Time between the years – Rauhnachts guidance

The time between the years. The time when the old year ends and the new one begins. The time of the greatest darkness, the greatest seclusion. The gates to the spiritual world are much wider open than usual. A very special challenge. Because not only are the gates to the spiritual world wide open, but also the gates to yourself and to your deepest life issues.

At a glance
  • You know about the magic of this time, but don’t want to go through it alone
  • You can’t quite grasp the rough nights
  • You want to use the potential of this time, but don’t know exactly how
  • You want to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this time
Offer placeholder
  • Duration, approx. 16 nights
  • Energy field over the entire time
  • Precise instructions
  • Email support throughout the entire period
680 Euro

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What you get

  • You will receive instructions for each of the Rauhnächte and my support
  • You are in a supporting and protective energy field
  • You can open yourself up completely without having to worry about losing control
  • You will be guided through the Rauhnächte and can concentrate fully on yourself
  • You don’t have to drive anywhere or make a phone call. I work for you from a distance
  • All the Christmas hype won’t be able to throw you off track

This is how the Rauhnachts guidance works

  • The Rough Nights
    The problem
  • The huge opportunity
    But something is still possible
  • Timing
    It’s very simple for you
  • The Yule festival
    That’s where it all begins
What is the problem?

During the Rauhnächte, the connection between you on a material level and you on a spiritual level is much more direct and stronger.

Your access to the higher dimensions of the universe is also more stable, the gates to the other world are wide open.

Many a shadow appears and the omnipresent Christmas hype with which we try to distract ourselves only makes everything more complicated.

In this situation, to make matters worse, we are confronted with our family, often parts of it that we would rather have nothing to do with all year round. We invite people we never see all year round, laden with expectations of all kinds. We try to do justice to ourselves and to them.

So it’s no wonder that this cocktail of influences and possibilities overwhelms some of us. Who hasn’t had the feeling of wanting to run far away between the years?

Except that it doesn’t work. Because we always take ourselves with us and the spiritual world also opens up to us in the Caribbean.

But something is still possible

But all this is not only challenging, it is also a huge opportunity. Because if you manage to use this time for yourself and your further development, then you will start the new year stronger and the rucksack you have with you will be a lot lighter.

Imagine having a companion by your side to help you through this challenging time. Who holds you when things get demanding, but doesn’t restrict you when you’re coping on your own. Imagine you have one of these and it works so discreetly that you don’t even see it.

Energetic protection and energetic accompaniment for 16 full nights!

I accompany you energetically through the Rauhnächte. No, of course not personally, where do you think you’re going! You have enough people around you as it is. I do that from a distance, because it’s about energetic support. So on a spiritual level. There’s no spatial dimension there, so it doesn’t matter where I am or where you are.

So you don’t have to come to me and I don’t have to come to you. And we don’t need to set a fixed time either. I build up an energetic field and take you into it every night. A field that holds you, that strengthens you, that helps you to keep in touch with yourself and to use it. It helps you to find clarity, make the most of your time and shields you a little from the hustle and bustle of the colorful consumer world.

It’s a bit like the long-distance sessions, but specifically geared towards the time between the years and not “just” for an hour, but for the whole of the Rauhnächte.

And you will receive the input you need before each of the Rauhnächte. I’ll tell you what to expect, what each night could be about. I will provide you with assistance and techniques to help you get through this time and even use it to develop yourself.

It’s very simple for you

We start on the night of 21. on the December 22 with the winter solstice and end on the night of 05. on January 06.

So there are effectively 16 nights in which I will accompany you.

There will be some general information in advance and you will then receive an email for each of the nights with information and suggestions for the upcoming night.

And from start to finish you will be in an active energy field that holds, supports and guides you. You will realize that nothing can “blow you away” during this time.

That’s where it all begins

The winter solstice / Alban Arthuan / Jul festival is one of the most important festivals of the year for many people.

For when the night is at its deepest, the darkness at its most intense and the world at its quietest, the light is born.

The great goddess, deep in the earth, gives birth to the sun child. Every year again, absolutely reliable.

The winter solstice is something like death and rebirth at the same time. The light of summer has disappeared, giving way to darkness. But just at the moment when the darkness is at its most intense, the light returns and a new cycle begins.

This creates space for myths that can be found in almost all cultures. The birth of the Christ child is also part of this, ultimately it is nothing other than the sun child who is reborn anew every year.

It marks the beginning of the Rauhnachtsbegleitung.


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