are removed from it, people re-establish their connection to the spiritual level.

This does not mean that existing physical symptoms disappear, but they become treatable again. People become human again. However, it can also be reinfected.

This work requires a lot of energy and an alert connection, but it is not impossible. We humans are still incarnations of spiritual entities even when we are disconnected and we are all basically on the same level. No one is fundamentally superior to the other, it is not possible for one side to “win” and one to “lose”.


This “fight” seems to be a longer-term problem. It is certainly a battle against man as an incarnation of universal energy. Or perhaps a fight against ourselves? It is important to be awake, to listen and, above all, to explicitly tap into your own strength again and again.

There are still an incredible number of alert and connected people around the world, and the situation is by no means hopeless. Rather, I see this as a learning task for many healers and shamans. Let’s accept it!

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