You are not you if …

… you’re hungry? Yes, probably that too, but that’s not the point here. It’s more about dreams, visions and your life.
Gerhard Zirkel

Ideally, you should live your dream instead of dreaming your life. Ideally, you are YOU, with all your potential, with all your energy, with everything you have brought into this life. But what is ideal nowadays … ?

A story

Let me tell you a story. It’s actually two stories about two people who couldn’t have been more different. They both really existed, these stories are not made up.

Let’s call them Klaus and Frank, the names are made up, you’ll find out why below. Let’s start with Klaus.


Even as a child, Klaus was more of a dreamer. Very sensitive, often misunderstood and not really fitting into the system. But he got through it well, did what he was supposed to do and was even more or less successful at school. His parents were also behind it, making sure that he studied and did his homework.

He wasn’t too interested in what was taught at school, but his grades were good and he quickly got a good apprenticeship. At the municipal utilities. It’s a secure job, public service, you can’t go wrong.

Not really a dream job, but a training position. And that was important, his parents assured him. Even when he wanted to drop out of his apprenticeship because the job wasn’t really for him, they assured him of this and of course he listened to them. No, you can’t drop out of an apprenticeship.

So he went through with it and then even made a career in another company. Family, children, car, apartment, the whole program, he managed it well. Somehow. It worked. A little hobby for after work.

Happy? Well, “passt scho”, as the Bavarian says. No more, but also no less.


Frank was completely different. He was always an adventurer, even as a child. Tried everything, had lots of friends and was at the forefront of every nonsense. He only listened to his parents sporadically at best, there was so much to discover in the world.

I went through school like nothing, right up to the Abitur. After that he didn’t study something boring, but founded a company, ignored all the doubters and naggers and made it big with the company, earned millions and had a lot of fun.

He was just as good with money as he was with people. Investing, speculating, shares, real estate etc… no problem at all. Because Frank could also think hard and delve into such topics.

Frank just did his thing and he was happy with it. And if not, then he simply changed something. Nobody tried to stop him.

He also no longer lived in Germany, at least not permanently and certainly not in winter. Caribbean, Asia, America, he went wherever he wanted to go. Sailing boat, own airplane, big car, whatever. He was able to get it and if not, he always knew how he could manage it.

He also packed his family and children in with him, and that went just as smoothly as everything else. He just did something, was active, solved problems when they arose. Not a problem for him.

Why am I telling you this?

But why am I telling you this? I have written about myself. Yes, both times. I am Klaus AND Frank. Sounds strange? It is not at all. Klaus was me in “real” life and Frank was me in my dream world.

Both were and are real, including the dream world. But this dream world existed in a different reality, on a different level. Now you could say, why didn’t you make the dream world come true back then?

Yes, good question. Simple answer: Because there was no connection. Sure, I had this dream world and I also knew that there were people who lived this dream world for real. I even knew some.

But that one link that would have enabled me to make the dream world a reality was somehow not there. Like a missing part in a machine that was not supplied. A missing screw in the Ikea shelf, without which you can’t assemble it. And which you don’t have delivered to you because the idea is somehow missing.

The idea that the dream world could be realized was not even there. Let alone a path. The possibility of making the dream world real did not exist in my life at that time. Missing screw. Was not delivered. Point.

The problem

Many people are at this or a similar point. They live a “real” life and it works. For some, it even works very well – job, house, car, family and so on – and is not directly terrible.

But in the background there is another level with life as it should be. This life is also real, but on a completely different level.

Some people know this world in great detail, as I did back then. Others just have a feeling that there is still something there. If … yes, if there wasn’t this one piece missing. This link that would make the dream world realizable in reality.

The big thing is not even that current life is dramatically bad. No, that works. Somehow. It works and if you get hit on the head again, then you swallow it. It does go on somehow.

The pressure is never so great that you are completely on the ground. It’s more of a latent suffering, with the feeling that there must still be something there … but how to get there? Besides, everything is actually fine somehow. And with something to lose, do you really want to risk a big change? What if it goes wrong … ?

Well, what would Frank have said?

All by itself?

No, certainly not that. Nothing moves on its own. You must … yes, quite deliberately, I write “you must” here. The spiritual scene likes to tell you that you don’t have to do anything, that you can do everything and that it’s enough if you manifest it, then it will come. If you just go into love enough and do everything with ease …

No, big misunderstanding. Sure, if your desire is to become a millionaire, you can sit on the couch and manifest your millions, that’s actually a pretty good idea to start with. But after that, they won’t just fly into your account, you’ll see opportunities to earn them.

And yes, you have to. You have to take chances, you have to work, you have to create, you have to go out and and and … but you will see that this is a completely different “have to” than before. Because it leads you to yourself and your life.

I was allowed (sic!) to learn that. Sometimes the painful way. No dream is born from sitting around. But from active action. And that includes the whole journey, from recognizing that your dreams can become real, to working on the blockages that seem to prevent this, to taking concrete steps, to accepting the harvest.

Now I’m Klaus AND Frank and that’s pretty cool.

Alone or with help

You can accept help in this way or not. I had a lot of help, even if it wasn’t structured. I practically fought my way from station to station. A lot of trial and even more error. But it was worth it, now I have realized a lot of my dreams from back then. Maybe not everything, but some dreams have also faded or changed. And I still have some ahead of me, I’m still in the middle of my journey.

If you like, I can accompany you. Because I know the path well, after all, I have walked it. I have developed processes that can help you to do the same. Faster and more efficient than I was back then. And that’s what I do every day with my clients.

There are people who are “small employees” and suddenly they feel that they can actually get out of it. Suddenly they see that there are ways to generate 50,000 or 100,000 or even more a month as an entrepreneur. Suddenly you can not only feel it but also put it into practice. Very real. And that’s no hocus-pocus, others can do it too.

Or others see ways out of an oppressive family situation. Ways out of relationships with partners or parents that are characterized by narcissistic or other patterns of abuse or by seemingly unsolvable dependencies.

Or they see that they don’t have to live in a certain country, a certain city or a certain apartment. That what they have been dreaming of all their lives can really be realized. Because it might actually be better for them somewhere else. Or where they are, just implemented differently.

There are people who suddenly find access to their dreams and find ways to make them real. There are some really blatant things in there. And the great thing is: if you have a clear goal and can see the way, you’re already halfway there. Then you can manage the rest.

If not?

If you don’t want help right now, go on alone, that’s okay too. But GO, for heaven’s sake. Don’t sit around dreaming, go out and put it into practice. What could happen, in the worst case scenario you’ll be happy!

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