The maximum – Midsummer guidance

The maximum has been reached! The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and is followed by the shortest night. It is maximally light and minimally dark. The world is in full swing and you can use this abundance of life energy for yourself, your processes and your projects, whether professional or private.

At a glance
  • You want to enjoy and absorb maximum fullness
  • You want to experience the pinnacle of creativity, whether for business or pleasure
  • You are in a phase of personal change shortly before the goal, the harvest
  • You are at the end of a process and would like to thank
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  • Duration, approx. 2 days
  • Supporting energy field
  • Email support
  • From a distance
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What you get

  • You will receive comprehensive background information on the Celtic annual festival of Midsummer
  • I build an energetic field for you that protects, supports and accompanies you
  • You will receive email support in case of questions or uncertainties
  • You receive guided and protected access to the spiritual world
  • You will receive energetic support if you strive for balance and want to do more for yourself
  • The accompaniment takes place completely from a distance, or on a spiritual level. No calls or on-site appointments necessary

How the midsummer guidance works

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    Midsummer is the maximum
  • The modern man
    A significant transition
  • Time
    When is midsummer?
  • Customs
    What is that?
  • Action
    What you can do
  • What I can do
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  • Procedure
    How does it work
Midsummer is the maximum

The maximum has been reached! The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and is followed by the shortest night. It is maximally light and minimally dark.

Nature is in full swing, many fruits are already ripe, others are well on the way to ripening. It’s warm, it’s bright, people are happy. No worries cloud life, people dance and sing, celebrate and laugh.

So it’s not surprising that this used to be people’s favorite time of year. Hardly any other time of the year promises as much lightness and joie de vivre as the time around the summer solstice.

A significant transition

But this point in time was not only a significant transition for people in the past.

It is also important for us modern people today. If we notice it, on the way from the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned office, before we go to the air-conditioned gym after work.

It certainly can’t hurt to consciously take the time to feel the magic of the transition from maximum warmth to the first sparks of the coming retreat. Admittedly, this is still a long way off, but it can already be glimpsed.

Because the maximum amount of light also means that things are now going in the other direction again. But we don’t want to think about another winter just yet. Now we are happy and free and put all our energy into our lives and our projects. Because before the darkness comes the harvest and we can look forward to that now.

When is midsummer?

The summer solstice is on June 21.

It is the time of year when the night is shortest and the day is longest. From the summer solstice, the days become shorter again until the low point at the winter solstice.

What is that?

Even today, the large midsummer bonfires around which people still dance and sing are still well-known.

Perhaps not quite as ecstatic as they used to be, when the joie de vivre was helped along with strong beer.

Yes, beer still exists today, but back then it was understood to mean something completely different. A wide variety of herbs were used for brewing and the result would almost certainly fall under the Narcotics Act today and would no longer really taste good to anyone.

Back then, people even threw their children over the fire to protect them from illness, which would no longer be accepted in today’s maximally insured times. And there was plenty of room for eroticism, lust and passion

People often danced naked, although this was not a sexual act but rather a sign of closeness and originality.

What you can do

You can make your own midsummer fire. Invite friends or celebrate on your own. Sing, dance or enjoy the atmosphere.

Allow the abundance! Not just those around you, but also those inside you.

Feel how much you already have. Leave out all the lack with which we like to distract ourselves from what is really important. Today there is only abundance and it is so massively present that you can’t help but allow it.

Certain herbs are attributed to the summer solstice. If you have them available, you can smoke them or give them to the fire as a small offering.

These sun herbs include St. John’s wort, for example, with its antidepressant effect. But also arnica (wolf’s bane), mugwort as an ancient shaman plant, St. Christopher’s wort, camomile, vervain, yarrow, elderflower and many more.

From the wolf shaman to St. Vitus’ dance and the church

The god Baldur or Belenus was certainly at the center of the festivities in earlier times. He is the Celtic god of the sun and light and is also at his most powerful at the summer solstice.

Pan, the god of fertility, certainly also played a role. He was sacrificed to, thanked and asked for a rich harvest.

The rituals were performed by priests, druids, shamans or whatever they may have been called back then. Today we still know stories of the Bilwi priests, the

Bilwissen or from the Wolfkankern or Uolf-Kankussen.

Unfortunately, these are only stories and traditions, as they were a popular target of Christian witch hunts in the Middle Ages. So much fertility and lust for life was simply too much of a good thing for the “loving” Christian church.

The concept of wolf shamanism has also been handed down. These were probably certain practices for worshipping the sun. Wild ecstatic dances were certainly part of it. The church has turned them into a pious version of St. Vitus’ dance.

Even today, there are many churches and chapels dedicated to St. Vitus, which are presumably located exactly on the former dancing grounds. It’s certainly worth taking a look. The day of St. Vitus is June 15, which is very close to the solstice, but not quite at the same time. They probably didn’t want to make the connection that obvious after all.

What can I do

I am happy to accompany you energetically through this phase of transition, create and hold the space, provide the necessary balance and integrate you optimally into the structure of the spiritual world.

So that your visions, plans and projects get the right momentum to become concrete and realizable.

How does it work?

The whole thing works remotely, so you can take part anywhere in the world, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The spiritual level on which we work knows no spatial dimension.

I’ll build for you on 21.06. an energy field that supplies you with as much energy as you can accept and implement. No matter how much it is. You will remain in this field until 22.06.

And before that, I’ll give you a guide with suggestions and ways to support your plans.


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