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Lugnasad (pronounced: Luu-na-sah) on August 1st is the festival of light, the festival of maximum energy, of absolute abundance. But also thanks for the first harvest of the year. This is exactly what you can use when you need maximum boost, maximum power for your current projects or when you want to give thanks for the first harvest of your efforts.

At a glance
  • You want to really enjoy the power of summer and the sun
  • You want to stimulate growth, whether business or private
  • You are in the process of personal change and need maximum impetus
  • You are at the end of a process and want to give thanks for the harvest
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  • Duration, approx. 2 days
  • Supporting energy field
  • Email support
  • From a distance
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What you get

  • You will receive comprehensive background information on the Celtic annual festival Lugnasad
  • I build an energetic field for you that protects, supports and accompanies you
  • You will receive email support in case of questions or uncertainties
  • You receive guided and protected access to the spiritual world
  • You get energetic support when you need a maximum boost for your projects
  • The accompaniment takes place completely from a distance, or on a spiritual level. No calls or on-site appointments necessary

How the Lugnasad guidance works

  • Lugnasad
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  • Background knowledge
    The god Lug
  • What you can do
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  • What I can do
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Short explanation

Lugnasad (pronounced: Luu-na-sah) on August 1st is the festival of light, the festival of maximum energy, of absolute abundance.

But also thanks for the first harvest of the year.

Lugnasad lies exactly between the summer solstice and the autumnal equinox, a time that was extremely important for people in the past and should be for us modern people again.

In the past, it was a matter of accompanying the first harvest to maturity and protecting it from pests, drought, floods and fire. Because the continued existence of the clan depended on this harvest.

Today, of course, this is no longer so dramatic, at least not in our part of the world. Today it is no longer about our physical food but rather about us and our personal spiritual/mental development.

Because at Lugnasad, our energy in the annual cycle is also in the maximum possible range and we should definitely take advantage of this.

August is the month with the highest energy. Not only the energy of the sun and the heat that makes the air shimmer, but also the life energy of us humans.

The word Lugnasad and the time

Lugnasad means “marriage of light” and is pronounced Luu-na-sah.

Lugnasad means “marriage of light” and is pronounced Luu-na-sah.

While this name goes back purely to the Celts, the festival is known in the Saxon region as Lammas and generally also as the reapers’ festival, as the first grain was cut around this time.

Lugnasad is celebrated on August 1, so it is exactly halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox.

The god Lug

The god Lug was worshipped especially in later Celtic times. His name means “light” or also “the bright one”, “the shining one”.

Through him, people explicitly turned to the sun in its strongest power.

He is often depicted with a long arm in the form of a ray of light or lightning and is associated with the special power of the Celtic places of power, which are still known today as Celtic redoubts.

At that time, light or lightning ceremonies were held there to bring the power of light closer to the people and make it tangible. Whether this was staged at the time or whether the druids actually knew how to transform the energy of these places into visible light phenomena is no longer entirely clear.

But that’s not the point, it’s about feeling the power of light and using it for yourself. And that is exactly what Lugnasad can still do for people today.

In general, the worship of Lug was always about a light connection or marriage of light between heaven and earth, which was brought closer to the people by the priests so that they could experience the divine directly.

August in general and its festivals

August has always been a very light-filled month with many festivals to match. For example, the Marian feast days from August 5 to 15, the so-called Frauendreißiger.

They begin on August 5 with the strange-sounding festival “Maria-Schnee”, whereby the snow is presumably a reference to the bright, light-filled, and end with the Assumption of Mary on August 15. Incidentally, this date is also the birthday of Isis, the great mother and queen of heaven. Another reference to the light.

Like festivals in earlier times, Lugnasad was also merry and extravagant. There would have been dances in honor of the sun, parades and parades around the fields to give thanks for the harvest and to ask for a new one.

A good time for …

Lugnasad is a good time to feel, experience and use the enormous power of light in its full intensity with a little help.

This does not always have to be harmonious; like a cleansing summer thunderstorm, this energy can also manifest itself in conflict and aggression.

It is important to always return to a constructive level afterwards and to use the energy to consistently continue on your own path.

Lugnasad strengthens our motivation to go outwards, to show ourselves, to live our energy in an extroverted way. It enhances the desire to create, to be creative.

Especially in our society, where any outburst of energy is immediately tamed, channeled and suppressed, Lugnasad is a reminder that this has not always been the case and does not always have to remain so.

Perhaps such celebrations help us to learn to show our energy again. Because only those who show themselves are noticed, only those who show themselves can turn their energy into something concrete.

What I can do

I accompany you energetically through the process that Lugnasad inevitably activates.

I hold the space, ensure safety and the necessary energy flow so that you can concentrate fully on yourself, your path and your energy. So that your life can really get going again before the annual cycle retreats again.


The whole thing works remotely, so you can take part anywhere in the world, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The spiritual level on which we work knows no spatial dimension.

I’ll build for you on 01.08. an energy field that supplies you with as much energy as you can accept and implement. No matter how much it is. You will remain in this field until 02.08.

And before that, I’ll give you a guide with suggestions and ways to support your plans.


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