Absolute harmony – Ostara accompaniment

19.03.2024 to 20.03.2024. Mother Earth holds her breath for a moment and then life moves from the dark to the light half of the year. Winter is over, the days are getting longer again and right now day and night are exactly the same length. Right now, light and darkness are in absolute harmony.

At a glance
  • You are on the verge of a breakthrough, whether business or personal
  • You are in the process of personal change and see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • You are in the middle of the process and need extra power now
  • You want to swap the rest of the dark season for brightness and light
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  • Duration, approx. 2 days
  • Supporting energy field
  • Email support
  • From a distance
179 Euro

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What you get

  • You will receive comprehensive background information on the Celtic annual festival Ostara
  • I build an energetic field for you that protects, supports and accompanies you
  • You will receive email support in case of questions or uncertainties
  • You receive guided and protected access to the spiritual world
  • You will receive energetic support if you want to implement the plans developed for Imbolc now
  • The accompaniment takes place completely from a distance, or on a spiritual level. No calls or on-site appointments necessary

How the Ostara accompaniment works

  • Ostara
    When things pick up again
  • Time
    There are two equinoxes
  • Ostara / Eostre
    Briefly about the term
  • What YOU do
    The other world
  • Customs
    Some info
  • Procedure
    How it works and what I do
When things pick up again

Things have been looking up for some time now, winter is over, the days are getting longer again and right now day and night are exactly the same length.

Right now, light and darkness are in absolute harmony.

It’s almost as if Mother Earth holds her breath for a moment and the earth stops turning. This results in a very important transition and, as with all transitions in the annual cycle, the borders to the other world are more permeable than usual.

A reason to consciously experience this time and consciously use the energy and opportunities that arise. The spring equinox is a moment when both are still there.

The cold and darkness of winter, but also the retreat to the warmth of the stove and to oneself. We can briefly look back once again, be grateful for the time of silence, for the reflection we were able to experience.

And then we consciously look ahead. Towards the light, the warmth and the fullness of the approaching summer. And then we step over the threshold, into a new phase of the annual cycle. Full of anticipation for what is to come.

There are two equinoxes

There is an equinox in September and one in March, i.e. a point in time when day and night are exactly the same length.

The subsolar point, i.e. the point above which the sun is exactly vertical, crosses the equator.

In March, it moves from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, which marks the astronomical beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. In September, it’s the other way around.

The equinoxes mark the astronomical beginning of spring and fall. Meteorologically, these times are different!

Briefly about the term

Ostara or Eostre is the “Germanic” goddess of dawn, spring and fertility.

However, their origins are not entirely clear, as there were many tribes that are now categorized as Germanic tribes. But who worshipped which gods under which names can hardly be traced. Only the traditions themselves are still known.

The name Ostara indicates conception or birth. “Os” is the earth’s womb and means origin and birth. “tar” means procreation. Which is fitting, because spring is the absolute birth par excellence.

The spring equinox awakens Ostara to new life, nature is really stepping on the gas now, sprouting everywhere and people suddenly seem to be bursting with life energy.

Ostara is the return of life after the retreat of winter, everything revolves around fertility, the animals are mating for all they’re worth and we humans are also experiencing spring fever.

The Christian church naturally tried to tame this fertility spectacle and so, at some point in the Middle Ages, the festival of fertility became our modern Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

Which of course also fits the theme, after all Jesus has returned to life, just in a churchy, chaste way. Incidentally, Easter is not exactly on the spring equinox, but is determined by the lunar calendar. It lands between March 21 and April 25, so it is quite possible that the earlier Ostara festival was also celebrated according to the lunar calendar. It’s just that we don’t know exactly anymore, perhaps it was different from region to region.

The peoples of the time were certainly not chaste, and the festivals were probably quite extravagant. Remnants of this can be seen in today’s Easter customs; the rabbit, ladybug and eggs are all symbols of fertility.

They have simply been repackaged and so the bunny brings the eggs at Easter. With the Easter fires, other remnants of the festivities of that time have been preserved.

The other world and what you can do

Like Beltane, the spring equinox is about the beginning.

But this is the very first beginning, which may not even be visible yet. It is about the germination of the seed that was planted at earlier festivals in the annual cycle. The seed that came into the earth at the winter solstice or even earlier, was supplied with energy at Imbolc and is now beginning to germinate.

So reflect on what lies within you and is now preparing to germinate and grow. It doesn’t have to go outside yet, it doesn’t have to become visible. But it is gaining strength in you, you can already feel it in you.

Consciously feel your way into this seed. Feel how it begins to stir. Feel how your visions become goals and how their realization begins to take shape. If you have a vision board, then use it as intensively as possible right now.

Some info

Today we still know the big Easter fires that used to take place at the spring equinox and today at Easter.

The custom of cutting the first willow branches and bringing them home to your home certainly dates back to ancient times.

The old blessing rituals with which the fields were prepared for the new sowing are very rare to observe today. The farmer walked through his fields and put sacred herbs in the ground at every corner. These were mostly branches of the willow tree, peppermint or cowslip. A candle was often added. Meanwhile, he has asked for a bountiful harvest.

How it works and what I do

I am happy to accompany you energetically through this phase of transition, create and hold the space, provide the necessary balance and integrate you optimally into the structure of the spiritual world.

So that your visions, plans and projects get the right momentum to become concrete and realizable.

The whole thing works remotely, so you can take part anywhere in the world, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The spiritual level on which we work knows no spatial dimension.

I’ll build for you on 20.03. an energy field that supplies you with as much energy as you can accept and implement. No matter how much it is. You will remain in this field until 21.03.

And before that, I’ll give you a guide with suggestions and ways to support your plans.


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